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Philip J. Corso, USA Ret 

Introduction - Dawn of a New Age 










The Beginning 
Roswell - Fact or Fancy 

Golden Age of R&D - From Outer Space to R&D 
Omissions - A Study for R&D 

Probe and Challenge 


D.E.W. Weapons 

Intentions and Hostile Acts 
DNA Bombs - Alien Harvest 
Exploration Continues 
Sounding Board - Views Present Generation 





A - Project Horìzon 

B - The Race for Time - 1963 

C - ABM - Project History - Bell Laboratories 

D - Conquest of Darkness 

E - Kedstone Arsenai - Pioneering Efforts in Space 

F - Army Nuclear Power Program 



I was sitting in a large armchair , my three grandchildren 
were with me, Philip, age 9, Nicky, age 8 r and on my lap, Andy, 

age 6. Philip asked, "Grandad, what did you do during the war? 

Then Nicholas said, "Have you ever seen a flying saucer?" and 

Andy had to get his part in and asked, "Have you ever seen ET 


I thought I had better leave thern a legacy and so I began 

to write my memoirs with the foreword: 

If one passage in these memoirs helps you 
survive in a troubled world, then ali this 
work is not in vain, 

Later I added: 

If one passage in the addendum helps you 
recognize and survive against an enemy 
from outer space, then this additional 
revelation is not in vain. 

And so began a work which has continued for over five 




I wish to thank the sixteen various U.S- Army installa- 
tions frorn which I requested historical and background infor- 
mation on detaìls of projects and studies in which I partici- 
pated. They went beyond their normal activities to furnish 
the data which I requested, and which was invaluable in compiì- 
ing this book, A list f ollows : Historical Reference Branch, 
U-S. Army Military History Institute, Carlisle Barracks , Carlisìe, 
Penna; Chief, Corps of Engineers, Wash., D.C. ; Dept. of the 
Army R&D, The Pentagon; U.S. Army Missile Command, Command 
Historian, Redstone Arsenale Ala.; U.S. Army Belvoir Research, 
Development and Engineering Center, Ft. Belvoir, Va; Space 
and Strategie Defense CHD, Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville Ala.; 
Night Vision Electronic Sensor Center, Ft. Belvoir, Va.; U.S. 
Army Research Laboratory GMD., Harry Diamond Laboratories, 
Adelphia, Md.; Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Wash. , 
D.C.; Dept. of Army Historical Service Division, Center of 
Military History, Wash., D.C. ; U.S- Army Corps of Engineers, 
Office of History, Ft. Belvoir, Va.; Hdqs . U.S. Army Communica- 
tions - Electronic Qnd, Research Development & Engineer Center, 
Night Vision Electronic Sensors Directorate, Ft. Monmouth, N.J.; 
Missile Command USASS DC-H, CSSD-PA, Huntsville, Ala.; U.S. 
Army, Quartermaster Center, Ft . Lee, Va.; Hdqs f U.S. Army 
Materie! Qnd, Research and Development, Alexandria, Va.; 
Lincoln Labs, Lexington, Mass; and Bell Laboratories, 
Westminister , Colorado . 

I also wish to thank the modem military branch of the 
National Archives, Wash, D.C. and the Commissioner of Patents 
and Trademarks, Wash. D.C- 

Last, but not least - memoirs, Lt. Gen. Arthur G. Trudeau. 
He presented my copy to me personally, with instructions to 
use the contents as I saw fit- 

Never once did I have to use the freedom of information act* 
Probably because 1 was deeply imbedded into the system and 
could guide them to fulfill my . requests, many of which fell 
under my jurisdiction while 1 was on duty and the service 
which I served and was proud of its accomplìshments . 



Legend has it that ceaturies past (4,000 B.C.) the 
"Gods" or extraterrestrìals from another planet carne to 
earth, created a new ,r homo sapiens, 1 ' then later decided to 
destroy mankind, After a deluge of destruction they decided 
to let humans survive. The goddess Inanna/ Ishtar took the 
lead in insuring survival of the human race- 

Millenniums later the great Chinese general Sun Tzu, 

who used intelligence to win ali his battles said: 

If you don't know your enemy or don ' t 
know yourself you will lese every 

If you know yourself and not your 

enemy or know your enemy and not 

yourself, you will lose half of 
your battles, but 

If you know yourself and know your 
enemy, you don't have to fear the 
outeome of a thousand battles. 

In the case of UFO's or extraterrestrìals we have been 

led to believe that they don't exist. So, even before we 

begin to analyze events concerning UFOs and EBEs , we have 

ìost half of our battle. This is the point in time where 

we are at present. The other half whereby we don't know 

ourselves, cannot be 100% ruled out since great men have 

expressed themselves as believers, some of which are Gen. 

Douglas McArthur, Gen . George Marshall, Werner Von Braun, 


President Ronald Reagan, Gen, Nathan Twining, Gen. Walter 
Bedell Smith, Dr. Cari Gustav Jung and many others* 

Because of U.S. Government policy, which was and stili 
is that UFOs and EBEs do not exist, they could not be classi- 
fied as a threat to our national security. Kostile acts are 
ignored or explained away. Except for the exceptional men 
named above, . in Sun Tzu's words, we stand to lose every 
battle vhere this "non-existent" entity is involved. 

The situation even spilled over into the realm of research 
and development. How could a development derive from something 
that didn r t exist? Any hardware was an aberration. Scientists 
such as Dr. Herman Oberth, Stanton T. Friedman, Robert 
Sarbacher, W.B, Smith, Dr. Werner Von Braun, etc, are dis- 
regarded or ridiculed when they say, "we cannot take the credit 
for our record advancements in certain scientific fields alone, 
WE have been helped by people of other worlds." 

So intense was the cover-up that it out rivaled the KGB 
disinformation activities in politicai matters. The perpetrators 
also used the Soviet technique of creating an obnoxious label, 
such as the McCarthyism label, and pinning this on ali opponents* 
In this case, it was the label of "kook" to be used agaìnst ali 
who believed that UFOs and EBEs were real. These activities 
might eventually prove to be dangerous, catastrophic and 
certaìnly stupid, However , it was appropriate for the politicai 
clima te of the era. 

In 1958, the liberal elements in the U.S. policy apparatus 


strongly recommended civilian control of ali space activities* 
As such, the Department of Defense quickly killed "project 
Horizon," a military colony on the moon. This army project 
used some of the best minds in the nation and was far ahead of 
its time. It was the forerunner of NASÀ's moon landing. NASA 
carne into existence in 1958 and it was totally civilian control 
and insured peaceful uses of space exploration. They could 
not believe that an enemy could have other thoughts or not fit 
into our thinking or planning. 

A tomi e energy was taken f rom the U.S. Army and gìven to 
the Atomic Energy Commissione Again civilian control of the 
only weapon the EBEs would fear. 

Frorn the period 1947-1958, military R & D was greatly dis- 
organized, much prò & con maneuvering took place during this 
period. To ensure civilian control, Department of Defense 
organized ARPA, (Advanced Research Project Agency). There 
were continuous clashes between ARPA and the military services, 
especially army R&D, 

Finally in I960, ali U.S. Army R&D was pulled under one 
department (Office of the Chief of the Army R&D), ali personnel, 
the tech services, laboratories and installations and budget 
were concentrated under a Lt- Generai. The Golden Age of R&D 
(1958-1963) blossomed. However, army R&D had to work within 
the framework of civilian control of space efforts, opposition 
of Department of Defense, adverse policy guidance, and the 
animosity of CIA-Department of State. As a result, R&D data, 
stemming from areas "out of this world" had to be carefully 


hidden and the Information kept among a select few. Great 
efforts were made to bring large industry and select laboratori 
ies into the army R&D fold. 

Although our government "debunked" such events as the 
Roswell UFO crash, the Soviets, namely Joseph Stalin took it 
serious, and he called in his top scientist to follow the sen- 
sational news, and alert their espionage agencies to gather or 
stesi any Information on the incidente 

Another important phase was German scientific developments , 
Army R&D organized operation "paper clip" and brought over 
Von Braun and his group. Many German scientific documents , 
even f lying saucer successes of the Germans were gather ed and 
brought to the United States . 

Sin e e we knew the inner workings of our government , both 
Congress and the Executive Branch, and the thinking of the 
people in the polìcy making positions, we were able to move 
ahead in our mission without obstruction, To this day nothing 
is known how the developments carne about for many startling 
discoverìes which are beginning to bear fruit. Soviet secrets, 
German advances end out of this world technology was a perfect 
mix to camouflage any operation. 

Now that our base of operation was firm and strong, we 
decided to marshall a preponderance of strength against which 
even the civilian control and left ieaning politicians could 
not prevali. The partner s that we sought and gather ed were 
U.S. industry, a strong laboratory supporta and many leading 
universities . 


The top 25 Industries on the Fortune 500 list were con- 
tacted and meetings were arranged with their board of directors, 
top personnel, with the Chief of Army Research and Development, 
Our laboratories were organized and strengthened whereby they 
were furnished ampie funds to hire top talent. In addition, 
many foreign firms and scientists were brought into the fold. 

Industry's response was outstanding. Proposals submitted 
were well presented, thorough and along the lines which we 
wanted. Our laboratories began to function with a well-rounded 
prof essionalisrru Even the highly respected Bell Laboratory 
was brought into the fold. Universitìes played an important 
role* This powerfui array was unbeatable. They were the 
world's best and trusted our approach and guidance. And so 
began an array of ,developments such as the world had never seen, 
Our guiding force was national security and preservation of our 
way of life. Among the most outstanding were: 

They were called night vìewing devices or army night vision, 
The night vision laboratory at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia, was organi- 
zed* German infrared technology was made available to them,as 
well as cascade image tubes, Electronic multipliers (mìcro- 
channel plates and etched fìber optics. Information gathered 
at the Roswell Crash was fed into the system, Forty-eight 
U.S. industries participated in the developrnent. The Night 
Viewing Lab (NVL) could never have been as successful without 
their contributìon* 



At the Roswell Crash, what was thought to be broken wiring 
harnesses was found. But it was noted that each of the broken 
ends emitted a different color. There was no wiring in the 
saucer. The color emittìng was from a type of fiber optics. 
Bell Labs was in the forefront and from this carne the greatest 
advancement in comxnunication that the world has ever seen. 

In the 1960 's we began to look for fibers for flak jackets, 
parachutes and other military items . We had found a single 
strand of fiber that the sharpest razor could not cut and it 
could not be broken. We got interested and began to studv spider 
sìlks , with the goal of constructing super tenaci ty fibers . 
The spider silks starts as a soluble protein in one of the 
spxders abdominal giands. As it extruded it passes through a 
tubular duct ori its way to the spinnerettes , This narrow tube 
forces ali the protein molecules to align in the same direction, 
turning it into a solid, rod-like quasi-crystalline thread. A 
single strand would have to be nearly 50 miles long before 
breaking under its own weight and a thread of danglìng silk 
stretching around the world would weigh 15 ounces. Monsanto 
is trying to mass produce a spider silk protein from a gene 
cloned by U.S. Army researchers, the University of Wyoming 
and Dow Corning are continuing to learn how to clone it. Cross- 
stìtched fibers made possible stealth technology and thousands 
of civilian aircraft are almost totally of composite manufacture- 


Reports from our laboratories on a piece of metal from 
Roswell showed the molecules/atoms had been aìigned, this align- 
ment created an incredible hardness, whereby it could not be 
scratched, bent, dented and repelled cosmìc action and radia- 
tici, although it was paper thin* Since CRD thought this 
discovery could be bigger than Los Alamos, a special team was 
organized to investigate ali possibilitìes . We found many 
precious gems and crystals had similar properties. A different 
alignment would allow radiation to pass through or make the 
element transparent . Up until 1963 or even 1993 we have not 
been able to solve this problem. It would make possible 
space vehicels of great strength, but light as a feather. 


This control of streams by other streams eliminated the 
need for mechanical moving parts- Some of our universities , 
industriai laboratories and our seven government laboratories 
provided the basic development foundation. In October 1963, 
a fluid ampli f ication symposium was held at Harry Diamond 
Laboratories. Thìrty four papers were prepared and presented 
by six universities. In the audience were representatives of 
150 companies and universities, It was believed that this 
technology was involved in the guidance and propulsion of UFO's. 
The heart pump carne into being because of this technology. 


We had in our possessìon a transistor with hair-like wires 
and leads, and a chip in a stack of thin, unìformly shaped wafer- 
like components. These formed complete electrical circuits, 
and developed irvto the micromodule concept. h CRD said it would 
take 50 years to develop the transistor and 200 years to 
develop the chip. It carne in a short span of five years* Dr. 
Herman Oberth said, "we have been helped by people frorn outer- 
space." The " applied engineering" made possible to achieve 
ruggedness, greater reliability, increased operating speed 
and designs whìch take advantage of automatic production methods. 
This led to today ' s supercomputers . Progressively , in 1959 
minìaturization of circuìts began; in 1960 subminiaturìzation; 
in 1961, advanced circuitry techniques and microminiaturìzation ; 
and in 1962 micrornodules . 

H.A. R.P* 

During the period we began what was called a high altitude 
research project. We worked closely with the Canadians. They 
showed us how an electronic device, encapsulated could be fired 
at very high velocity into a concrete wall (several thousand 
G's) and stili come cut and be operative. We could fire a con- 
ventional gun into space. One naval 16-ìnch gun was welded in 
prolongation to another naval 16-inch gun. It fired vertically 
into space and with the appropriate encapsulated electronic 
devices on the projectile put it in orbit in space. Many use- 
ful gains could have come from this, front peaceful orbits of 


communication satellites, to spy satellites and ìon emitting 
electronic devices which could destroy other electronic 
devices. There was much resistance to this approach and the 
gains were negated by NASA, DARPA and policy overrìdes of 
civilian control. This relatively simpie approach was not 
supported and the ensuing cost was in the billìons to put 
electronic devices into orbit by sophisticated expensive 
means . 


There has been much written on abductions whereby the 
abduetee loses ali track of time* This was no great advance- 
ment on the part of extraterrestrials , Vie perfected psycho- 
chemical gases and drugs in the early I960 r s . The label was 
"a painless way to win the war." There was a movie made, whereby, 
a cat after being administered some of these non-lethal drugs, 
jumps ali over the cage to get away from a mouse* Tests on 
men also showed where soldiers literaìly fell apart at driìl. 
A brigadier general was given a 4% dose in a cup of coffee and 
at a briefing he forgot what he carne to report on. We were 
told to halt ali such experiments, but some Chemicals and drugs 
were permitted to remaìn in our inventory. In addition, a 
politicai decision was made to do away with biologicai weapons 
experiments. To an extent we obeyed. 

Some help and a technical basis carne from Boswell on " light 


amplication through simulated emìssion of radiation , " 
Beginning in 1958, a surge of activìty began sin ce the pre- 
diction of laser feasibility- Practical application of the 
principle of laser feasibility ìncluded communìcation , sur- 
ve illance , illumina tion , power transmission , data processing, 
guidance control and medicai uses. We felt this was the EBE's 
method of cominunication over vast distances in space • In later 
years they applied laser surgery in the mutilatìon of animals. 
So advanced was the ir technigue that they did not cut through 
tissue cells. Cataract removal and surgical methods were our 
contribution. Eye surgery was made possible, i.e. torn retinas f 
growth of blood vessels in eyes, and glucoma. Also, it made 
possible - tumors , removal of large benign growths ; ear 
surgery, throat surgery, prostate surgery, urinary stane 
removal; heart surgery, migraine headache treatment, remove 
stains from skin; and even hair transplants. 


The prupose of our activities were to guarantee a 
superior competitive position for our army. Given the superior 
data by the accidental event at Roswell we reduced scientific 
data to a definite development to fulfill a military require- 
ment, We never quibbled over who discovered or invented a 
development, The feeling was if a discovery was adapted to a 
concrete development we would ali be ahead in the game and the 
nation would benefit* 


It must be keptìn mirici that the extraterrestrials never 
gave us a thing. NoT one scientific development or lead ever 
carne voluntarily from them. We didn ' t expect any more than 
was garnered by accident. We vere fortunate that 1958-1963 
was an era of awakening . The leadership, talent and funds 
were ava il ab le to take advantage of what we found in order to 
proceed into a new scientific a gè . Results were : 
Ima gè Intensifiers 
Fiber Optics ( communication ) 
Super Tenacity Fibers 

Metals -molecular Alìgnment ( Titanium) 
Fluid Amplifica tion 
Integrated Circuit s 
Minia turiz a tion 
Subminia tur ìz a tion 

Microminiaturization (Advanced Circuitry) 1961 
Micromodules 1962 

H.A.R.P. ( Encapsulatìon) 1952 

Psycho- Chemicals 19 61 

Project Horizon 1960 

Portatale Atomic Generators ( ion Propulsioni 1960 
Irradiated Food 1960 

Control Guiidance by Brain Waves ( Fly By Wire)1961 
Anti-Missile Missile (Star Wars) 1962 

Genetics/Biological Studies 1960 

(Man's ability travel & fight in space) 1960 










Rocket Propulsion ( Elee tromagne tic & Atomic ) 19 61 
ICBMs {Remote Brain wave control) 1961 

Depleted Ur&niurn & Atomic Projectiles 1961 


The EBEs , with impunity have performed many acts of war 
in which they utili2ed advanced equipment and superior techniques 
Por an enemy that doesn't exist they have been extremely active* 
During the 1950 's and 1960 r s our policy makers had the seme 
attitude against the communist. They didn't exist as an enemy. 
This was known as the " Fig Leaf Policy." The sarne can be said 
of national policy on UFO ' s . Although the Soviet s threatened 
our existence, they were not considered as enemies _ The same 
attitude prevailed toward UFOs in face of the f ollowing acts 
and activitìes- 

Reconnaìssance of our installations ; tampering with earth's 
environment and food supplies; abducting humans at will and 
taking fluid and tìssue samples; mutilations of cattle and 
other animals; spying on our atomic installations; hindering 
missile and space equipment testing; hampering our military 
deterrent and nuclear deterrent; halting and interfering with 
exploration of moon and mars; causing crashes of axrcraft and 
casualties among military personnel; and tampering with human 
and animai genetics- 

in view of the above we must ask, "will they fight a war 
as we óo , or will they attack in a more insidious manner on a 
different level? Folklore and history going back to the great 


civilizations of the Sumerians teli us that the EBEs were 
most advanced in the studies and manipulations of DNAs . They 
were adroit in cloning. We believed that the beings of the 
Boswell crash were clones . The Sumerians called theiti IGIGIs . 
They were used to ferry the "Gods" to earth and continuousìy 
stayed in sub space and ci rei ed the globe-earth. 

Abductions of human s and animai mutations of tissue e lo se 
to that of human s were taken by the IGIGIs . Our super computers 
allowed us to find the "AIDS" virus. It was discovered to be 
a living entity in itself and attached itself to human cells. 
The mutilations reached their height in the mid-1970 r s. They 
registered in the thousands. The "AIDS" scourge appeared in 
1981. They once threatened to wipe out mankind. Is this their 
new insidious approach? A serious food for thought. 

We needed an advance base on the moon, but this project 
was cancelled on us by the Department of Defense, But, since 
the security of the nation was uppermost, we continued our 
guest, Studies on strengthening ali parts of the human body, 
rnuscles, bone, braìn, etc. , so man could travel (or fight) in 
space continued. Ali phases of atomic energy proceed at fast 
pace for heat, power, propulsìon, fresh water production as 
well as weapons of destruction continued. We had an atomic 
bomb the size of a football, a 280mm artillery shell, and 
huge megaton bombs- Portable nuclear power plants, a plant 
6'x6'x6 r which could be put in the ground and function for 


20 years unattended, Nuclear propulsion systems, irradiateci 
f oods i nuclear disposatale of waste, applications to medicai 
needs , and disposai of human excrement and sludge, and even 
how the human could restructure and sustain itself without food. 

Another important project was the use of brain waves for 
guidance and bodily cures . In the destructive area, laser 
was a weapon that could blind in a split second flash. The 
most frightening and destructive was (DEW) Directed Energy 
Weapons . A technological revolution was taking place in military 
weaponry- These directed energy technologies included lasers, 
radio frequency weapons, high powered microwave and particle 
beams . 

The IGIGIs must know that a DEW weapon is transmitted to 
the target at 300,000 kilometers per second or zero flight tìme. 
Problems of trajectory and lead are eliminate^. Targets become 
thermally overloaded causing the irradiated surface to weaken 
and melt. The energy enters the UFO and explodes from within. 
The energy can surround the target with an intense radiation 
fìeld that can induce lethal voltages and currents into electrical 
systems, In space applications ( exoatrnospheric )a particle beam 
propagates well, in ( endoatmospheric } it needs considerable 
help. A version of DEW could be a DNA bomb which could release 
intense electro-magnetic action and could be designed to alter 
or seriously affect genetic codes. This is a frightening 
thought which the IGIGIs must know. 

On the surface we may appear puny and inadequate in the 
face of UFO technology, but just perhaps, this is not the case. 


We never proceeded on the premise that this enemy never 
existed and so "Star Wars" was born . 


Gorbachev assured President Reagan that if an attack 
carne from outer space, they would join us to counter the 
threat. The Russians have Information on UFO-s which they 
are stili treating as top secret, This information is in the 
files of the KGB and GRU- They lost Phobos two years before 
we lost Observer in August 1963. They wanted to hit the Mars 
moon Phobos , with laser beams , but we obj ected and stopped 
them. There have been Roswell-type incidents in Russia and 
they have gathered and analyzed many items which originated 
with UFO's against their people and installations . These 
incidents and outer space events have been of great interest 
to their scientific community- They out-performed, and out- 
spent us in many space efforts and we should probe them to 
see if they had a golden age of R&D which could match ours and 

also was kept secret. 



Aithough the heart of this story appears to be the story 
of the army R&D effort and accomplishments during the period 
1958-1963, the reai story is the people that made it happen. 
They carne from ali walks of life, were honed in battles, in 
the desert, on the mountains, in the rice paddies, the jungle 
and in the air and on the sea. They got to know themselves 


and assured victory in half of their battles, they learned 
to know the enemy well and vere victorious in a thousand 
battles and won the war. They brought back a fierce patriot- 
ism and love of country* Their grateful country entrusted 
them with ìts deepest secrets and they entered the highest 
levels of government, They learned the system and recognized 
their opponents. Again they won a thousand battles, as they 
had against the enemy from without. Another dangerous enemy. 
recognized by his actions lurked over the horizon and so the 
battle preparations began, Eventually and without fanfare these 
Americans retired from the scene and took on a far greater 
task - to educate their chiidren and grandchiìdren on how to 
improve, take and hold the world they had saved for them and 
that even an enemy from outer space could not prevali. 



On February 23, 194 2, I was inducted into the U.S. Army as a 
recruit. Two-hundred-f if ty of us left on a traìn from a small 
town in Western Pennsylvania (California, Pennsylvania) and were 
sent to the induction center at Indiantown Gap. There I was 
separated from my friends because I had made the top grada in an 
I,Q. test. I was sent to Edgewood Arsenal ; where 1 took basic 
training, and again was separated from my new found friends and 
kept on the cadre again, because of an I.Q. test. This 
established a pattern for the future, whereby many assignments 
were caused by I.Q. data on my record, This followed me through 
officer candidate school and even with Brìtish MI-19, in Sngland. 

Much happened in the ensuing 25 years, England, Nbrth 
Africa, Italy, Germany, Korea, Vietnam. It was my great and good 
fortune to be thrown in with and become dose to many great meri 
of the era. Often I was amazed at. meeting and being able to 
listen to and learn from giantsof great wisdom and intellect . 
Because of this I was able to analyze and put into proper 
perspective great events of the 20th century, among which was the 
perplexing and mysterious pz-oblem of UFO's and extraterrestrial 
beings and how they could affect our lives and world- 



At Officer School in 1942 we had to learn the air defense 
problem. Toward the end of the course , before receiving our 
commissions, we had to take an examination. It was a three hour 
ordeal. The first hour was general artillery and air defense 
questions. The second hour was naathematìcs, and the third soiving 
the air defense problem- I breezed through the first hour in 
record time. The second hour I finished ali the math problems in 
half the time> The instructor ; a captain would wander through 
the class and would assist students having problems . He saw me 
sitting and not working. He carne over and said f "Having trouble 
soldier?" He wa^ surprised at my answer when I said, "No Sir, I 
am finished." He said, "It would n/t hurt to go over the ques- 
tions - " Maybe I shouldn't have said what I did, but being young 
and naìve, I said, "I don ' t have to sir- I answered them ali." 
He took my paper and placed his answer template over my answers. 
His pu2zled look explained his thoughts- I knew they were ali 

The last hour was the most difficult. We were handed a sheet 
in which the four corners of our crude computer problenn solver were 
drawn in. We had to fili in the rest. In those days we had a 
contraptìon which we called Mickey Mouse Ears. Its two ears like 
sound receivers we pointed in the direction of an aircraft and it 
picked up the sound. Then we had a long tube about 8" in diameter 
and 12 T long. It was filled with lens, which had like a prism at 


both ends and two b inocular type eye pieces in the center, We 
moved the apparatus to try to pick up an incoming aircraft. The 
data in turn was fed to a computer type problem solver. It had a 
pear shaped cam around whìch a needle moved. This solved the prob- 
lem by mathematics (logarithm, sines & cosines). The data was fed 
to our fuze setters on the 90 mm guns and turned the guns toward 
the incoming aircraft. Crude but the best of its ti?tf£ - 194 2. 

I easily drew in cams, wìres, gears etc. connected the four 
corner s in about 15 minute s - The instructor was watching me . I 
look ed down pretending to study the drawing and check the wiring 
diagrams. The captain carne over, looked over my shoulder, and in 
a few minutes he took my paper and said, "You are excused soldier." 
He continued ; "I don' t know how you do it, but fine work . " I 
answeredi "Thank you sìr, but neither do I know how I do it, but 
it seems so easy." 

The next day at drill, I saw him talking to my tacticai officer. 
After the drill my tacticai officer carne up and said, "Soldier, 
frora now on you will be the company guidon bearer," 

I joined a 9 0mm BN at Camp Edwards , Mass., but was guickly 
pulied out, and sent to intelligence school at Camp Ritchie, Md. 
Promoted to lst Lt. and sent to Engiand and joined British M-19. 
I was given a top secret clearance & a cryptho-analysis clearance. 
1 joined 5th Army in italy and was in charge of security and 
crypthographic clearances and oversaw ali of the equipment in 
the Rome area allied command headquarters . I personally guarded 
the plans for the invasion of southern Fra n ce and its ultra code 
secrets; and met Wìnston Churchill. 

I was granted additional clearance in Korea and the Far East 


Cornmand, and worked on our code telecon system, I was given 
"Eyes Only" access, at the NSC, of the White House. 

At the conclusion of my NSC tour, I was gìven command of a 
missile BN. During my short tour we went from tubes (some 3 1 tali) 
to chassis, which pouìd be easily changed, to cards and transistors. 
The data was fed to computers which contained oil filled data pots. 
Radars had become wonders of efficiency and missiles were reaching 
a spectacular stage- Ali this during an 18 month period. 

Then I became Special Assistant to the Chief of Arrny Research 
and Development, Lt. Gen. Arthur G. Trudeau. I became his chief 
confident and investigator * One of the most interesting phases of 
my life was when the General and I sat for hours in his office dis- 
cussing technical matters* If Edwin Teller could be called " father 
of the "H" bomb, Gen. Trudeau could be called the "Father of the 
ballistic missile" - Many of our most irnportant developments began 
during his tour as Chief of Arrny Research and Development- Many 
will second and attest to my view and conclusion. He started project 
Horizon - a military landing in the moon in 1959, 

I used to sit in the General' s office and we had lengthy dìs- 
cussions. During one such session we discussed transistors and 
chips, During i960 Gen, Trudeau gave a speech in which he said 
that, "During the last fifty years we had advanced more, scientifi- 
cally, than the combined years since the known history of man". 
The General then said, during one session, "Phil, you toìd me that 
in Rome you feit that you had been programmed, and ali of your plans 
succeeded. You never made a mistake and none of our soldiers were 
killed or installations damaged which was almost a miracle- And 
you discussed this with Pope Paul VI, 1 often wonder Phil, if we 


aren r t programmed? In front of us we had two chips. One brown 
and charred. (He had previously shown me thìs and two men were 
present}* Àlongsìde, we had another chip. Brand new, shiny and 
enclosed in plastic. On the piastìc in gold letters was written 
"North American Rockwell". The General continued, "The transìstor 
should have taken decades to evolve, the chip centuries. But, 
they are here in a short period of less than f ive years . 

He said, "I am a religious man Phil, but I have to wonder. 
You and I see these wonders almost daily, but we accept them and 
go about our business." I answered, "True, General, but as I look 
at these chips I have to wonder, in themseìves they are out of 
this world. They will change many facets of our daily lives, but 
there is one thing that bothers me. Computers will develop to an 
advanced degree; they will make possible gadgets and new types of 
machines and control mechanisms , but they are and will be only 
machines. But what will happen when the greatest computer ever 
created and can think (pointed to ray head) the braìn, with its 
power to store and analyze, intergrates with this chip* " I 
pìcked them up and held them, Will it be a blessing or a curse? 

The General took them. "I see your point Phil. Developments 
beyond our comprehension, space ships , space travel, possibly 
at the speed of thought and mechanical fabrications controlied 
by our brain. However, Phil, not in our lìfetime, but it will 
come and these chips are the beginning" . 

We went about our business, ICBMS, Anti-missile missiles, 
smart bombs , radars, computers, new control methods, etc. etc. 

Some tìme later, the General was on a trip, I often 
went in his office, pulled out proposals from industry and other 
studies and would work on them on the con fere nce table* One 

'1 T 

cloudy day, I cleared the table and placed the two chips on the 
tabie. I kept starìng at them. A violent thunder and lightnìng 

storni carne up. I kept looking at the North American Space division 
chip, It had a small open window with small wires, a copy of the 
old one * During each flash of lightning I imagined some irtovement 
of the small wires, especially when I concentrated mentally on it. 
When I picked it up, the plastic seemed warm. I thought my imagi- 
nation of something I wanted to see and happened. The storm passed 
and I put the chips in the cabinet* 

La ter , I told the General the story and said, M Sir, I think 
it was my irnagination and I wanted to believe it could happen. 
But, chips don't get warm. The General locked at me and said, 
"Perhaps yes, perhaps no; we are working on a mechanìsm or guidance 
device, brain wave controlied, which can control aircraft. Put 
your full story on paper and gìve it to me. No typing, just write 

Twenty five years later, I went through the same rìtual in 
which I used ali my powers of concentration during a violent Florida 
storm on someone very small and dear to me. The last bolt of 
lightnìng and thunder was so violent that ali the lights in the 
hospital went out , my trance broke , but f the equipment connected 
to the baby accelerated . The end result was that something 
happened- Perhaps it was again my irnagination and I wanted it to 
happen and so believe that it did . However, I will accept the 
end result . My beautiful, healthy , red-headed grandson, was cured 
of his condition and what remaìned, he outgrew. 

New, I will reveal for the first time how leads, guidance* 
material, and data from possibly extraterrestrìal , was used in the 


development of serious undertakings , using the best of scientific 
minds and equipment and why this intelligence could not be released 
at the time. 



During my military career at one time or another, I counted 
nine clearances above "Top Secret," granted to me. These 
included cryptographic, satellites, code and intercept, special 
operational clearances and the "Eyes Only" category of special 
White House (NSC) matters . They made available to me ali matters 
within the government which included "UFO" information. My 
colleagues of the NSC staff did not know of my special 
clearances, Only CD. Jackson, my superior, and the President's 
special assistant and President Eisenhower knew of the 
clearances. Later, I filled in Senator Strom Thurmond and the 
Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Hon. John A. 

I was granted three operational clearances which could only 
evolve after granting of the other clearances. For example, one 
& two were granted after a lie detector test; three, four, five 
and six were what I called the "Masonic Ritual"; seven, eight and 
nine followed. These clearances vary from time to time, change, 
are dropped or added to. Soon after, I was placed on the U.S. 
Army General Staff Corp. and wore the green General Staff star 
emblem on my blouse or shirt pocket . 

The first and basic clearances were for data marked 
restricted, confidential and secret, After an FBI investigation, 


force d the compilation of the Soviet a torni e shots in space with 
destroyed our satellites and wrote the reports on the Soviet 
anti-missile missile atomic tests «i sub-space. Details of these 
reports were entered into the system, but could not be 
reproduced; especially the added Information of the increased UFO 
activity and the subsequent destructìon by unknown forces of the 
Soviet compi ex where these test originated . To this day the 
destruction and subsequent loss of life of Soviet technicians is 
a mystery. We knew it long before the Soviet admitted the loss, 
I doubt that even of this late date if they could explain the 
destruction of the facìlity. With ali the reports and evidence 
we were never able to arrive at an iron-clad conclusion. Strange 
ion emissions were detected f rom space just before the explosion 
and destruction. (We often discussed if a similar fate awaited 
us if we detonated atomic bombs in space) . 

We discovered that radiation effeets from atomic weapons 
fired in space are far reachìng and extremely damagìng to 
electronìc devices and have almost immediate fatai effect on 
human life, We knew the dangers of unhìndered radiation in the 
vacuum of space. Extensìve studìes had been done on the effeets 
of radiation on a soldier, equipment and supplies in an atomic 
war, (Perhaps the liberals in our government saved us since we 
could not fire atomìcs into space because of the test treaty with 
the USSR) . 

The Soviets detonated a monster bomb over the Pacific Ocean, 
It was reported to be 100 megatons (actually 60} . It knocked out 


tir*?: ss; "3 


ali our Communications in the Pacific, Again, intense UFO 
activity. The Soviets never fìred another, (Why? We should ask 
them) . Sirice we have never detonateci such a bomb, we do not have 
any data or the effects of this size weapon, (Pexhaps the EBEs 
(Extra Terrestrial Biological entìties) dìd.) 

Although we knew of some the effects we do not know the 
actual data and findings. As explained to me by Major General 
Dale Smith of Strategie Air Command, "We e anno t scale up a .22 
caliber shot to give us the effect of a 10,000 bomb. Neither can 
we scale up a small atomic blast to show us the effects of a 60 
megaton blast . " 

In Army R&D, I had the title of Chief of Foreign Technology 
Division, I received ali reports on foreign technology which 
included foreign beings and events - those not of this world. I 
often headed teams of U.S. scìentists, German scientist (Von 
Braun's group) and U.S. technicians. In the foreign technology 
divìsion I set up what I called n My nut file" - every wild eyed 
inventor or theorist that carne or wrote to us was lìstened to, 
the promising ones were explored. Most were "nutty, " bue the 
effort was worth it Decause every so often we uncovered a gem. 

I was always the team chief and made ali decisions , No one 
except the Generai knew of my clearances. It was thought that my 
being team chief resulted only from my closeness with the General 
as his special assistant. However, my authority did derive from 
his position as Chief of Army R&D. Industry soon learned that I 
was his special representative and my decisions stood. 



I receìved a piece of informai: ion that a group of 
industri al ists in a northeast state were on the verge of a break - 
through. They claimed that they were on the verge of a beyond 
the "state-of -the-art n discovery. This was the alignment of 
atoms or molecules in steel . We knew that this has been done, 
but didn't know how it was done. We had a sample. A small 
piece. The report read it was found in the Western U.S. desert , 
Believed to be from an UFO (not conclusive) . Under certain 
conditions it would light up. Although beyond our state of the 
art alignment of atoms in a paper thin sheet of steel would give 
it such strength that it was beyond our imagination. It would 
make a spaceship " light as a feather' 1 but of such strength that 
it would be collision proof and no debris in space could harm or 
even dent it. Ali our weapons would be obsolete. Radiation or 
cosmic rays could not penetrate the skin. However, a different 
alignment would allow the passing of cosmic rays or radiation and 
make possible a propulsion system of such force that space travel 
would be simplified, and at speeds beyond our comprehensìon. 
Another alignment, and stili retaining its great strength, would 
make the steel or aluminum transparent. Conclusions for guidance 
made for Chief of U.S. Army R&D were mainly from R&D 
laboratories . There was strong evidence that molecules-atoms 
were aligned. 

When I briefed the General, his orders were, "Get your team 
together, go visit them, if there is any breakthrough in 



alìgnment we will take it over and fund the project- This could 
be foìgger than Los Alamos . ,r 

I lef t the next day, At the conf e r enee I listened 
carefully. My team asked many questions. They showed us an iron 
bar and a tunnel -like apparatus which they claimed aligned the 
atoms. Their chief engineer explained the theory and process . 
That night after dinner, I asked the head German scientist to 
take a walk with me.. 1 asked him, "Teli me your thoughts, Hans . u 
His answers was, "If what they say is true, I will have to 
unlearn everything I have ever learned and start over." He was 
surprised by my answer when I said, "Hans, someday you may have 
to . " He stopped walkìng and looked at me and said, " I'il 
remember what you said. " 

The next morning I spoke for the first time and said, 
"Gentlemen, if you consent, we will pay ali expenses and arrange 
for you to carry on your experiments at Lincoln Laboratories. If 
our lab recommends further experiments we will fund the project. 11 

The tests were inconciusive, but we continued our quest into 
the mystery since we knew it was possible , 

This alignment of molecules-atoms project was carried on to 
perfect the skìn of the future space ship. But, it was also 
important in a space suit or skin of a human, We felt that for 
prolonged space travel, the human skin atoms would need a 
different alignment to protect vita! organs . This was possible, 
but the state of the art was beyond us. But we kept searching 
because the future of the homo-sapiens might be at stake . Some 


evìdence carne from the skin of some sort of being in a photograph 

sent to us, badly burnt and decomposed. Nat 100% conclusive 

although with many unknown biological f actors . Scientìf ically 

and from a medicai point of view, unexplainable . 

Subsequent reports of astronauts in space for prolonged 

periods showed we were not ready for space travel. 



JULY 25, 1992 

Shuttle-test results surprise scientists 

A space biology mission f lown last year aboard the 
shuttle Columbia, whìch used astronauts as guinea-pigs, 
has revealed unexpectedly dramatic effects of 
weightlessness on the human body, researchers reported 
Fri day . 

The effects included a severe loss of muscle 
tissue, unexpected bìood-pressure irregularities and 
reduced abili ty to burn stored fat for energy. 

The findings could mean that extended space travel 
will be more difficult for humans than previously 
thought, scientists said at a NASA briefing Friday, and 
only more biomedicai research in orbit will resolve the 

Kenneth Raìdwin, a physiologist from the 
University of California, Irvine, reported "a 
significant and dramatic ,r reduction of 25 percent of 
the muscle mass in weight-bearing muscles such as 
calves and thighs . Muscle loss had been predicted, but 
not that nvuch. 

Recovery time was also unexpectedly long. The 
crew had restored only half the muscle mass after being 
on the ground for a time equal to the flight: nìne 
days . 

The muscles also showed a decline in their ability 
to burn fat for energy, he said. This forced them to 
rely on carbohydrates , which the body has a limited 
capacity to store. As a result , future crews "will 
need to increase their early intake of carbohydrates," 
he said, 

Columbia was -the first U.S. bio-medicai flight 
since 1974, and the first in the world dedìcated to 
comprehensive research on physiological changes in 
weightlessness . 




Twice while I was in command of mìssile units, the radar 
picked up and locked on objects traveling and accelerating over 
3 000 mph once in New Mexico in 1957 and once in Germany in 1958. 
On both occasions, I was instructed to destroy the tape 
recordings and forget the incidents. However, I did not destroy 
the 1957 tape. 

During my R&D days, radio transmissions were recorded from 
outer space. They were organi zed and orderly. No the 
disorganized space noise we tried to answer, but without success, 
and were never able to decode the transmissions or estabi ish 
contact. Information carne from the super secret National 
Security Àgency . 

Our conclusion on UFO;'s was that they exìsted. We had 
reports of objects from a mother ship and we believe what was 
recovered were parts of sphere type probes. Usually four or five 
of these carne from every saucer. They are for protection and 
reconnaissance . Our radar images of formations probably are 
these probes surrounding one or two flying saucers , They 
dissolve in a transparent alignment of atoms, Our radar pass 
through; they disappear from our sight, and are gathered into the 
mother ship and are realigned for space trave!. We estimated 
that our judgement was 75% accurate {based on fact) , 25% 
questionable . 




I was visited by two New Mexico State Felice in my 
headquarters - They had arrested one of my sergeants. The road 
leading to Red Canyon was through a mountain range and was hilly, 
full of curves and treacherous. The Sergeant had been drinking 
and decided he was going to push over with his car ali the road 
signs denoting curves, hills, speed limits, etc* I was told in 
case of an accìdent, and there was no highway sign, the State 
would be liable* In an agreement with the State , ali soldiers 
arrested by civil authorities would be turned over to the 
military. I assured the state troopers that the sergeant would 
appear before the civil court, pay his fines and damages; then 
he would be dealt military justice* 

It was close to noon. I invited the two troopers to lunch 
and to tour the range and witness a missile firing. They 
accepted- During the missile firing I explained the function of 
my radars and explained the power could explode a flash bulb in 
the vicinity. I mentioned that the radars had "locked ori" an 
object traveling over 3000 miles an hour. 

They asked ìf it was an UFO. I answered that I didn't 
know, but my tapes showed it was the size of a large aircraft. 
The conversatìon turned to the UFO crash of 1947. I told them 
I would like to tour the site of the crash, They offered to be 
roy guides. 


The subsequent tour, meeting with the Sheriff r s office, 
the newspaper editor, and the people was most convincing. 
Their presence as my guides opened up many tìoors, These were 
down to earth people and not prone to exaggeration. In every 
case I invited the people I taìked to, to be my guest at lunch 
and witness a missile firing. Most accepted since my base was 
close by. 

I was convinced that a UFO had crashed in the vicinity and 
thìs fact had a profound influence on my future life and many 
of my actions and activities. 


A rare earth element used for coloring glass violet. 
( Neodymium) 

I bearns pìeces that were present, has strange hieroglyphic 
typewriting symbols across inner surf ace - ■ . pink and purple. 

On each of the components boxes there would be scribbling; 
it was almost a pink color on sort of a brown woodlike 
background, like it was writing or symbols that expiained 
what this was. 

. *.You know what stainless steel is like when you put heat 
on it? How it ' 11 turn kind of purplish, with a kìnd of 
blue hue to it, That he saw a row of unrecognizable symbols, 
several inches high on metal devices. 

A lot of it had a lot of little members (I-beams) with 
symbols that we had to cali them hieroglyphics because I 
could not interpret them, they could not be read, they 
were just symbols .... The members that this was painted on 
by the way , those symbols were pink and purple . . . lavender . 


No wiring, as we utilize, was found in the crashed craft 
at Roswell. However, a harness type system was dìscovered* At 



first, it appeared to be a bundle of wires. They had broken 
loose fronì a type of control panel. The ends of the wires 
(about twelve) whicb appeared to be frayed, were intermittentìy , 
emitting brìght colors; upon examìnation it was found they were 
not wires, but appeared to be glass or transparent plastic 
tubes. They could not be broken or cut and thought to be a 
quartz type composi tion * 

A conclusioni was reached that through them was transmitted 
different electro or magnetic wave lengths which accounted for 
the various colors. A pulsing current was transmitted through 
the tubes . They gave the appearance of earthly fibers, so a 
descrìptive terms was applied "Optical Fibers"- In reality 
they were optical tubes- Thìs evolved into what is now known 
as "Fiber Optics" - 

The tubes led to a type of junction box, where certain 
fibers separated, and went to mechanism which acknowledged the 
color (wave length) and would be activated* How this was done 
was not known. No clear defìnìtion was made of the power source, 
type of power or how the message was carried. 

Fiber Optics began its gìant step forward (1947-1968) 
almost (20) twenty years after the fiber harness was found and 


We know that what evolved. Almost the whole future of 
communication revolves around the new technology that usurped 
wave guides- That technology is communication by means of light, 
waves traveìing through transparent Optical Fibers, and which 
is now recognized as the best and most efficient known to man, 

3 6 

QUOTE: If we knew ìt could be done, we could do it. 

The craf t inside was illuminated by a yellow-greenish 
light. The light appeared to emit from solid metal r possibly 
a variation of the atom aìignment within the structure members 
of the craft. This was discovered early from small pieces* 
When a light was applied at one end the whole piece would light 
up and glow. This was thought to be a variation of the fiber 
optic tubes. It is not known if the source of the yellow- 
greenish light or glow was ever found. 


In 1957, 1171 sightìngs; from October to December.; 
701 sightings were attributed to Sputnik . My 
radars were accurate, I could not pick up Sputnik. 
I had to put a 12 M xl2 if 90% angle on my R-Cat and 
drones to get 1 square mtr. radar reflection, 
object east to west over 3,000 mph. My radars 
were functioning and locked on, My tapes verified 
fact. I could even read altìtude. 

In 1957 while in command of the Army ' s Missile Firìng 

Range at Red Canyon, New Mexico, part of the White Sands Provig 

Grounds , I carne up against a most perplexing problem which 1 was 

not competent to answer or solve, There had been much specu- 

lation that UFOs engagé in time travel. I later discussed 

this with Germani scientists and they were of the opinion that 

this was fact - the UFOs terrific acceleration and flashy dis- 

appearance and appearance is caused by exit and entry into a 

time d ime n sion . 

s> / 

The theory has been put forth that there was a crash in 
the Roswell area in 1957. Some scientìsts cìaim that there 
may have been two saucers collide in 1947. One landed at 
Roswell. The debris frorn the second crash was found at the 
Brazel Ranch- An interesting version which I advance is that 
the two UFOs were entering our tìme zone at the same instant, 
they collided, One went on to crash at Roswell, the other was 
damaged and debris fell into our time zone, It accelerated at 
terrific speed, exceeding its own limits, and fell, just west 
of Red Canyon, in the White Sands area, but it had gained 10 
years, and crashed in 1957. 

I had picked up the trajectory on my radar screens, but 
did not report it since a few days before I had reported some- 
thing travelling 3,000 mph, and I was told to forget about it* 
I called White Sands and reported I had lost a R- CAT (radio con- 
trolied small target planes). They reported a trajectory, and 
it matched the one I had. picked up earlìer. I flew over the 
area the next day and saw sornething metallic and round on the 
ground at an angle. (My R-CATS were red). My pilot in the 
smail army piane asked what 1 thought it was . I answered, posssi^ 
bly a booster from our missiles or a piece of an exploded. missile. 

I wasn't too ìnterested in UFOs at the tìme* I was known 
as a serious commander and a good intelligence officer, and 
did not care to get involved in such reporting. If I would have 
made an issue of the incident, I surely would have been ordered 
to" forget it" or be typed a kook. I was on orders to take 
command of a combat missile battalion going to Germany, but 


the problem was not going to go away, even if I thought dis- 
cretion was the better part of valor, I flew over the area 
again, in a few days and the site was swarming with activity* 

I ha ve not seriously considered tìme or dimensionai 
travel which is another story, I have seen little evidence of 
this, but do not rule it out, This is the arena for the 
future • 



In 1947, Stalin called in his top scìentists after "The 

Sensational News generateci by the captare of a Saucer that 

purportedly had crashed near Roswell. The scientìsts he 

called were: 

1. Designer of Soviet Military Rockets and Launchers {Sputnik 
in 1975) 

Chief Scientist - Li quid Fuel Rockets 
Presìdent-USSR Academy of Scientist 

Nuclear Physicist 

Yuri Gagarin - Astronaut 

The iead has come from Soviet spies in New Mexico, Our 
atomìc installatìons were in the area, and Soviet agents 
were very ac ti ve. 

The Russians have obtained and utilized materiale from UFOs. 
They also have much Information which is stili top secret and 
is in the files of the KGB, GRU and Airforce. They also had 
progressed rapidly in developments on "new" weapons, rocket 
propulsione nuclear propulsione GEO-magnetism and effeets of 
EMP on satellites, ballistic missiles and Communications. 

A most interesting angle would be to establish contact 
( Russian- Committee of Congress) on any Information that they 
obtained on the Roswell crash or scientific achievements from 
such data. 

Some of the items found and analyzed by the Russians 

possess a simìlarity of items gathered in the United States. 
Others closely resemble material collected by the U.S. Army soon 
after the crash . f 

In 1993 I thought it would be most interesting if I could 
find my Russian counterpart and dìscover if they did much R&D 
frorn out of this world dìscoverìes, secretly and hidden as we 
had done. I asked an old acquaintenance to ask a KGB General 
this question. He did- The answer was, yes * They dìd much 
R&D, but it stili ìs held top secret by the KGB and GRU. If I 
asked questions I wouldn't last long* I understand what you are 
looking for , but cannot help you 

ìcj-p yuu. 


Silvery - looking like a tube or celiar (simiiar item found in 

the United States) 

Found in 1975, analyzed in 1985 

Alloy of some rare elements 

67% Cesium - has photoelectric properties most electropositive 
element . 

10% Lanthanuni - one of rare earth metals 

Rare earth element 

Some Neodymium - used f or coloring glass violet 

How fused together a mystery. 

Has a magnetic anomaly - magnetic field was stronger on one side 

than on the other, by a factor of 14, 

Complex artificial structure - a mesh with fine gold thread. 
Preserved at Cosrnos UFO exhibit. 

Space Exhibit-City of Stars 
Entire section devo t ed to UFOs 
(Humanoid Photo Priority) 

A strange piece of metal and tiny black grains resistant to 
acid and heat* They were composed of iron silicone , sodium, 
lithium, titanium, and aluminum. 

Sample piece of ice, when melted, left a residue of magnesiurn, 
aluminum, calcium, barium, and titanium. 


A complex artificial structure. Under the microscope you can, 
see a mesh with fine gold thread. 

Some thread like material it looks like silk, but is not silk. 
A very strong material (without) strands or fibers like silk 
would ha ve ■ This was more like wire - ali one piece or 

NOTE: The two above closely resemble scarred chip (intergrated 
circuit) I had in 1960, and second part-supertenacity fibers. 


On Aprii 1, 1958, General Arthur G* Trudeau, became 
Chief of Army R & D. I was at the tìme in command of the 
71st Missile BN r in Germany, and had received ortìers to 
become Inspector General of the 7th Army. General Trudeau 
carne to Germany on a visit and I met him in Heidelburg. He 
inguired into rny status and let me know I would be assigned 
to his staff upon my return to the states. 

During 19 93, 1 received from the Army Office of R & D 
a report declassified from secret, on the history of R & D. 
Army R & D unti! 1958 carne under Logistics, which was a 
secondary mission to them. In I960, ali the technical 
service, laboratories etc. were ali gathered under one head, 
the Office of R & D ( This included the entire R & D budget. 
The Chief was Lt. General Arthur G- Trudeau. 

I also found out that a jeep loaded wìth debris from the 
crashed UFO, and driven by a CI C agent, had disappeared. 
Those unf amiliar w-ith the system would tend to belle ve this 
assumption, CI C is not a separate entity. It has no command 
function and its operational orders come from the AC of SG-2, 
or Chief of Intelligence- Debris as importar t as in this 
find, would go through intelligence operational channels to 
the Pentagon. Here the Chief of Intelligence would turn the 
debris over to R & D. Since at the time R & D was poorly 

, -^i 


organized and under Logistica AC of S, G-4» it surely got 
lost in the shuffle, since there was no organization or 
driving force pushing it ahead* I believe this was most 
fortunate for the newly organized Army R & D. I inherited 
these files for Army R & D and was able to find a gold mine of 
items and accompanyìng reports. We didn't know for certaìn 
what we had f but fortunately with General Trudeau ' s f oresight 
and authority we were able to give many marvelous developments 
a push into the future, 

I joined OCRD in early 1960. General Trudeau created 
the foreìgn technology division of which I became its chief. 
He wanted me to have every clearance that he carried in addi^ 

tion to being bis special assistant and I was appointed to the 
U, S • Army General Staff Corps . 

My duties as Chief of the Foreign Technology Division were 
to keep track of: 

1- Foreign development of this world. (Armaments) 

2. Foreign intelligence and developments not of this 
world (UFO's and development projects) 

3. Act as interim project officer on select R & D projects 
( Helicopters , anti-missile missile conventional weapons 
etc. ) 

4* Ali other duties as assìgned as special assistant to the 
CRD U«S. Army (Budget, Gorilla war farei liaison with 
Congress etc, ) 

However, there was one overriding and encompassing factor 

National Security. 1» 3, and 4 fell into what we called normal 

activities. But No. 2 was another mattar. Many experts felt 

we were helpless in the face of a super alien technology, We 

never felt this way and went to work with what we knew and 


moved ahead to protect our country and maybe the world, JUST 
IN CASE* We can look back where 1958-196^ became the golden 
years of research and development. I have previously covered 
transistors, chips, computers, night viewing devices, super 
tenacity fibers, rrtetals, guidance systems and study of our 
possible adversaries anatomy. 

In addition we jumped far and high during early stages 
of missile development - inertial guidance motors , materials , 
Communications, photography etc* and whole systems were born : 










2_ Ablation: Nose cone covers & surgical removable 
body parts 

3. Project Horizon - Mìlitary aspect of space moon outpost 

4 „ Harp Program 

5. Infra - Red Passive Devices 

6. Project Magnet - Magne t Hydro Dynamics 

7. Plasma Research - Rockets 

8. Laser - Draw Mìssile on Target 

Sub - Kiloton Plant - 2 MEGA-watt, 2000 kilowatt plant 

10. Tactical Nuclear Weapons - Spent Uranium War Heads, 
Honest John & 280 mm cannoli 

11. Chemical & Psycho - Chemical Weapons 

12 . Brain and Anatomy Studìes 

13. Army Aìrcraft 

L-5s, L-16, L-17's (Improved Models) 






Mohawk (Gruman) 

14» Conventional weapons and limited war 
Rocket Fleshettes 

One of the most complex problems we had to solve was (EMP) 
Electromagnetìc pulse, a type of radiation generated by nuclear 
explosìons* We were hit with a two-sided sword on this phenonema 
The Soviet 60 megaton monster bomb which knocked out ali our 
Communications in the Pacific and UFO activity which could 
stop engines, electrical transinissions and Communications. 
This led into looking into project magnet and (EMF) electro- 
magnetìc field which travels with solar winds interplanetary . 
We used physics studies of (MHD) Magnetohydrodynamìcs . 

In 1968, James E. McDonald said, "There are so many 
instances in which close passage of an unidentified flying 
object led to radio and TV disturbances , that this particular 
mode of electromagnetìc effect of UFO's seems incontrovertible. 
There is perhaps enough evidence pointing toward strong magnetic 
fields around it leaves some UFO's that one might hypothesÌ2e 
a mechanism whereby a UFO mìght inadverently trigger a power 
outage (Northeast blackout Nov* 9, '65) 15 March 1954, Wilber 
Smith start ed (project magnet ) . 

Whether the phenomena be due to naturai magnetic causes, 
or alien vehicles, there would probably be associated with a 
sighting some magnetic or radio noise disturbance. Also 
there is a possibility of Gamma radiation being associated with 

such phenomena. It has been suggested by some mathematicians 
that gravity waves may exist in reality. While we know 
practically nothìng of such waves in nature, nevertheless , if 
the possibiiity exists, flying saucer phenomena, being largely 
an unknown field, might be a good place to look for such waves, 

During one of our sessione, the Chief of Army R & D 
Lt. General Trudeau , showed me a charred chip ( integrated 
circuit), possibly from an UFO, Our estimates were without 
this knowledge. It would have taken us 200 years to pass from 
tubes to transìstors to chips . 

The mystery of the top secret White House report Majìc 
stili rema in s a Ma jic/ Secret of the unknown - Although I was 
cleared, I never saw the report in this form at the NSC 
{White House). However f the many briefings couìd add up to 
a sìmilar conclusion with some additions and changes, 

Consistent with our mission at Army Research and Develop- 
ment r we were doing much work on electro-magnetic interference 
(EMI), cosmic energy and the phenomena of gravity. Add 
magnetic action and they were ali inter-related, I left the 
arena, but often wondered what strides we were making. 

During the latter part of 1990, Frank Wright, the head 
of the Palm Beach Round Table Forum called and invited me to 
be a guest at a lecture by Dr. Edward Teìler, often called 
the father of the H-Bomb, 1 was also invited to the reception 
after the talk, 

Dr. Teller's lecture concerned SDÌ (Star Wars ) . I was 
sitting in the audience when the host, Frank Wright , stood up 


and he said, "Phil, I want you to ask Dr. Teller the last 
question." Dr . Teller has injured his hip and was sitting 
on a srnall I went to the microphone on the rìght 
side of the podiunu 1 asked the following , "Dr . Teller, you 
know the effects of the ion ernissions frorn the Soviet monster 
bomb explosion a few years ago* What bothers me is, that 
after ali these years, have we reached the poìnt whereby we can 
harden circuitry in the SDÌ electrìcal components against such 
an emission?" 

When he heard the question, he sort of spun to face me. 
He realized this was not an ordinary question, but frorn one 
with knowledge on the subject. Soon he seemed to get a look 
of recognition, since he had seen me with General Trudeau. 
His answer was, "Colonel, I hate to answer that question with 
a yes or no, but here it is . We ere acutely aware of the 
problem, but have not solved it." Later we met at the 
reception and discussed old tiroes. 

However, I had my answer. In thirty years we had 
advanced very little. The effects of electro-magnetic inter- 
ference, radia t ion , cosmic action and control of gravi ty by 
alignment of moiecules-atoms , or by any other means was 
stili many years away, (Perhaps we will get another windfall 
frorn outer space). 

In 1972 Dr. Herman Oberth said "Today we cannot produce 
the machines that fly as UFO's do, They are flying by means 
of artifical fields of gravity. This would explain the sudden 
changes of directions. This hypothesis would also explain the 


piling up of these disks into a cylindrical or cigar-shaped 
mothership upon leaving the earth, because in this fashion 
only one field of gravity would be required for eli disks. 

They produce high-tension electric charges in order to 
push the air out of their path.*.and strong magnetic fields 
influenced the ìonised air at higher altitudes - * . This would 
explain their luminosi ty ... Secondly , ìt would explain the 
noiselessness of UFO flight. Finally this assumption also 
explains the strong electrical and magnetic effects sornetìines, 
but not always, observed in the vicinity of UFO's." 

So important was the phenornena of EMP that the Department 
of Defense has been simulating EMP to determine how to protect 
circuitry in its planes, tanks, missiles and ships from being 
disabled by it . So important was this research that EMP 
generators were established at Harry Diamond Laboratories in 
Woodbridge (we knew that a 60 megaton bomb exploding over 
minuteman silos EMP would turn the missile in the silo and 
render it non-operational) . 

In successive years the Navy set up EMP Empress I EMP 
Simulator in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay and Empress II 
is projected* The Army has EMP simulators at Redstone Arsenal , 
Ala. and White Sands Missile Range, N.M. Defense nuclear 
agency has an EMP simulator at Kirkland Air Force Base, N.M. 
and the Navy at China Lake , California. 




While I was Chief cf Foreìgn Technology Division, in the 
Office of Chief of Army R & D, I previously mentioned that I kept 
what ì labeled my "Nut " file - Ali new informa tion , no matter f rom 
what source, was passed in to me. The ir Nut" file was a four 
drawer file cabinet. Because of the classif ication of the UFO 
material which zoomed in and cut of the top drawer, the safety of 
the material required a combination type , dial look. The method I 
aiways used in intelligence was that the reports were accurate as 
reported and the burden to prove them wrong was on me, Most ali 
intelligence officers worked opposite from my technique. They oper- 
ated on the premise that the reports were wrong or inaccurate and 
their analysis had to prove them correct or they were discarded. I 
aiways had something to work with. My method made for some interest- 
ing analyses, especially when I had to present my findings to a 
brillìant mind such as that possessed by Lt. General Arthur G. 
Trudeau, Chief of Army R & D and former head of U. s . Army Intelli- 
gente. I will re-create for the reader, the three most import ant 
findings I presented to the General on the UFO material. 

1. The piece of metal? supposedly from an exploded UFO, 
which was of a hardness and strength beyond our "state 
of the art" and whose atoms or molecules were aligned. 



2. The photograph and findings on the supposedly alien 
bodies , 

3. The chip ( semi-conductor ) which supposedly carne from no- 
where, but can revolutionize the world, our way of life 
and space travel. 

The piece of paper-thin metal? and a piece of x-ray resistant 
cloth was reported to have been picked up in New Mexico from the 
fragments of an UFO which exploded* I took it from a file 13 years 
after it was picked up, Accompanying reports stated that there 
appeared to be an alignment of molecules-atoms , since there was a 
dense mass- X-rays or cosmìc rays could not pass through it, Kow- 
e ver , ano ther simìlar alignment like a diamond would allow x-rays 
or cosmic rays to pass freely and be transparent- Both would be ideai 
for space ship construction, Cosmic action and radiation could be 
shielded out or allowed to pass- Such a dìscovery could lead to 
a cosmic engine and also shield space travelers from many life 
endangering situations and eventualitìes , Aligned atom masses could 
create gravìtational fields. Military advantages are obvìous and 
too numerous to list- We also had a cloth-like woven fiber shiny 
piece of fabric of great strength and resilence, 

CAUTIQN . At face value these reports imply that the piece of 
metal and fabric carne from an UFO which exploded. 
We know that explosions can do extraordinary things. 
An atomic explosion drove e piece of Straw into a tree* 
I commanded the Army Missile Firing Range at Red Canyon 
in New Mexico in 1957, Missiles often got away from 
us, One landed hundreds of miles away in Mexico, 



We had a destruct button and couìd detonate an errant 
missile- These parts vere strewn ali over the desert ss 
were parts of missiles from white sands and atomic tests 
in Nevada* It is possible that such an explosion could 
condition a piece of the missile skìn to be like our piece of 
evidence and the hot, dry desert environment would further 
align or condition the mass. Nature aligns atoms. X-rays 
and cosrnic rays will pass through a diamond or other precious 
stones* The rays will not pass through a synthetic precious 
stone- A strand of a web strung by a spider can be stretched 
for miles before breaking. A strand around the world will 
only weigh about a lb. The moìecule-atoms are aligned as 
the spider spins the strand. The quest also began for super- 
tenacity fibers, 
REGDMMENDATIQN . It is apparent that enough evidence exists that 
aligning of molecules-atoms in metal and other substances is 
a reality, but at the moment beyond our "state of the art" 
whether our evidence carne from outer space, man made , or from 
nature is not important. What is important is that alignment 
of molecule-atoms is possible. So important are the advantages 
that we must continue our guest, and pursue any avenue that 
leads to this great breakthrough and continue to finance any 
approach that looks promising. This could be a greater dìs- 
covery than the a tornio bomb * 


The photographs in my files showed a being about 4 1 tali. 

The body seemed decomposed. They were not of much use to me, but 



^ the medicai reports vere of interest* Organs , bone and skin composi - 
tion were different. Heart was bigger, lungs were larger and many 
muscle structures were differente Bone makeup was unique. Skin 
composition was of great interest- It appeared that atoms were 
aligned to protect vital organs from cosmic action or gravitational 
pulì. Not much was said of the brain which was large compàred to 
the size of the body. There were many biological surprìses. Many 
individuai features were different but the overall structure was not 
that much different than a human . 

CAUTIQN. During the course of history many strange beìngs 

bave appeared on earth- From green humans to "Extra- 
Terrestrial Biological Entities"- (This terni had been 
used at the White House during my NSC days ) . The bio- 
logical and evolutionary process appeared quite diff- 
erent from ordinary earth humans, However, we have 
to consider many biological human factors. Favo Nurmi, 
the unbeatable Finnish (Finland) distance runner had 
a large, slow beating heart, and never tired in his 
long distance runs • The Aztec Indians have large lungs 
and it is difficuìt for them to live in our environ- 
ment. They bleed profusely. Certain athletes have 
a different muscle structure. Some races are subject 
to dìseases which most humans and races are immune. 
Brain capacities differ and dwarfs dìffer from average 
humans. We must consider that every 50 million humans 
one could emerge different > 
RE COMMENDAI IQN. In his present biological structure man 
cannot travel for prolonged periods in space. 



Whether we found an "extra-terr iterisi biologi cai 
entity" is not as important in the R & D arena as 
to ways that we can develop so that man can travel 
in space. We must discover gravitational fields 
for our space shìps. Most importante we must fìnd 
ways to shield our astronauts f rom cosmi e action 
or other radiation type fields» Perhaps alignment 
of molecule-atoms will solve the se problems . We 
must continue the quest and f inance such ventures* 
Homosapiens future and existence might tìepend on 
the success of such development , which at the 
moment are beyond our "state of the art". We must 
continue at ali costs . 


My Army career took me through the stages of vacuum tubes, 
to chassis, which were small systems and could be easily changed 
in sections, then carne the card and transistore. The 1941 com- 
puters were oil filled data pots . Then in 1961 I was shown a 
charred semi-conductor chip, a small wafer formed like a disc 
with an integrated cìrcuit. Next a new shiny transister made 
by North American Rockwell - ali thìs within three years. The 
charred chip with a printed circuit supposedly carne from the 
debris of the crashed UFO. I began to discuss the potential 
with the German missile scientists and other knowledgeabie 
engineers in some of our large Industries. My discussions with 
General Trudeau gave me a good insight on the potential of this 
great development which seemed to bave been thrust upon us from 
nowhere. But, it was here- Could we control this discovery 
in the future orbeceuse of the nature of our system lose it? 

■ et 

òut system wes geared to product improvement and not 

long range R & D, would aggressive, ìntellìgent 
countries such as Germany and Japan take ìt from us 
and run with ìt? The repercussions ori our economy 
could be disastrous. Such a development would be 
a crime if we lost it by default and greed. We saw 
possible economie chaos in thirty years. A tìangerous 
situation was evolving which could have a serious 
effect on our way of life and the future of our 
country. The large corporations were constantly 
coming to us for R & D money, We spent about 2 
billion dollars a year. Much was in RDT&E money. 
(Research, Development , Test and Evaluation). These 
were generally the initiai production cost of an 

We discovered that the biggest percentage of 
the large contractors were no longer investing in 
long term research and development, but only in 
short term product improvement . In theìr opinion U.S. 
Military R & D money was a bottomless purse and they 
could dip .into if for projeets which never carne to 
an end* When a project reached the "state of the 
art" no end was within sight, We refused to fund 
projeets any longer. 

We foresaw an extremely dangerous situation 
within 30 years. (The Japanese for example would 
move ahead while we were mìred in product improve- 
ment. } This situation was widespread since 
management and Boards of Dìrectors looked for 
yearly divìdends and not into something that would 



pay off, 10 or 12 years down the road . We carne to 
the conclusion that no holder of large chunks of 


stock should/be aliowed to serve in a high manage- 
ment position or on a Board of Directors r but this 
was wishful thinking in our system. 

REQQMMENDATIQN. Thìs discovery was so important and far reach- 
ing that we should invest as much R & D money as 
possìble. However, we should closeiy monitor each 
con tra et, sin ce large corporations ha ve a habit of 
never ending research, especially beyond the "state 
of the art" > and keep coming back for more and more 
' R & D money. This program has to be a military- 
industriai complex venture sin e e ìts ramifica tions 
deeply ìnvolve national security and would take 
much of our resources to develop- It is also 
fraught with dangers wfaeìi we reach the point when 
computers can share information such as two humans 
can do. This discovery makes it possible for the 
human mind to integrate with computers. A super 
human, out of control, is unimaginable in the 
damage that this could cause our way of life. We 
will reach this point since we know our brain gener- 
ates electrical ìmpulses. At the present I cannot 
vìsualize how to control such a vast and promising 
discovery. But, we must stay ahead in the race for 
super chips and super computers. When computers 
start giving commands to each other, mind control 
is not far behind* 




During my tour at the NSC.and Army R&D^ I became good 
friends with Maj . Gen . Dale Smith of the U.S.A.F. He was most 
knowledgeable in atomics and was advisor to the Joint Chiefs of 
Staff on atomic matters. During a discussion of the Soviet 
monster bomb explosìon of 60 megatons, Gen. Smith made the 
statement that we eould not scale up the effects of a .22 caliber 
bullet to gìve us the effects of a 280mm shell or a naval 16 " gun 
shellj as such we could not scale up the effects of a 1 kiloton 
bomb to give us the effects of a 60 megaton bomb. The ìon 
emission of a 60 megaton bomb were an unknown, although we knew 
it had knocked out our Communications in the entire Pacific area. 
We al so knew that an atomic submarine left an ion emission tunnel 
in its wake. We often wondered ìf this phenomena contributed to 
the loss of three submarines . 

During this perìod the transistor and integrated circuìt was 
beginning to flourish. The future was almost unlimited in the 
potentiai of this device. But one lingering doubt always was 
imbedded in the back of our mìnd. Could we always control its 
functions and effects. We had no pattern or history to fall back 
on, bue we knew had to move ahead and, like the atomic bomb, hope 
for the best and keep it under control. 

Einstein said that the physìcal matter was nothing more than 
a concentrated field of force. A physical substance ìs an 
intangible concent rat ion of wave forme. Different combinations 
of structural patterns of waves unite to form chemical and 



elements whìch in turn react to one another to form physical 
substances. Different wave forms of mattar appear to be solid 
because we are constituted of similar wave forms whìch resonate 
wìthin a clearly defìned range of frequencies. This not only 
applies to our body, organs and brain, but control the physical 
process of our world and universe. 

To trajf^verse space is to possess the means of manipulating 
or altering the structure of space. The method of achieving this 
lies in the alteration of frequencies controllìng the matter 
anti-matter cycles. If we eliminate time then different 
positions would co-exist . This is called zero -time. 

is this the phenomena that the transistor-chip would 
unleash? Would ìt alternate frequencies and eliminate time? 
Would it create an elementary particle characterized by speed 
greater than light, with energy decreasing proportion to speed? 
(Physicist Gerald Feinberg) , 

As in the Philadelphia Experìment, could the transistor-chip 
get out of hand and cause great damage and destruction? We would 
have to learn to control this wonderful device which could alter 
our world. We carne to the decisìon that the danger was really 
"man" who would control ìts output and not the device itself . So 
we move ahead . 

One school of thought was that controlied frequencies of 
integrateci circuits could contribute to healings of certain 
bodily misf unctions, diseases and even viruses. 



I expect to stay ori top of this and keep msking recommenda- 
tions frorn time to time. 

The analysis, caution notes and recommendations were written 
in long hand and returned with the General 's comrnents. They were 
turned into R & D Guidance proposals and returned to me. I 
destroyed them by shredding and burning. 

i ? 



When I reported to Lt. General Trudeau, I walked into his 
office, saluted and said, " Reporting for duty, sir". He 
looked up and said, "I see you are aboard, Phil, watcii things 
for me. The others do not understand." He placed a great 
burden on me, His trust in my word meant that I could never 
mislead him with my findings and recommendations. 

I sat in my office one day and cleared my desk. I placed 
three items on it, A small piece of a grayish type metal, a 
faded photograph and a small charred piece of silicon with an 
integrated circuit. To the casual observer it wouìd appear 
that I had scoured through a trash bin. However, I thought, 
these three innocuous bits of seemingly trash could change 
the future of the world as we Knew tt. 

Years before I told a story to Pope Paul VI. I was handed 
the responsibility for intelligence and security of Rome, a 
city in chaos. I didn ' t know what to do* The lives of my 
people in Rome was my responsibility. In anger, seìf-pity and 
ignorance, I said to him (Pope Paul VI) I chalìenged your God 
and mine, thinking, "Did you (God) put me here as a joke". 
Pope Pauì's answer was, "You were chosen." I answered, "He 
must have programmed me and bears no malice towards me, my 
record was 0-0-0 in 3 years - No America ns kilìed, none of 
my agents killed, none of our instaìiations damaged and I 
restored law and order* Now in my office at the Pentagon, I 
looked up r pleading to Pope Paul VI, as I had previously to 
his God. "Why me? What do I do? " Then I remembered General 


Trudeau's wortìs to me, "It's not important how you get a 
position, but what you do after you get there." 

I reached down and formed a triangle* The photo at the 
top, the piece of metal at the bottom and the chip on the 
other bottom side* Three equal sides and three equal angles, 

Ali three of equal importance but ìntegrated* Man would be 
able to travel in space, in a space shìp so strong and light 
that it could resist ali eventualitìes, with a guidance, 
própulsion and probìem-soìving system that could get hìm to 
his destinatìon and safely back to his world. Thìs was what 
I presented to my General along with appropriate recommenda- 
tions- The key was here, but would we see the results of 
what we started in our life times? 



The problem of solving how to harden circuitry against ion 
emìssions or radiation from atomìc blasts is a formidable one. 
In my "Junk Pile" was a piece of Silver colored fabric. Its 
fibers were woven at different angles. Atype of angular cross- 
weave, A report speculated that each fiber or thread was composed 
of a linear type atomic-molecular alignment. It was of great 
strength and was most difficult to cut, It would often blunt any 
shear type instrument. We had discovered, in nature a substance 
closely resembling the structure of the "Junk" fiber. It was the 
strand of a spider web, 

This is a starting point for research and development- We 
must find a way to produce a duplicate of the spider web or find 
a way for a naturai product, similar to the production of silk 
or a synthetic such as rayon. 

Computers , electronic devices and wiring and cable must be 
enclosed in a radiation or cosmic ray repellent case or cage* It 
is necessary to divert damaging outside interference from intermingl- 
ing or damaging vital guidance systems, or the electronic brain in 
an anti-rnissile-missilf t or even in a vehicle designed for space 



In I960, General Trudeau said,"At that time as interested 

as ve were in space, it was guite evident that we weren ' t the 
only pecple" (Page 296, Memoirs) 

Plasma- -An ionized gas produced at very high temperatures 
(in the stars) containing about equa! numbers of positive and 
negative charges, which is a good conductor of electricity, 
and is affected by a magnetic field. 

Plasma Engine--A rocket engine utiiizing thrust from mag- 
netically accelerated ionized gases, 

Magnetic Fìeld—Exerts a force on a charged particle only 
if it is in motion and charged particles produces magnetic 
fieids only when they are in motion. 

Magnetic Encephalogram-- A chart of the brain's magnetic 


A report on the piece of metal I had in my possession 
stated that it possibly had a thin imbedded cover, over the 
metal? or subitanee- The nearest it carne in analysis was 
something like a mixture of plastic or ce rami e . From this 
Information we developed a nose cane for our explorer 
missiles which were Jupiter mìssiles based on our Redstone 
elements. This nose cone was a plastic or ceramic which 
would melt away slowly, absorb the tremendous heat of going 
through our atmosphere, at a slow rate, melt slowly with little 
or no damage te the nose cone- 

We began work od propulsion systems both fission and 
fusion. This showed promise for space travel, but needed much 
more development beyond 1963. The most intriguing and 

exciting fact was what we believed the UFO approach to high 
speed and space propulsion, i.e. Plasma adjacent to the 
vehìcle to produce thrust or lift and change of direction 
which we also needed on our anti-missile missile and ariti--. •' 

satellite development - 

This led to an amazing discovery* A magnetic field on 
plasma around a vehicle resulted in a glow and changes in 
color as it picked up speed > This suggested an intelligence 
or extra terrestrìal using a type of EMP propulsion system* 
In color fi Im s often a halo or glow in colors appeared around 
the boundaries. 

We deduced in a solar (EMF) wìnd (Plasma) that a space;- 
vehicle using magnetic propulsion could travel in space at 
speeds approaching that of light, ali other factors remaining 
Constant, such as the strength of the skin, of the vehicle and 
man ' s ability to survive. Above ali this remained the prob- 
lem of gravity (spacetime) and free float. 



Oneof the perplexing probleins that we faced,was how the 
UFO saucers with their superhard atom alìgned skin was put 
together - There were no seams, joint lines f rìvets or weld 
joìnts* The same was apparent in the skin tight space clothes 
they wore. The Silver strands of fibers possessed great strength 
on the same order as the saucer skin componente?, Metal? 

We knew that strands if spider webs had great longitudinal 
strength, but were not sure of their multi-directional strength. 
We began research on supertenacity fibers. Along with thìs 
we hit upon a new technology or a new scientific directiqn. 
Also at the time , for want of a better descrìption we carne 
upon electromagnetic welding or reaching down to the atom level, 
where atoms-molecules were always in motion and would allow 
an electromagnetic action ^which would take like atoms and fuse 
their fields together. No seams - No separation r only one entity* 

In 1962, I received information that a small firm near 
Winchester, Va. had perfected a type of electromagnetic welder. 
I took off alone and found an unpretentìous group of wooden 
buildings. I entered a small office. Since I was in unif oriti 
I was given a warm greeting. After a short briefing I was given 
some literature and a brochure. Next I was taken to another 
building for a demonstration. A piece of equipment about 
10 r x 10 r x 8' high with a control panel set to one side was 


i ~ 

in the building tvo pieces of metal were inserted. They turned 
on a type of generator called an electromagnetìc generator. 
It hummed softly and ran smoothly. A button was pressed and 
I heard a loud bang which sounded like it carne from a powerful 
force- It was unlike the sound of a large cannon, or thunder 
but more concentrated and localized. I was a little startled 
by the intensi ty of the loud sledge hammer type bang, I was 
used to artillery f missile boosters and rocket fire and showed 
no emotion. The test was repeated many times. Each time with 
the loud, intense 7 powerful f concentrated, implosion, Each time 
the two pieces of metal which I had placed in the machine and 
marked; carne out, with no seams, welds or joints. I felt no 
vibration or tremors or after effects of the powerful force 
and resulting implosion. 

The next day I returned to my off ice r wrote a report, 
attached the literature and gave it to General Trudeau. 
Unfortunately, the General was getting ready for retirement . 
I followed in retirement a few months later, I don ' t know if 
the report with my recommendations was filed away into oblivìon. 
I will attempt to find cut, if the system set back a most 
promising development, or if it fell through the cracks and 
got burned. 

2 ; 




The photograph didn't mean too rauch to me, but again one of 
the medicai reports ìntrigued my imagìnation. It discussed the 

eyes. In itself the report was vague and inconclusive, but one item 
was most interesting. It said that there appeared to be a transparent 
film over the eyeball. It didn't say whether it was a type of con- 
tact lens and described a iens such as in eyeglasses. The appearance 
of some layers appeared to be random, no pattern, but reflected 
light; It was believed only in black and white. 

Years before I had been issued a patent, based upon an experi- 
ment by Leonardo DiVinci, which at random, reflected light , inten- 
sified the image. I had never seen a report where occupants comìng 
from a supposed airshìp used any type of flashiight or illuminatìon 
while moving in the dark. I was especially interest ed in the men- 
tion of some sort of film over the eyeball- Nature provides some 
of its creatures with an extra eyelid to protect against blowing sand, 
cold, snow, etc. to protect the eye. In this case it could be an eye 
cover or eyelid with a two-fold missìon. One a random layered lens 
type affair with some sort of electronic magnif ication to intensify 
an ìmage in the dark and an atomic alignment cover to protect the 
eye against cosmic action or other harmful radiation. This was 
consistent with the skin structure which was designed to protect 
vital body parts, 

I wrote a report based upon this flimsy evidence that it was 
possible to collect some light. even when it appeared to our eyes that 




it was pitch dark. The guest began for a night viewing device 

or image intensifier. This project would not illuminate the target, 
but only intensify naturai light. 

We had reports that the Russians vere working on such a device 
for their tanks and in combat it would give the user a decided 

advantage in night fighting. A decision was made to set up a 
special night viewing research unit at Ft . Belvoir, to speed up 
development of such a device. And so another project was set up on 
vhat we called another "gift from heaven" . 

General Trudeau sent for me and handed me an envelope. In it 
was authority for an appropriation _-^ r " : -r- ^--- to move ahead 
rapidly to perfect a night viewing device. He said to take a team 
to Ft* Belvoir - they expect you. If you are satìsfied on their 
progress and appraoch, the decision is yours on whether we move 
ahead or reorganize. If you and your team are satisfied, then you 
may teli them that the money is available and they are to move full 
speed ahead. I felt good, because of the General' s confidence in me, 
but again I got that sinking feeling in my stomachi - "What if I 
make a rais take".* 

I immediately called HANS Kohìer, one of the German Scientists. 
The youngest of the group, but I considered him the best of them and 
a brilliant individuai- We spent the entire day at the lab and at 
the end of the inspection sat down at what we called the exit inter- 
view. I began, "Gentlemen, my friend, Hans, is ali smiles, I know that 
look and need to ask him no questions. In college I had a Speech 
Professor, who never gave an "A". He called me one day and said 1 am 
going to give you an "A". Your speech was one of the best I have 
heard and you gauged the audience reaction perfect. My speech was 


titled "ls There a Santa Claus?" and I went ahead to prove there 
was. I turned to the head of the lab and said, "I will act as 
Santa Claus and you will be ali smiles. " He opened the envelope 
and read the appropriatìon . It was for a total of 6,6 mìllion 
approved by General Trudeau* He looked at me and said, "we were 
a little apprebensive when we were told you were coming because 
of your reputation. M I said, "Yes, I have heard that 1 am at 
times hard to deal with, that is true. I hate stupidity, but 
I always feel gobd when I deal with true prof essionals who know 
what they are doing. Congratulations , now give us a night 
viewing device this year. n 

I reported rny findings to General Trudeau and he was 
pleased. Then I said, "Sir, we have just received reports from 
a tank crew member who deserted, that the Soviet device is crude, 
but works although it needs improvement. I have prepared a 
memo for your approvai that we offer a premium of $250,000,00 
for anyone , no questiona asked, that brings one of the devices 
to us, It could save us much tinte and money; although General 
you will be called "immoral" by the do gooders if this is made 
public . Àlso, the Soviet s have been nosing around since the 
Roswell incident, so we will play the same game* Pur money in 
this area was well spent. 

As head of foreign technology, I had access to German dis- 
coveries we captured after WWII, I also had the advantage of 
"dìscussing certain subjects with the German scientists. One of 
these was the infra-red image converter. This information was 
made avallatale to our scientists. The Russians also sought 
this information- 


Soon after I retired from the Army -in early 1963, I was asked 
by Senator Strom Thurmond to join his staff. Congress had approp- 
riated §300,000,000*00 to continue research on the anti-missile- 
missile. The administration and mainly Secretary of Defense, Robert 
McNamara, refused to spend the money which had been appropriated . 
The reasons given were that it wasn't needed, rnight offend the Soviets 
and intensify the arms race, Senator Thurmond 1 s Legislative Assist- 
ane later President Nixon's Council, and a graduate of West Point, 
Fred Bruzhardt, found a little used senate regulation, whereby a 
senator could close a session of Congress to discuss a cìassifìed 
matter before the full Senate. We asked for Information from the 
Department of Defense, I prepared the reguest* A few days before 
the closed Senate session we had a meeting in my office in the base- 
ment of the Capitol Building. 

Department of Defense sent their scientific adviser,and an Array 
Colonel, the project officer. During the session the scientific 
adviser said, "I see my Assistant is calling you, Colonel, and you 
seem to know a lot of details on the subject." I replied, "Yes, 
I retired two months ago and I was the Acting Project? Of f icer before 
retiring." He reached into his pocket and said, ,f There is no use 
in holding back, in this envelope are the complete details on which 
we briefed President Kennedy. I presume this what you are ìooking 
for, officially. M 

The sequence of events leading to this meeting began over a 
year back, I was Ìooking through my "Nut File" and what the 
General called my "Junk Pile". I found a report on a brain different 



but siiniiar to ours. Thìs seemed to me lìke a conciusion which 
cancelled itself, However, there were some words 

and observations which were most interestìng and aroused in my mind 
some of my past experiences in Italy. One was a weak signal given 
off by the brain which was sìmilar to what I had learned and typed 
long ; low frequency waves. There also was: a:mention ofTEMI, not 
electro- magne tic interference , but electro-magnetic integration of 
brain lobes. 

Years before when I was the Chief of Intelligence and Security 
of the ACofS G-2 (Assìstant Chief of Staff, Intelligence of the Rome 
Area Allied Command ) , I met a most interest in g individuai , Gi siero 
Flesch, a Professor of Criminology and Anthropology at the University 
of Home* He taught me what he called the basis of life, or the 
filament within each celi which was activated by cosmic action or 
electro-magnetic waves from outer space and a balance of resonance 
furnished electricaìly by the brain. Professor Casmiro Franck was 
one of the first scientists to photograph brain waves and became a 
friend- In bis first experiments he used a rabbìt brain- Professor 
Frank used long low frequency waves and was able to trace t hem from 
the brain to the body organs and muscèj^s controlied by brain action. 
He said and proved that paralysis is not that, no brain waves reach 
the muscle to control it, but the wrong wave length is reaching 
the muscle } and he corrected it many times. Then, I becsme friends 
with the famous Professor Castellani wfto had isolated sleeping sick- 
ness and perfected the Castellani ointments for skin treatments. He 
said chemìcal reactants giving off electro-magnetic long low frequency 
waves did the healing. Ali three men were using long, low frequency 
electro-magnetic waves in a miracuìous manner effecting even cures 
of cancer. 


I began to wonder ìf what we believed was a guidance system 
was really a mechanism controlied by long,low waves emitting from 
the brain that had been examined* One report had mentìoned what 
appeared to be an electrical system which had been damaged. \ìe 

could get no reaction by normal means» 

In this perìod we had received reports that the Soviets could 

change the trajectory of an ICBM in flight. This posed serious 
problems for our defenses and in addition, we know that the Russians 
had conducted two very sophisticated anti-missile-missile test 
firings and fired an intercept missile through an atomìc cloud. 

The General and I during one of our sessions sat down and 
discussed this problem, We concluded that abrupt and quick, tight 
maneuvers could only be done by thought control, which in our think- 
ing was the beginning of research in another dimensìon, and we often 
speculated if this dimension could be in the realm of the so-called 
UFOs . I also told the General of my bout with the Gestapo hitman in 
Rome. Pure instinct saved my life and one of the learned professors 
that I prevìously discussed, told me that instinct carne about in 
layers from another dimension* At the time, because of my youth, I 
didn't pay much attention to hìs words , but now the meaning of their 
knowledge, to put ìt in clear wording, had taken on a different mean- 
ing or another dimension* 

I had, a few years before (1957) commanded the Army ' s Missile 
Firing Range in New Mexico, at the Red Canyon Range Battlaion which 
was in the White Sands area. Also, later I commanded the Army ' s 
first operational Missile Battlalion in Germany, the 552 Missile Bn. 
Upon our return to New Mexico, the 552 made the first perfect missile 





shoot in the bis tory of the U.S, Array. Our targets were R-Cats 
(radio controlied pianes) and rocket drones. These were targets 
which flew in a Constant flight path, but my Nike missiles could not 
make quick and abrupt maneuvers* They were something like a boat - 
they could change trajectory, but slow and not abrupt ly and limited 
in the angle of attack. A fast moving aircraft, making violent and 
quick, abrupt maneuvers, before arrivai of the missile could avoid 
and out-maneuver the incoming projectile. 

General Trudeau made a decision, he said, "Phil, you are the 
anti-missile-missile project officer, write me up a proposai on 
what we have discussed. I believe we are on the right track, and 
we wiil, for the first time, be moving research ìnto a new arena, 
the realm of another dimension - a type of thought control of mechan- 
ical items." 

As I left the General 's office , I thought again, "New what did 
I get myself into? Is this what those great men in Rome had in 
mind when they confided in a young novice?" As in the past, a flash 
in my mind, "Why mei, but if not me, who?" But as General Trudeau 
has said, "It's not how you get a position that ' s importante but 
what you do when you get there", 

I returned to my office and began to write. (Although there 
were medicai implications , I wouìd have to leave this to others. 
My approach and mission was control of hardware , not bodily functions) 
Before I began my proposai, I remembered an incident between myself 
and the General. We were walkìng down the Pentagon corridor toward 
the helicopter pad, when I said, "General, sometimes I think my 


son is a little kooky. He tells me that engines talk to him, 
so he can always find the trouble and correct it" • The General 
stopped in his tracks, turned to me and said, "Phil, don * t ever 
say that again about your son. Certain people have relationships 
with material things which we don't understand. He ìs one of them" , 
I asked myself * I wonder if thìs is what we were discussing to- 
day* The brain and its eìectro-magnetic integration with material 
things - another dimensione And so I began to write. 

Subject : An ti -Missile -Missile 
For: Lt. Gen . Arthur G. Trudeau 

If the Information, which three of Italy's most brilliant men 
conveyed to me in Rome have any validity (which I am sure it was 
valid) then, the vague reference to functions of the brain of an 
unknown entìty, open up many new avenues of research to us. Long, 
low frequency waves controlling organs and nruscles of the human 
frody is a startling discovery* Electro-magnetic integration of 
-brain lobes and possible integration with other brains functions, 
close by and at a distance, is equally startling. This approach 
opens up the realm of another dimenSion- I am sure we will never 
unravel these secrets in our lifetime, but perhaps we can open the 
door ever so slightly. Initially we can apply our findings to the 
easier task of improving and utilìzing the data of long, low 
frequency waves and electro-magnetìc integration to existing hard~ 
ware, and stili remain within our "state of the art". 


— V 



CAUTION: CIA is working on what they cali "Parapsychology " 

and the Soviets on "Psychotronio Technology." They 
are skirting the edges of our approach. We should 
be careful not to get mixed up into their cauldron. 
Vìe would be dìscredìted and possìbly stopped from 

NOTE: I have not hatì this memo typed and recommend it be destroyed. 







In recent months it has come to our attention that the Sovìets can 
change the trajectory of an ICBM after launch, once it is on its way to 
a target. 

In addition the Soviets bave twìce tested an anti-missile-missile 
f ir ed through an a tornio cloud at the approaching ICBM, Theref ore , a 
technical proposai must be drawn up as soon as possible for : 

1 , An an ti -miss ile -miss ile that will be ab le to look onto an 
ìncoming I CBM and stay locked on through ali evasive maneuvers 
and destroy it before it reaches its target , and - 

2. Ali circuitry must be hardened to withstand radiation, biast, 
and heat from an atomìc detonation up to and ìncluding the 
intensity of the Russian monster bomb explosion of 60 megatons* 


Our present anti-aircraft missiles centered around the nike-ajax, 
nike hercules and hawk are not adeguate against ICBMs. We are virtually 
defenseiess against such an attack. Present systems cannot remain locked 
onto an incoming ICBM or find the target to destroy it once it changes 
trajectory. Spy satellites can find the ICBM once it is launched, but 
here also we have a problem. The Soviets have conducted two tests 
into outer space with missiles containing atomic warheads. In the 
second test they were able to knock out two of our satellites. The 
damage was done mostly by radiation from an atomic blast. Herewith we 
ha^e a two-fold problem, not only must the anti-missile-missile circuitry 
be hardened/ but the spy satellite circuitry must also be hardened from 
ali radiation or ion emiss ions > Because of the Test Ban Treaty , we 




cannot perform similar test. We will bave to scale up data from 

our testing to errìve at figures that we must ansarne str accurata 

and shield against these eventualities. 

The Soviets have suffered a severe setback from a mysterious 
explosion at a nuclear plant near Kyshtym-Argayash area- This 
will give us time to move full speed ahead. 


The present design and conf iguration of our ICBMs is adequate; 
however, internai changes are necessary, especially within the 
warhead capsule. À new computer (brain) and back-up computer s 
will be deveioped, With'the advent of the transistor and integrated 
circuit chip such computer (brain) is within our capability. Two 
sections or lobes are visualized, Both will be interfaced. The 
right lobe will receive positioning data from the orbiting 
satellite. This data will be electronically integrated into the 
left lobe. This computer or brain section through a harness 
resembling our spinai and nervous system will transmit data to the 
capsule controls through long low frequencies. These will be more 
difficult to jam, since the wave lengths will sweep within a cer- 
tain range. This lobe must be able to separate the booster and 
separate the capsule once the incoming missile begins to change 
trajectory or course. It also must compiile an immediate change in 
intercept point, by firing rocket thrusters for an immediate change 
in course of the outgoing anti-missile missile. It will also give the 
detonation command just before contact- Ali data must be simul- 
taneously integrated into the backup computer (brain) lobes. 

(There will be a third computer aboard. It will be inter- 
faced with the other two. This guidance will require special 


clearance to be granted to ali recipients and will be distributed 

separately . } 



An appropriation of $300,000,000.00 was requested for the 
coming year (1963)* This reguirement was treated as urgent and a 
"crash" program was initiated. 


At this stage 1 had to move ori to other duties, I was called upon 
to testify before the U, S. Senate Judiciary Commi t tee on events of 
the four years that I spent at the White House, 

I asked General Trudeau to appoint a full time project officer 
on the Anti-Missile-Missile Project, which he did. The war in Vietnam 
was beginning to heat up. We had established a special weapons ìabor- 
atory in Vietnam, I was assigned the initial task of compilinq a feasi- 
bilitv study on arming helicopters for combat roles which included the 
study of the French appraoch on how they used helicopters against 
gueriìlas in the Sahara Deserta 1 was also assigned the counter- 
insurgency problem. 

I was assigned the task of getting a better fuse for the 40mm 
grenade, since the one we were using was dangerous. 

I got involved in the Tow-missile development spent uranium 
projecticles and many other developments » Dept. of Defense requested 
I be assigned as Intelligence Officer of Special Forces in Vietnam. 
During this period General Trudeau was considered as Deputy at CIA 
or Commander of Army in Vietnam and it was agreed I would go with 


him. I acted as Liaison wìth Capitol Hill and becanne friends with 
many great men, such as John A* McCormick, Senetor Thurmond, Senator 
Russell and many others* 

General Trudeau soon after decided to retire and wìthin six months 
I followed into retirement . 

The gauntlet was pessed on to others. Vie stayed in touch with 
them and many were capable individuals and friends, built up through 
many years of service together. 



The Third Brain 


The third computer must be a development beyond the "State 
of the Art". We have for some time been looking into an 
apparatus which could fit into a pilot's heìmet and through brain 
waves (long, low frequency transmissions ) control an aircraft 
guìdance system. In this aircraft control the command rnodule 
in the helmet vili be directly tied into the guidance system. 
The third computer brain system in an anti-missile-missile may 
be. thousands of miles away. This confronts us with a most 
difficult problem whereby the command ( low long way, low 
intensity wave) must be transmitted a long distance to the anti- 
missile-missile or to a satellite then to the missile. 

We could transmìt sound with an electric current and 
through a fiber optìc, why not brain wave- In 1960-61 we 
started laser experiments with this in mind since EBES had such 
a bearci, They also had a head band which could intensify brain 
waves possibly for mental telepathy. 

Experiments in Europe show that the brain frequency can be 
intensified from an outside source and then passed through the 
brain to an organ out of resonance. The intensifier would sweep 
through a range of frequencies and the receiving brain mechanism, 
would only accept the proper frequency that matched that of the 
organ it controlled. A Constant sweep back and forth of the 
proper wave length would bring the organ back to normal vibration, 



Another theory, of the vague study of the Roswell Brain, 
suggested thst tbought, a brain function, could be aimed at 
a specific target anywhere on earth and bring about a desired 
effect. However, this theory delves iato another dimension. 
Part of this discussion would be similar to instinct, which 
is claimed to be a brain function or the build-up or sharpening 
process of the not too clear appr^ach of layers? of another 





To remain within our "State of the Art" we should attack the 
•*■ problem by intensifying the brain wave and projecting the energy 
■ tò the missiìe f s third brain. By radar, laser, radio waves or 

other electronic means, this would allow instantious response to changes 
in trajectory or angle of attack of the intercept missile. In conclus- 
ioni, a control exercised by the human brain on an electro-mechanical 
device , 

Transmittaì of radio waves or radar to control a distant object 
is within our "state of the art." In 1947 during my visit to the 
Italian Naval Academy, I was shown that ali clocks in the Academy were 
controlied by one radio beam. Radio control of aircraft and even model 
aircraf t ìs a sìmple f act . The Nike missiles were under control until 
the moment of detonation. But , the superimposing of a brain wave is a 
factor beyond the "State of the Art". Perhaps such a development could 
lead us into another dimension and even overcome gravity. Einstein in 
his theory of relativity found in his geometrie theory that, "space 
tirne tells mass how to move/ and mass tells spacetime how to curve." 
Perhaps a brain or thought wave ìntegrated in an electromagnetic 
wave could overcome gravity and eliminate the spacetime curve and travel 
straight to the missile, Science says mass against mass creates 
gravity. Could the insertion of a thought wave move into the fourth 
dimension and create an artifical gravity so that man could travel 
in space. A gravity magnetic fieid controlied by man himself (mass 
against zero). My analysis of the Rosewell mystery leads me to 
believe that the above is a reality. 

At your discretion, you should destroy the above. The data comes 
to me as I write, just as ali my plans in Rome. I cari add nothing 
further. This is only guidane© for others to continue or dìscard. 




Periodically , I would sit in my office, close the door and 
pick out an import ant project , and pile ali informatici"! on my 
desk* Then I would begin a systematic evaluation. Was I 
correo t in my conclusions? Had I miss ed any thing? Was my 
approach accurate, consistent and realistic? I had learned 
through this process that often I found glaring omìssions, 
which just weren r t there . The se often were as importati t as the 
factual data, Often I had to enter a part of ari equation, like 
a mathematical problem, to arrive at an answer to justify con- 
ti nuation of the project • 

On this particular day I assemblea ali the informatica from 
my UFO file, I found some perplexing and important omìssions, 
or lack of Information on the Roswell crashed saucer. 

1. No mention of subsistence or nourishment to sustain a 
biological entity. No mention of any foodstuff or necessi- 
ties of life. 

2. No mention of water or drinking or cleansing of the body* 

3. No mention of ref rigeratìon equipment, 

4. No mention of medicai facilìties except for a type of first 
aid kit, 

5. No availability of toilet or waste disposai facilities. 
6_ No rest or recreational facilities. 

* j 



I would have to begin with certaìn assumptìons or con- 
jectures and then come up with some conclusion, and a course 
of action. From data available we could assume that the UFO's 
were reconnaìssance craf t and could quickly return to a mother 
ship to receìve the necessìties of life. The other was that 
they had solved gravity-time dimensionai travel and could 
ins tantaneously return to their base* However, if I advanced 
these theories, I could be placed in the category of a science- 
fiction writer. I ruled these assumptions - out, for the present. 

I thought back a few years, to what I had been taught in 
Italy, by some of the world's most famous doctors - the basis of 
life. The answer must Ile in the nuclear area and types of 
electro-magnet ic energy. In 1957, just before I took command 
of the Array' s missile fìring range at Red Canyon f New Mexico 
and later the 71st Missile BN in Germany , I had extensive courses 
in nuclear weapons and radìation. I had learned not only the 
destructive qualities, but the beneficiai action of radiation. 

The Army had been in charge of Los Alamos and perfectìon 
of the atom bomb* We also had built smallar nuclear power 
plants which could be transported on barges. (This led to a 
reactor 6 1 x 6' weighing 6 tons , is self operating, reguires no 
attending, will produce electricity for 20 years and is safe.) 

Nuclear propulsion for ships and submarines is well known* 
We had built an atom bomb the size of a football and a 280 mm 
artillery shell, Radio-isotopes have powered dozens of space 
missions. Plutonium- 230 was used in the interplanetary space 
craft to Mars, Jupìter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. There 



have been no failures, They will function for 20 years without 
refueling- They function unattended, are safe, and the isotopes 
come from nuclear waste. 

We knew the answers were in the nuclear fìeld, but here we 
were against one giant obstacle which could stop everything we 
were doìng* This obstacle was man's stupidity. The environ- 
mentalists warped concept or radìation we had to watch closely. 
A good example is DDT, It was a remarkable pesticide yet 
ended in tragedy. During WWII we carrìed a small OD color can 
of DDT, Often I sprinkled down my chest and back and then loosen 
my belt to let it fall lower* No allied soldier was stricken 
with Typhus which had in the past decimated armies, This 
marvelous pesticide which almost eradicated Malaria f was stopped 
by stupidity. Mìllìons of deaths can be attributed to this 
gross stupid act. ( Bird population to which it was suppose 
to be harmfuì has actuaily increased where it was used. ) 

" Lead Time u on a development , ì.e. from the time it was 
conce ived , until it was in the hands of troops was 8 to 12 years . 
In special cases we were able to reduce it to 5-6 years. But 
this was an exception to the rule. Some of the Roswell develop- 
ments were beginning to show promise in 1959-1960- We were 
able to add an impetus to certain projects. This was especially 
in the nuclear area, We had begun important projects of 
irradiation of food projects - meat, fruit, vegetables, grains, 
etc. This was most important for the world and for our 
astronauts. (Presently our astronauts eat irradiated f oods ) , 
Also on our agenda was nuclear medicine, nuclear disposai of 
waste and pollution and the far fetched, nuclear renourishment 
and rebuilding of bacteriological functions. 



I laid my thìnking or findings before the General. I 
said if my evaluation is true we are dealing wìth intellect 
sending these expendable creatures to earth- We must proceed 
to send our humans into space, to challenge them. Therefore, 
food and water irradìation is most important. This also would 
eliminate the cumbersome, inefficient system of refrigeration* 

At this moment the General stopped me and rnade a phone 
cali. He said go get your hat, we have been invited to lunch. 
Our helicopter picked us up at the pentagon and we flew to 
the Quartermaster Center. 

When we arrived we were met in style and escortetì to the 
laboratory. We were shown a huge room full of shelves in which 
were ali types of meat, fruit and vegetables. The pork was free 
of trichina worm, chickens and eggs were free of bacterium 
salmonella and so was sea food, Fungus spores , insects and 
their eggs were gone, fruìts and vegetables were tree or vine 
ripe and free of rot. Even milk was not sour, although every 
item in the room had been in an open shelf at room temperature 
for over two years. In these few years a great step forward had 
been accomplished to replace ref rigeration , freezing, canning, 
frying, salting or smoking. 

The Commanding General took us to an open shelf and said 
"Gentlemen, pick your lunch, steak, beans, potatoes, strawberries , 
ali fresh, delicìous and palatable, and harinless- The year was 
1961, the lunch was delicious, the steak tender, juicy and tasty. 
Despite Nader's misgivings after 32 years, I am stili healthy 
and alive. 



At the lunch General Trudeau said, "Gentlemen, my assistant 
believes your work is of utmost importance to the U.S. Army , our 
nation and the world, and wilì contribute to our travel in space. 
1 am of the sanie opinion. In the next two weeks submit to me 
a supplement budget to expand your operation and I want it also 
included into next year's budget." 

This series of events with the U.S. Army Quartermaster Corp. 
gave a decided ìmpetus to 1, 2, & 3 of my omission findings. 
Developments were in good hands and well on their way. The 
next two ,nuclear medicine and waste disposai , were another matter. 
These were vast and specialized fields in many areas beyond my 
competency. OCRD had over 3000 officers with a degree as a pre- 
requisite. My duties f such as testifying before Congress , budget, 
policies etc. took much of my time. However, competent men were 
chosen and the projects moved forward. 1 kept a watch and 
followed most projects with great interest. 

One area began to show great immediate promise; the other 
end of the nutrition scale, human excrement of sewage. In Àsian 
countries sewage has and is beìng used as fertilizer and soil 
conditioner. In Japan and Korea I have seen giant carrots, 
onions, turnips, etc- two or three feet long and 5 "-6" across . 
In Korea giant garlic is used to make their natìonal food Kirn- 
Chi- However, in this country such a use is out of the question. 
Public opposition and possibie disease-causing organism rule out 
its use. Cesium-137 solved the problem. Packaged in an 
irradiator. Sludge is run through the irradiator. The product 
becomes sterile, harmless and an additive fodder- 



Another by-product became apparent and of importance to 
the mìlitary. Electronic lights of Krypton-85 or Tritium glow 
with a yellow-green radio lumìnescence endure a wide range of 
temperature, cannot cause fires, are visible for miles and last 
ciose to 20 years. (Possibility ìight found in ancient caves 
or inside UFO crafts.) 

The most startling deveìopments began to appear in the 
area of nuclear medicine, specifically in the knowledge of 
medicai diagnosìs and therapy, Detaiìed pictures of any part 
of the human body could be obtained. x-rays known for rnany 
years originate outside of the body, nuclear scanning technigues 
use radioactive materials inside ,through the circulatory 
system, Nuclear magnetic resonance imagining builds up a three 
dimensionai image. Here again man l s stupidity or lack of 
knowledge had to be considered. The word nuclear was dropped. 
As stated by the medicai profession, " Not to off end the 
sensitivìty of emotional patients- 11 (A courteous or nìce way 
to cover up the real description-the stupid patient). 

Many of the R&D officers were extremely intelligent 
men and the projects were moving at a good pace, It was 
discovered that many of the elements did not occur in nature 
but created in a nuclear reactor. 

Technetium-99 Por brain scans, lungs & liver 

For soft tumors 

For the heart 

Cancer & Sterilization 

For lodges in bone marrow 











There were many other elements in nuclear medicine and they 
are too numerous to mention bere. 

Number 6, on my ìist,!ack of rest and recreation facilities, 
was not a difficult problem* Nuclear power solved the problem 
of heat and air conditioning * The rest was left to the astronaut 
or space traveler bimself and to psychoiogical experts. 

Although we were delving onto the basic structure of matter 
and the atomic-molecular structure of the human anatomy, one 
basic question remained. If the extra-terrestrials were clones, 
how dìd they reconstitute or restructure themselves? Were they 
expendable and only used to perform a mission and then replaced? 

The former question seemed to be more logicai and better 
fitted our thìnking and our approach. They were delicate creatures 
and faded quickly, but stili they were humanoids, I remember 
the chemistry classes of my younger days, when chemicaì reactions 
were descrìbed in plus or mìnus, or electrical patterns. I 
had many conferences with project offìcers and the German 
scientists. We invariably agreed the cells and even organs 
could be replaced by clonìng and sustained by electro-magnetic 
means, applied to the basic structure, Research took me to 
medicai libraries, but I did not learn much more. 

General Trudeau retired, then in Aprii 1963 Lt. General 
Dwight Beach awarded me my Fifth Army Commendation Medal and I 
left the search to others. Every so often I would return for 
a visit and was always well received with dignity and respect. 

ò j 



The Apollo Moon program carne to ari ebrupt halt with 
Apollo- 17, in 1972. No clear explanation was given and the 
U.S. contìnued with manned Earth orbits only, by the Shuttle 
Program, Even the Russians curtailed and halted their Moon- 
Mars program. During the Geneva Summit Conference in November 
1985 President Regan made this point to Soviet Chairman 
Mikhaiì Gorbachev. He said, "How much easier his task and 
mine might be in these meetings that we heìd. If suddenly 
there was a threat to this world from another species from 
another planet outside the universe. We r d forget ali the 
little locai aifferences that we have between our countries, 
and we would find out once and for ali that we really are ali 
human beings here on the earth together." 

In view of this, were we threatened by superior beings 
with super technology ; were we scared off and did we decide not 
to f ight and sit and hope for the best - We never had this 
view in the military and as far back as 1960 were preparing, 
"Just in Case". However, diplomats and civilian officials were 
often not of this opinion. During the Geneva Conference in the 
1950' s, a Naval Commander, in charge of the U.S. Dispensary at 
Geneva, carne to us at the NSC and said in disgust, every time 
Molotov pounded the table, my dispensary was crowded with our 
negotiators seeking tranquilizers . " 


During the Korean War, I was on Gen. Douglas McArthur r s 
staff* He was a brìlliant individuai and dìd not scare before 
the enemy, His decisions and directives were clear, precise 
and well thought out. In 1955 he made an astonishing state- 
ment, "The Nations of the world will have to unite, for the 
next war will be an ìnterplanetary war . The nations of the 
earth must someday make a common front against attack by people 
from other planets." 

UFOs produce high tension electric charges and strong 
magnetic fìelds. Strong electrical and magnetic effects, 
affé et the electrical systems on our space craft , often with 
serìous and devastating results. Therefore, we must produce 
radia tion or EMI hardened sensors , integrated circuits and other 
electrical equipment which cannot be harmed or distorted by 
electro magnetic forces. We will then be able to compete 
against their artificial fields of gravity. Until such a tinte 
we might be compelled to play a waiting game, This is what we 
meant when we surmised we will continue to develop aerospace 
craft and weapons. "Just in Case." 

It appears that NASA and the politicians back ed off. 
With a "Wait and Watch" attitude* The space station was billed 
as the next logicai step in the exploration and journeys to the 
Moon and Mars. NASA's office of exploration has been abolished. 
For the last 15 years the exploration, the organization planning 
human missions to the Moon and Mars has been a small study 
office in the Office of Space Science. 

One glimmer of positive thinking remains and may rise in 
importance of our enemy attacks in the biological area. Bio- 


medicai research to help understand the role of gravìty on 
living systems is continuing. Importane^ is being attached 
to maintaìning astronauts* health and productivity , understand- 
ing biological responses to weightlessness and develop systems 
for long term human space flight- The micro gravìty research 
program is being funded. This is a good sign. 

Ali the biomedicai, micro gravìty and long term support 
systems will be most important if we have to fight in space 
or on the moon- Congress wants to know what the nev? NASA will 
do with a space station, They should be told that we mìght have 
to fight in space and not just spend the money to support 17,000 
prime contractors, thousands of subcontractors and 2,300 govern- 
ment employees, NASA should stop the impressici* of having no 
strategy and stop irregular and disconnected strategie planning 
and publicize advanced concepts and technology just as the 
tremendous push NASA gave the computer ship and software section. 
Above ali, they should reveal the truth of their findìngs on 
Moon and Mars gravìty and other objects (UFO's construction , 
atmosphere, etc.) found and seen on the Moon and Mars. There 
is ampie evidence of alien actìvity on the Moon, 122 photographs 
from NASA r s scìence data center were examined and analyzed by 
photographic experts with startling f indings . .The authors of 
"Alien Activity of the Moon" Fred Steckling, hìmself, was a 
trained observer in astronomica! studìes. Moongate, the NASA 
military cover-up book contains 20 color photographs of U.S. 
astronauts on the moon. 

Various treaties demilìtarizing the Moon, have been signed 

1 ** 

by the U.S., USSR and other countries of this world, but I 
wonder ìf the aliens recognize these treaties. They heve 
viola t ed our air space with impunity and even land ed on our 
territory. Whether intentional or not, they have perforrned 
hostile acts. Our cìtizens have been abducted and kiiled. 
They have endangered our space vehicles and the occupante; 
scouted our sensitive bases and probed at will. They have 
nmtilated anìmals on our territory and removed organs , possibly 
for study, for ulterior motives. The above are acts of war 
whìch we would not tolerate from any worldly source- It also 
appears they do not tolerate any such acts on our part on 


their bases , 

We t in the milìtary, long ago concluded they have voluntar- 
ily given us nothing. What we gained from their presence we 
obtained by accident and moved forward enough to challenge them 
with their own technology. 

The question is, will we contìnue to watch and wait until 
it is too late? Will we probe and challenge and upset their 
timing? Or will they force our hand? 

The U.S, military has long known (1959) of the special 
needs for man ' s mastery of space. 

(1) Means of inducing hibernative slowing down of body 
processes without injury to the individuai for long 
space voyages • 

(2) Means of raising human alertness to the hìghest levels 
without impaìring physical reactions. 

(3) Means of protecting human tìssue, especìally brain 

and eye, agaìnst nuclear cosmic or magnetic 

We not only bave to harden eìectricaì circuitry ori our 
hardware, but have to harden TTiaxì ' s tissue against the electro- 
magnetic forces, such research was started in 1958, by sub- 
ordinate units to U, S. Army Research and Development. 

The Soviet-U,S, cooperation in the late 1980s showed 
evìdence that there was threat from another planet* On Sept . 
21, 1987, President Regan again said, "I occasionally think how 
quickly our differences would vanish ìf we were facing an alien 
threat from outside this world." On May 1988, Pres * Regan 
added, "What would happen if ali of us in the world discovered 
we were threatened by an outer-- a power from outer space 
from another piane t . 

In a February 1987 address, Gorbachev, chose not to dispute 
such a threat on an invasion by extraterrestrials . On Sept. 5 
his foreign minister said, "Yes, absoluteìy," that they would 
joìn the U.S. agaìnst an alien threat from outer space. Wìthin 
days of phobos 2 incident, unexpected steps reversed a DOD 
decìsìon to build two x-39 hypersonic planes, which would be 
self-launching spaceships for military space defense. 

The U.S. and USSR are aligning their space program against 
a common enemy. Fortunately, we enter the 1990s with a batter 
understanding of the biological processes of celi replication, 
the functìon and code of genes and many inherited defects and 
illnesses we stili don ' t know enough, but enough to be able to 
evaluate many maladìes and diagnose their causes and effects. 


Wìshful thinkers comment that extraterrestrials may be 
benevolenti Bowever, tbere is no evìdence of such benevolency* 

We always kept in mind that the extraterrestrials- never 
gave us a thing* Not one scìentific development or le ad ever 
carne voluntarily from them. What we did pick up was pure 
accident. It appears that there may have been a directive from 
possibly their higher ups , not to pass any technology to us, 
which was indeed a fact. We were fortunate that 1958 to 1963 
was a transit era of awakening. The leadership and talent 
(U.S. and Germany) was available to take advantage of what little 
we found to proceed into a new scientific age. 

We didn ' t expect any more than we garnered by accident, 
because to whom could they gìve or entrust such advancements. 
To civilizations which had killed millions of its peopie in 
divesting wars and had just perfected weapons of mass destruc- 
tion. Who among the world's peopie could be trusted? We 
didn r t know of any, not even us, We would put it to military 
use- Get large industry aerospace to build it, Here it would 
stop and possibly never be utilized in the civilian market/ or 
delay for years. In 1963, Senator Strom Thurmond accompanied 
me to a meeting with Mr. Jtfebb, head of NASA on this subject 
which they called their "Tech Brief" program. 

Although many hostile acts by extraterrestrials could be 
considered accidental some were regarded as suspicious, such 

1. Von Braun's reference to the deflectìon from orbit 
of the U.S. Juno 2 rocket in late 1950' s. 




Dr * Robert Sarbacher 

Research and Develop- 
ment Board under 
Dr * Compton during 
Eìsenhower Adminis- 

The only thing I remember at this 
time is that certa in materials 
reported to ha ve come from f lying 
saucer crashes were extremely 
light and very tough. I am sur e 
our laboratories analyzed them 
very carefully. 


Dr. W.B. Smith 

We believe that we are on the 
track of some thing which may 
well prove to be the ìntroduction 
to a new technology* The existence 
of a different technology is borne 
out by the investigations which 
are being carried on at the present 
time in relation to flying saucers 

10 August 1953, Or. Wilber Smith 

It appears then, that we are faced wìth a substantial probabìlity 
of the real existence of extraterrestrial vehicles, regardless 
of whether they fit into the scheme of things. Such vehicles 
of necessity must use a technology considerably in advance of 
what we have. It is therefore submitted that the next step in 
this investigation should be a substantial ef f ort toward the 
acquisition of as much as possible if this technology, which 
would without doubt be of great value to us. 


Dr. Wernher Von Braun 

If the military has now acguired new technology as a result of 
top secret research in UFO's and I am inclined to support this 
hypothesis, we are now engaged in entering in closer. We find 
ourselves faced by powers which are far stronger than we had 
hither to assumer 

In 1959 Dr* Wernher Von Braun, another great space pioneer, 

made an intriguing statement, reported in Germany. Referring 

to the deflection from orbit of the U.S. Juno 2 Rocket, he stated: 

We find ourselves faced by powers which are far stronger than 

we had hitherto assumed, and whose base is at present unknown 

to us. More, I cannot say at present. We are now engaged in 


entering into closer contact wìth those powers and in sìx 
or nìne month's time it may be possible to speak with more 
precision on the matter*" (Neves Europa, 1 Jan 1959.) 

"It ìs impossible to confirm them in the present as it 
will be to deny thern in the future." 

Albert M. Chop - Deputy Public Relations Director NASA 
We are being watched by beings from outer space* 

U.S. GEMINI - Apollo Problems 


GEMINI 9 1966 

APOLLO 1 1967 







Encountered UFO 

Scrubbed due to ìnterference with radio hookup 
Short Circuit killed 3 Astronauts 

Intolerably high-frequency noise-A wave of 
internai heat-Water in cooling system 

Gyro-Guidance system went out of control 

Trouble with high gain system at the time 
of fighting felt a bump through MESA 
(Modularized Equipment Stowage System_ 
had come off. Weird radio noìses carne 
from outside space craft. Two UFO's 
watching upon landing. 

Compiete electrical shutdown, ship appeared 
to be hit by lightning. Two UFOs followed, 
one in front , one in back* Sta tic , whist les 
and Constant beeping* 

Mysterious explosìon of one of oxygen tanks* 

Seismometer station went off has been operating 
for (4) years. Later mysterìously , it carne 
back on. 

Landed on moon, gravity and weight problems. 




Problems with guidance system and navigatìon 
system. No attitude indìcation gimbal platform 
had lockedp Electronic glitch. Bad circuit 
in steering system. 

Program ended abruptly 1972. 



Yellowish green luminous particies can 
penetrate into our spacecraft. Effect 
of particies front UFO's cause overloading 
of electrical systems and electronic noise, 

July 4, 1969 




Super Booster 1 

The explosion was first noticed by a U.S« 
Air Force satellite ( Ferret ) as an electro- 
magnetic disturbance, and was reportedly 
observed by the NASA Nimbus 3 weather satellite 
(Lunar orbit test, ) 

The spacecraft made a course correction 
maneuver at the moon to guìcken the return and 
make course more accurate, rather than 

relying on the moon ' s unequal gravity. 

There are rumors that several problems includ- 
ing a serious electrical fire on June 27 
caused a premature end of the mission. This 
caused the cabin to lose ali its atmosphere 
in about 30 seconds while at 168 km high- 
This killed the crew. 


Aprii 11, 1993 

Aprii 9, 1991 

Japan's Hiten orbiter crashed near the moon's 
furnerius crater, It was the first spacecraft 
from Earth to reach lunar surface sìnce 1976. 
Its purpose was to study how gravity assists 
as opposed to angine firìng could be used 
to change a satellite orbit- 

Mission sponsored by strategie defense 
initiative wants to test a new lightweight 
spacecraft components such as radiation hardened 
sensors and autonomous guidance instruments. 



Aprii 8, 1993 

NASA administrator D. Goldin said NASA 

was "Putting Off" plans for a return to the 

moon and a mission to Mars, until we ' re ready. 

Aug. 24, 1993 Observer went dead on Mars. 



Lt- Gen. Dwight Beach, OCRD, Department of the Army 
and my last Commanding General said in Aprii, 1963, "The 
first practical demonstration of the laser as a future tool of 
man dates only from 19 60 . " 

Lasers have undergone an intensive development since 
1959 when Columbia University discovered that the principle 
was sound. The first practical demonstration of a laser beam 
took place in 1960. A technological accomplishment that carne 
as a direct result of research sponsored by the Army, Navy 
and Air Force. The Electronics Command was instrumentai in 
establishing the feasibilìty and practicability of laser range 
finding in 1961, In 1962, nine portable range finders capable 
of being carried on tanks or helicopter were developed for 
Army Signal Corps by Radio Corporation of America. Also in 1962 
GÈ Company engineers have used a beam of iight from lasers to 
strike holes in diamonds. The 15 million laser research was 
more than doubled in fiscal 1963. 

Hundreds of Industries were ìnvolved in laser research 
and development. Some were Hughes Aircraft Co., Sperry Rand and 
Raytheon. The Army ' s maìn research was conducted at Electronics 
Command, Ft . Monmouth, N.J., The Missile Command, Huntsville; 
the Night Vision Laboratory, Ft. Belvoir, VA: the Harry Diamond 
Laboratories, Washington, D.C. ; Frankford Arsenal, Philadelphia , 
PA- , the Army Research Office, Durham, S.C. ; Ballistic Research 
Laboratories, Aberdeen Proving Ground, and U.S. Army Engineer 
Research, and Development at Ft. Belvoir. Medicai effects of 


laser beams were carried out at Walter Reed Army Institute 
of Research at Ft . Knox Office of the Surgeon General and 
Lincoln Lab ora tory . 

The pressure for progress was on. Russia vas experimenting 
with lasers. In the sixties Soviet scientist announced the 
development of an extremely high-power crystal laser that used 
fluoride doped with the RNRE metal dysprosium and that could 
penetrate fog and clouds without attenuation. They are also 
working with Ò-switched lasers to cause detonations by a focused 
laser beam - a development that would eliminate the use of wire 
cable between detonator and firing sites. They experimented 
with liquid mirrors and have reported obtaining giant pulses. 

We were able to vaporize carbon steel by a focused beam 
emitted from a high-energy neodymium-doped glass laser. 
Certain glasses serve as host materials with doping materials. 
Neodymium is one of these rare earths. The Russìans found 
neodymium in a piece of metal that they claim fell from a 
flying saucer. We also found this rare earth in metal from a 


It ìs readily apparent that the high energy and power densi- 
ties f combined with the focus ability of the energy into 
narrow beams make it possible to inflict damage at a distance 
with the speed of light. Incendiary damage could be produced 
by laser devices with a 1 second-of-arc beam of varìous 
energy leveis. Àccordingly, a 50-^oule laser could set fires 
at distances up to a mile* Because of the narrow beam width, 
essentially ali of the energy can be brought to bear on the 
target ■ 


Lasers are abìe to produce temperatures in target 
materials many times hotter than the surface of the sun. 
The high intensity of the electromagnetic energy results 
in extremely high voltage gradients and radiation pressures 
of many atmospheres. These three effects provide destructive 
mechanisms capable of breaking down ali kinds of materials. 
In a test in which a laser beam impingfed upon a stainless steel 
sample, a crater was formed on the surface where the metal 
was completely vaporìzed or bìown away, and the effect of the 
beam extended far below the surface damage. Immediately 
below the crater the steel had melted and been transformed to 
cast steel- Below the molten zone the material had been 
partially annealed, thus voiding the effects of any heat 
treatment . 

A 0*1 percent bandwith would be sufficient to carry 
100 , 000, 000 simultaneous telephone conversation on a single 
light beam. A one second-of-arc beam could be detected at a 
distance of 30 billion nautical miles by a 3" diameter 
collecting lens . 

During the decade 1960-1970, military scientists sought a 
"Breakthrough into Practicality " for the amazing 

phenomenon (laser) that couid revolutionize gun and missile fire, 
Communications, mapping, computer operatìon, medicine and 
other fields. It may even develop into a ray gun or "zap" 
weapon. The advances , without exaggeration could be spectacu- 
lar and even miraculous. 

In 1964, the army devised a range finder amali enough 
to be carrìed by a soldìer. In 1965 a laser light beam no 


thicker than a pencil relayed simultaneously the video 
and audio signals received frorn seven television channels 
broadcasting from the Empire State Building. In 1966 the army 
had an experimental high data rate communication link capatale 
of transmitting 10 million pulses per seconda Aìso, in 1966, 
the Harry Diamond Laboratories vere working on laser beam 
technologies applied to ìntrusion detection, incìuding area 
surveillance through limited range radar and short range 
altitude measurement. In 1967 the army was using laser guns 
as standard equipment to simulate heavy tank cannon in train- 
ing gunners, In 1968, the U.S. put into orbit a space craft 
to measure the earth's size and shape; the vehicle carried 
special quartz mirrors to reflect laser beams sent from 
ground stations to pinpoint the vehicle' s position in space. 
The method was called " interf erometry . " 

However, in 1968 it was determined that there were major 
dangers inherent in the use of lasers. The beam is so intense 
that it can damage the retina of the eye. Most human tissue 
has the capacity to regenerate and heal, but not the retina. 
Exposure for even a fraction of a second may suffer permanent 
blìnding burns. Much of the retinal damage resembles that 
caused by thermal effects, such as that brought about by toc 
dose observation of atomic fireball or unprotected observa- 
tion of the sud. Even more disturbing is the fact that a 
person accidentally absorbing damaging radiation would not be 
even aware of it. There is no pain associated with exposure - 
not even noticeable f lash-blindness nor after damage. In 


addition to the thermal effects arising from pressure and 
shoekwaves, they aìso may cause photochemical and photo- 
biologìcal effects ori the human body, (i.e. effects of 
light on life, plants and electromagnetic radiatìon on 
Chemical reactivity ) « 

Conversely, in 1968 it was concluded that lasers 
offered the hope of interesting and significant medicai 
advances* Controlied doses of laser radiation have been 
used with great success to spotweld and restore detached 
retinas and cauterize wounds in fractions of a second. In 
experijnental work finely focused laser energy has been used 
to destroy and remove malignant tissue. In other experi- 
mental efforts, tumor irnplants in the liver, and abdomen, 
difficult to reach and normally not removed in standard 
surgery, have been eliminated by means of the laser pulse. 
Lasers have removed tatoos and tumcrs from the skin and have 
rejoined blood vessels without halting the flow of blood. 
In the important area of eye, treatment is facilitated by the 
fine focusing of the laser beam, by the fact that the beam may 
be transmitted through the front of the eye and the surgeon 
can observe instantly the effect of the beam» 

When the beam s truck my eye I heard a distant 
popping sound, caused by a laser-induced 
explosion at the back of my eyeball. My 
vision was obscured almost immedia tely by 
streams of blood floating in the vitreous 
humor, and by what appeared to be particu- 
late matter suspended in the vitreous 
humor- It was like viewing the world 
through a round fishbowl full of glycerol 
into which a quart of blood and a handful 
of black pepper have been partially mixed- 


O 7 

There was locai pain within a few minutes 
of the accident, but ìt did not become ex- 
cruciating. The most immediate response 
after such an accident ìs horror. As a 
Vietnam War veteran, I have seen severa! 
terrible scenes of human carnage, but none 
affected me more than viewing the world 
through my blood filled eyeball. In the 
aftarmath of the accident I went ìnto shock, 
as is typical in personal injury accidents- 

Or, C. David Decker 

With low-power lazer hazards, the eye is the most 

vulnerable part of the human anatomy. Laser eye risk 
primarìly involves the cornea and retina including the 
fovea. The cornea might blister or burn, or laser induced 
cataracts could forra. Ultraviolet holds the additional 
characteristic of inflicting delayed injury, a phenomena 
roughly paralleì to sunburn in which the damage is not 
always immediately apparente The threet of accidental or 
deliberate in jury from low-power laser irradìation is real, 
and a means of protection must be developed before soldiers 
suffer laser in jury in combat- Since 1980 we ha\ T e come a long 
way in offerìng this protection to our combat troops - 





The possibility for the military was enormous- It is 
only naturai tht the army's interest lies in weapons, which 
are the tools of the trade. Directed energy in the form of 
lasers, microwaves (radio frequency) and particle beams 
show great promise in developing the weapons future armies will 
use to tight. In the ensuing twenty years from 1980, great 


advances were made along this line. A technoìogicaì revolution 
was taking place in the field of military weaponry. This 
entirely new concept of weaponry promises to giva the military 
a new improved battlefield capability* 

DEW weapons are transmitted to the target at 300,000 
kilometers per second. In engaging a target at the speed of 
sound/ 331 meters per second. The tìme it takes a DEW energy 
to the target, it would have moved one milìimeter. The weapon 
would virtually have zero time of flight. Problems of trajector 
and lead are eliminated. High energy lasers cause targets to 
be thermally overloaded, causing the target to melt. The laser 
beam wìll cause optical target to "crazy." The optical target 
will craze in less time than needed to blìnk an eye. 

Radio frequency weapons surround a target with intense 
radiation that will introduce lethal voltages ìnto electronic 
circuits. Ali unhardened systems are ineorporating integrated 
circuìts are particularly susceptible. 

In 1966 command status consoles at the launch center in 
Great Falls Montana indicated that none of the ten missiles 
could be launched because a "fault condition" existed in the 
missiles and guidance systems, The identical failures appeared 
on March 5 and 20 f 1967 at Malstrom AFB , Montana. It was 
reported that UFOs were detected by radar in the area. Excess 
radiation could also cause "unhardened 1 minute man missiles to 
turn in their silos, causing serìous damage. In 1964, UFOs 
destroyed an Atlas Missile at Vandenberg AFB, Again, in 1973 
interference took place in a Minuteman firing from Vandenberg 



to Kwajalein. Identical interference can be caused by 
beam type lasers in our radio frequency weapons. 

In space application a particle beam propagates well 
( exoatmosphere ) in the atmosphere ( endaatmosphere ) . An 
ionized charged particle beam must clear the path in front of 
the high-powered laser. Therefore, the DEW technology 
requirements in space are not those needed for a tactical 
battXef ield. DEW in space could provide us with a new 
capability agaìnst space-based offensive weapons since these 
weapons effects could enter a space vehicle and cause it to 
explode from withiru 

Space applications for DEW is a highly desirable goal* 
Shorter wave length chemical and excimer lasers are desirable 
for use in space since they do not penetrate the lower 
atmosphere* The army has made a new giant leap forward by 
seizing this new technology and these beam type weapons are 
no longer a part of science fiction. 




What are the UFO-EBEs doing? What do they want? And what 
are their intentions? 

Because of their actions we assume they are superior beìngs 
of superior intellect. Are they? Their activities include: 





hostìle acts and use of advanced 


reconnaissance activity 

advanced propulsici systems 

superior medicai techniques 

tampering with earth environment & food supply 

abduction humans at vili and taking 
fluid and tissue 

mutilations of cattle and other 
animai s 

surveyìng (spyìng) on our atomi e 

hindering missile and space 
equipment testing 

10) hampering our military preparedness 
and nuclear deterrent 

11) halting reconnaissance of the moon 
and mars 

12) causing crashes of aircraft and 
casualtìes among our milìtary and 
e ivi li an population 

13) tampering with human and animai genetics 



At first look, we appear sort of puny and inadequate in the 
face of the above . But let us examìne each in turn from our side 
and point of view. 








RECONNAISSANCE: Reconnaissance is a survey 
of. an enemy held area to procure military 
information concerning the enemy' s position, 
strength and intentions. In the military, we 
vìewed the ir activities and intentions as 
hostile. Plans were made for a military 
presence in space and a study of their bases . 
Star Wars was the outcome. 

SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY; Our radar upset their 
plans and we moved full speed ahead front the 
knowledge gained from their equìpment which 
we captured. 


great advances in the last two decades in 
bio-medicai and study of the nuclear- 
molecular base of genetics. Twenty years ago 
we wouldn't have been able to isolate and 
study vìruses . 


in rocket propulsion, nuclear and anti- 
gravìty systems . 

tampered with their envìronment. It appears 
that they have bases on the Moon and Mars and 
we have scouted the areas. If they inhabìt 
large ships like phobos we have sent radio 
and radar signals, which are a form of 
electromagnetic action. 

ABDUCTION OF HUMANS : We have studied their 
EBE's and learned much of their bìological 
composition . 

MUTATIONS : Thìs has given us an insight into 
their intentions, They are studying the 
animai tissues and organs nearest to human 
types , If thìs is to upgrade themselves or 
to attack us, we don't know, but we should 
keep our guard up . They attempted some 
secrecy by camouflage of the crews of the 
black helicopters, which are believed to 
disguised reconnaissance aircraft. 





shows a conceria and some fear on theìr part 
that we have such a capability, 


agaìn shows a concern on their part. Do they 
fear military forays agaìnst their bases 
which could cause them great harm? 

10} TAMP ERING WITH GEHETICS : Thìs is a two-way 

Street. If theìr approach is a cleansìng or 
harvest of the human race, we are acguìrìng 
enough knowledge to play the same game 
agaìnst them. 

CONCLUSIOTT: In ali areas we are moving so that we could 
challenge them orx their own grounds . However, we have one great 
weakness which could give them superiorìty and we could lese our 
existence - WE REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT THEY BXIST . This gìves 
them a clear fìeld to operate without a challenge and ali their 
actions are of a secretive and hostile type . If theìr intentions 
are to take over thìs world and humanity, we are leaving them an 
unopposed field of operation. 

RECOMMENDATION: In war r when in doubt about the enemy's 
intentions, strength, etc M you must probe or force his hand. 
Since, there is so much doubt in the UFO-EBE area we should force 
them to react to our efforts 

We should intensify "Star Wars" 
efforts and fire at their UFO's or 
mother ship . 

2} We should send a nuclear armed 
probe at phobos on Mars . 

3) We should send an electromagnetic 
probe at the moon. De Gaussers as 
used in the Philadelphia 
experiment . 

NOTE: The above should be done together with the Russians who 
have a capability in thìs area and in some aspeets surpass ours. 



I» J 





(German) ■ 

* February 14, 1945 

* Three minute climb 
at 12,400m 

* speed 2, OOOkm/h - 

CONVERTERS ( German ) 



(Roswell) : 

* Transistor - chip 

* Super tenaci ty 
f ibers 

* Night viewing 

Fiber optics 
Metal atoms aligned 
Plasma research 
Electromagnetic and 
Thought wave 
intensif ier 
Humanoids - anatomy 
and brain 




(German) : 

* From Breslau plant 
anti -gravi ty machine 
and guidance system 









* whole systems 
inertial guidance 
motors material s 

* Communi ca ti on 

* Propulsici and 
guidance systems 











Pete Lorie, in bis book interpreting Nostradamus, said 
the 1990s effectively form a kind of positive echo of the 
1960s. The clairvoyant , Jean Dixon, also said, UFOs are 
re al . But r I do not wish to deal in the par an ormai or 
abstract, but only in the area in which I have been trained - 
intelligence. This training covered a lifetime. Among my 
mentors were the British, Italians and many astute and pro- 
fessional Americans, both civilian and military. For the 
purposes of this conclusion , I vili dwell on UFOs and national 
security. For this task, I believe I was well qualìf ied, 
Eesides the military aspects, I chaired working groups on 
national policy as a staff member of the National Security 
Council under President Eisenhower. 


UFOs have posed a threat to our national security. They 
have displayed effects ( electromagnetic) on compass, radio, 
ignition systems -and engines, both conventional and rocket- 
They have displayed plasma glows around the perimeters of 
their ships and extend and retract solid tubes of ìight, 
inhibìting voluntary motion. 

They have aboard sensors that react to radar surveillance, 
and can pulì up in dose proximity of aircraft and vehicles 


and not dìsturb their instruments. In the early-195Qs an 
Air Force General stated, "We have lost many men and planes 
trying to ìntercept them," They were able to fault our 
minutemen missiles at will. Bach fault was traced to the 
guidance and control system, During ICBM test, unexplained 
aerial vehicles interfered with the firing. Automatic track- 
ing devices often would lock on UFOs. I experienced this 
phenonema twice while commanding U» S . Army Missile units . 
Similar occurrences have taken plce in numerous foreign 
countries . 

A confrontatìon occurred at a NATO missile base which gave 
evidence that either a force field or a "Star Wars" device is 
aboard which can destroy projectìcles fired at the ship. They 
can also disarm missiles fired from aircraft. This shows 
they have a vulnerability and must destroy our armament before 
ìt strikes their ship- Classified messages to the NSC were 
the rule and not the except.ion of these incursions in our air 
space. Some reports and actual occurrences indicated that UFOs 
are not infallible. An explanation to the public from the 
operational intelligence field would be unwise and create many 
questions which could not be answered fully and comprehensible* 

Pictures have been taken by some of our space craft, but 
these are only pictures, subject to many interpretations , and 
their value is extremely limi t ed because they give no clue as 
to what is inside of the craft or what makes it function. The 
attempt to explain such a sighting would not be worth the 
effort to try to explain ali the ramif ications which at this 
time are unknown or uncertain. 

Although the intelligence I had available added up to 
hostile acts from a military point of view, I wasn't sure of 
their intentìons or mission, Were they leading up to destroy 
mankind and take over our world; harvest part of the popola- 
tion and live among us, or permit us to advance, regenerate 
their species and then le ave , The se theories ali have been 
advanced, but none were certain. They were only speculation. 

I can only point to two events in which I had first hand 
experience ( i.e., the one thought planted in the middle of 
the New Mexico desert, not far from the crash sites. (During 
World War II after an artillery barrage , I was sitting, propped 
agaìnst a tree. I don't know if my eyes were open or shut. 
One of my sergeants carne and sat alongside of me and said, 
"A penny for your thoughts , sir. " I replied, "Sergeant, you 
wouldn ! t gain a penny, my mind was a blank completely shut off) ,r 

I don ' t know if this was normal, unique or abnormal. But, 
if they cornmunicated by mental telepathy, it would be difficult 
to penetrate to something shut off or register a message to a 
blank memory. However, one message carne through, " A New World 
If You Can Take It"» What did this mean, Since 1957, we have 
made great technical advances, from items we gathered by 
accident- I often wonder was this planned? Was it a test and 
are they pleased? If so, do they want us to come up^ to their 
level by us lifting our own bootstraps? This bodes well because 
they may be preparing us, so they can live among us. But, this 
has a dark side, the alien harvest. 


Later, as I was ridìng in my jeep, a rushing gust of wìnd 
swept past me and the thought, " I return your salute-" A 
salute is a greeting between men at arms , Does this mean that 
the EBEs or IGIGIs are men at arms or soldiers, and as such, 
will they tight if attacked? I don't think so, sirice they have 
let us develop many marvelous items such as super-computers, 
Star Wars - ICENS and "Dew" laser weapons. Is there another 
enemy lurking in space, and will the EBEs be our allies? I 
don't believe they will fight a war as we do with weapons of 
mass destruction. 

I cannot answer these questions, but one I can answer of 
a certainty. We have made quite a mess of our beautiful world 
and our society is degenerating fast, and so a truism - "A New 
World If You Can Take It» ti We must fight hard to take back our 
world and regenerate our society* It vili take much more than 
weapons and armies* 

Sìnce I spent a lifet.ime as a soldier, I like to think 
that the EBE is a soldìer; therefore, we have something in 
common . 


A bomb is an explosìve mìssile delivered from the air and 
has a point detonating delayed action fuse. A bomb raay contain 
high expìosives, thermite or fire bombs, nuclear explosives or 
biological or germ warfare ingredìents. A new type or one noe 
yet perfected my man could be of a type which could release 
intense electromagnetic activity either instantaneous by point 
detonating or by delayed action, or a DNA bomb designed to alter 
or seriously affect genetic codes. 

While I was the/^c/s, G2 of the Rome Area Allied Command, I 
was most fortunate to rneet and listen to lengthy discussions on 
the basis of life and the human celi. The fiiament of each celi 
was activated by cosmic action or electromagnetic long low waves. 
Each celi fiiament was kept in normal resonance by human brain 
waves . 

The most prominent was Professor Castelliani, who isolated 
sleeping sickness and perfected the Castellani oìntments for skin 
treatments. Prof. Casmiro Franck, who was the first to 
photograph brain waves. He perfected an electromagnetic 
resonator which he aimed at the brain to cure bodily ailments . 
And then the marvelous Prof. Gislero Flesch, who taught 
■criminology and anthropology at the University of Rome. He 
lectured me ali night sitting on a wall at the Isle of Capri on 
the basis of life. I made the stupid error of asking, "Where did 


Il 6 

you learn ali thìs?" His answer, "Does it matter?" I was 
intelligent enough to answer, "No." 

He taught me the details of cancer. I dici not realize that 
here in the early 1940' s, these meri were delving ìnto genetìcs. 
(I turned over the books they gave me to U.S. doctors just before 
I left for Korea) . 

At the time of the ir private discussione with me centered 
around the human celi and its elect roma gne tic action tied in with 
the brain through our nervous system down to the molecular 
structure , 

A study and laboratory reports show that the tìssue taken 
from animale and humans by the alien EBEs also centers around 
celi structure. So delicate and perfected is their advanced 
approach that when they cut out the private reproductive parts 
(vagina, penis, testicles) and the rectum, eyes ears, udders, 
etc, they do not cut through cells. The cells are separated not 
cut through. Even the brain is taken in a manne r where there is 
no cerebral trauma . 

In their animai and human mutilacions , the aliens have shown 
a callous indifferente concerning their victims, Their behavior 
has been insidious and it appears they might be using our earth 
and manipulating earth life. Skeptics will excuse them that 
possibly they are benevolent and want to help, however, there is 
no evidence they have healed anyone or alleviated human aìlments. 
On the other band, they have caused pain, suff ering and even 



We were convìnced that UFO aliens were tamperìng with our 
earth and they were operacing with impudence and manipulating us 
constantly and secretly, We felt also that we could be 
experiencing an ìnvasion from without, but also there was the 
possibility of an invasion from within, Taunting us before our 
very nose and we could end up in a conflict. 

We felt the army did have a real place in space and we 
really had a capability in this area which we had proven at Los 
Alamos and Huntsville and use of German scientists, (Gerì. 
Trudeau even suggested before the Congressional Commìttee on 
Science and Astronautìcs that if space effort was taken away from 
the army, that it be given to the air force) . At least they were 
a mìlitary service and would fight if need be . However, we lost 
and space was turned over to civìlian control - NASA. But, 
within a decade they began to realìze there A a military aspect in 
space , 

Gen. Trudeau, Chief of the Army RkD, had a program of 

addressing industry on R&D matters, technical intelligence and 

applied engineering, On page 3 of his memoirs, he said: 

1 think on every occasion that I went out, 
the chairman of the board was there, the 
chief executive officer who was usuai ly the 
presidente and an ìmpressive cross section of 
theìr senior corporate officers or dìrectors, 
I might say even when I went to Sperry-Rand, 
no less a person then Gen. McArthur honored 
me by his presence at dinner, and he didn't 
turn cut for many," 

Sir Isaac Newton once told his colleagues, M I can see 

further than most of you because I have stood on the shoulder of 





giants.' 1 I have been fortunate and blessed that in my lifetime I 
sat wìth princes, kings, prime mìnisters, popes, presidents, 
great polìticians, famous doctors and others and they conveyed to 
me some of theìr wisdom, For this I airi forever gratef ul . I was 
a very raw recruit and my ego was flushed, that I was standing 
with and conversing with probably the world's greatest soldier, " 
and the chief of army R&D, father of the ballìstìc mìssile. 

General McArthur I am sure knew or suspected what we were 
doing. Vfè believed as he did, when he said, "We may have to 
f ight in space. " 


The Philadelphia Experiment proved that tamperìng wìth 
electromagnetism can be dangerous and not only lead to serious 
effects on the brain, but great loss of life. The Italìan 
professors when utilìzìng their resonators on the brain, 
fluctuated the long, low waves in a searching pattern and never 
kept the patient longer than 15 minutes between the two spirai 
type vibrators . The affected celi would find its own wave length 
and then to go back to normal . This system was also used against 
cancerous cells. 

Although the AIDS-HIV virus ìs the most highly publicized 
and poi itici zed, tihere are others just as deadly and many 
replicate and hide between epidemics. The Eboia and Marburg 
virus {hemorrhagic fever) has appeared in five different years - 
1967, 1975, 1380, 1983, 1987, HTLV-1, Humanleukmia Virus I, hit 



Japan in 1977, Others are the influenza-A virus 1968-1986. Nine 
different virus sanrples were obtaìned from locai epidemics - Hong 
Kong, England, Port Chalmers, Victoria, Texas, Bangkok, 
Philippines, Mississippi and Leningrad* Then Hepatitìs-B, 176 
million carrìers in China, Taiwan, South East Asia, Africa and 
Greenland. There are many, many others to numerous to name in 
this study. 

The origins of many viruses remala a mystery. A new virus 
replication and evolution becomes independent of the molecùle 
from which it carne. It acquires Information needed to duplicate 
itself and can determine its own destìny. It achieves the status 
of a new and independent life form. 

An. abductee, under hypnosis, revealed that the aliens were 
working feverishly, in their laboratory upon human and animai 
tissue and organs . By telepathy they conveyed the message that 
new strains of disease loose in this world could effect them. A 
question is did they ìntentionally release certain maladìes 
designed for a cleansing or harvest, or unintentionally through 
intense radioactive or electrornagnetic activity, unloose a new 
lire form which threatens their existence. 

In the movie WAR OF THE WORLD S, the aliens were winning the 
war to take over our world, When strains of bacteria and 
microbes which they never knew existed, destroyed them, the EBEs 
fear a great epidemie coming with originates from poisoned water, 
human waste and other pollution. 



Most of our epidemìcs begin in Asia, spread to Russia , 
through Europe to the United States. Three patterns of HIV 
infections and transmissions have been observed in the U.S., 
Mexico f Canada, Western Europe, Australia and parts of Central 
and South America. HIV began to spread extensiveìy in the late 
1970's. In the early 1980's, the pattern was Africa, Caribbean 
and Haiti. In the middle 1980' s, the spread ras Eastern Europe, 
North Africa, Middle East and Asia. The Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, 
Uganda, Zaire and Zambia have been devastated by AIDS. 

In 1986, a second AIDS virus was isolated in West Africa, 
It is now known that the virus crosses the blood barrier into the 
braìn, These viruses may well change the way the world looks. 
Virus infections select the host that survives, the aliens by 
alternatìng the field, may be selecting the virus that survìves. 

In 1975-1976, there was intense mutilation activity. This 
continued until over 10,000 cases were recorded. This mutilation 
did not involve only animals but humans as well. Fluid and 
tissue was taken from humans. The mutilations were done with 
precision and using advanced technology. It appeared as laser 
cutters were used A ba*t this would have involved heavy, large, 
expensive equìpment supported by special wìring and heavy current 
supporting equipment . They took pains to keep theìr involvement 
secret even to the point of using silent black helìcopters and 
disguised crew members carrying out the mutilations. 

Of a certainty they were using this planet and earth life 
including plants and vegetation. They completely disregard human 



free wìil and performed other acts of aggression, Introduction 
of the AIDS^HIV virus, which appeared from nowhere in 1981, 
whether intentional or accidental was an act of mass murder with 
untold suffering and continues to mount unabated. Ali indica- 
tions are that they have launched an attack through our means 
of reproduction which can spread to the eyes, brain and our 
other senses - They possess the electromagnetic means and know 
how, f or just su eh an opera tion* Attacks and forays against the ir 
bases should be launched and on a crash basis, DNA electro- 
magnetic bombs should be perfected to be launched against them 
if the situati on so warrants . 

Skeptics and debunkers will certainly come forward* If we 
listen to them or continue the one-sided approach with the alien 
EBEs then we can expect millions upon millions of deaths through 
epidemics and pandemìe- A new cholera warning has been issued, 
as well as a swine flu warning, and others will run rampante 
In our ignorance, we will continue to cali them "piagues of our 
own making." Tuberculosis is back assisted by AIDS causing two 

million deaths a year. 

Many mutations in human DNA cause disease. They are mapped 
in the genome. The caterpillar has the same DNA as the butter- 
fly. If you implement the DNA code that's inside a butterfly 
egg, you build a caterpillar, If you implement it inside a 
pupated caterpillar you build a butterfly. Because of super 
computers, a doublé helix structure of the DNA rnolecule was 


found, Therefore, complicated organisms must contsin more 
Information - 

Àlso, it has been discovered that besides the birds, bees 
and humans, our food can be geneticaliy engineered into forms 
that not even mother nature can create. Virus destroy 80% of a 
typicai squash growth each year. Potatoes, tomatoes and melons 
fight virai destruction, just as the AIDS victim fights virai 
destruction. Biotechnology called genetic engineering alicws 
breeders to insert fragrnents of plant viruses into a crop pian 
to provìde virai immunity * 

However, some risks are involved such as an introduction of 
allergy causing substances. The new technology improves the 
practice of the movement of specific and desirable fragrnents 
of genetic material easily between unrelated organisms. But 
the system should be closely watched against the movement of 
undesirable fragrnents between unrelated organisms. There is 
cross-breeding between similar species, but mixing of genes 
from different species could be dangerous and purity of foods 

could be destroyed. 

We must never forget that down through the ages it has been 
a matter of historical record that the EBES (or IGIGIS) are 
masters of genetic manipulation. 

A study or examination of abductees has uncovered that a 
type of electronic device has been installed within human nasal 
passages. Descriptions of the device closely resemble the 
smaìl transistor that I had during my R&D tour of duty« (A 



small square shaped object with two lead wires coming out of the 
top and a window in the center with fine wires imbedded). This 
proved to be a transistor or an integrated circuìt. Such a 
device is not unknown today, but the question remained, if aliens 
used thìs to send control signals to the abductees brain, how 
is the signal transmitted? Is it sent by an electromagnetìc 
transmitter or mental telepathy vibrations? 

In 1994 a startling discovery was made by science. Two clefts 
were found just a few hundredths of an inch wide and about three 
inches up the human nostrils, Cells lining the ducts looked 
like nerve cells, They looked like receptor cells which pick 
up sensory information and pass it on to the brain. The organ 
couìd send signals to the brain frontal lobes and the brain sterri. 
Thin wire electrodes could generate electric impulses at the 
organs entrance which are sent to the olafactory bulb. The 
organ is called VNO ( Vomeronasal) . The impulses go directly 
to the command center for basic body functions, such as sleeping 
eating and mating. They may also go to the limbic system where 
emotions originate. Experiments continue if the impulses can 
evoke other physiological reactions- 

If the aliens are using such a device, then they have dis- 
covered a direct internai channel to the brain. What use can 
they make of this? Control to impose their will on the human 
subject for ulterìor motives or can it be use for beneficiai 
effect by medicai science. They have pointed the way and we 
should keep a dose watch, to use the discovery or find counter- 
measures if used against humanity. However, the question 



remains, will we recognize any harmful uses, sirice our govern- 
ment and debunkers claim that UFOs and EBEs don ' t exist? 





The following is found in the book ALIEN HARVEST: 

EXTRATERRESTRIALS: Sexual organs atrophied 
{159) ; number of eyelids vary with light 
intensity; three eyelids move sideways (160) ; 

no food or water found inside retrieved craft 
(161) . 

MUTILATIONS : Human (60) map showing 
mutìlation area (104); takìng fluid and 
tissue from humans - why? (110) ; in gatherìng 
tissue out of parts, but did not cut through 
cells (75) ; something injected ìnto brain 
causing no cerebral trauma (82); laser 
surgical Instruments, beyond our technology 
(103) . 

OVERT ACTS : Operating outside of and beyond 
human race, manipulating us constantìy and 
secretly (47) ; disregard for human free will 
(126); using this planet, manipulating earth 
life (127) ; tampering with planet (227) ; 
insidìous behavior conflict (225) . 

HIGKER OCTAVE-ALIEN3: Sophisticated invasìon 
(111) ; biomedicai robots-humanity (129) ; 
engìneered human life or earth (130-131) ; 
exterminate imperfect humanity {226} . 


Durìng the past 40 year period the U, S. Government agencies 
have been accused of cover-up r lies, distortions and just plain 
stupidity over the question of UFO's or extra terrestrial beings. 
However, despite outward appearances a dose scrutiny has shown 
that the U- S, Government is stili very much involved in the search, 
Since 1947, numerous activities support this conclusion. The 
employment of resources, money and personnel is apparent and real. 
Even today there are , in existence, surveillance centers and 
systems, projects, working groups f reconnaissance activities , 
evaluation centers, technical, panels of scientista, regulations 
dealing with release of Information, monitoring and assessment 
centers, research centers and bureau bulletins. 

Anyone famiìiar with the government knows that any of the 
above listed organizations , groups , surveillance systems, etc. 
require extensìve studies and justif ication for funding and 
assignment of personnel- The underlying purpose is the existence 
of UFO's, must be studied and monitored* Without some hard basis 
of fact, resources, heavy expendìtures and large numbers of people 
would be hard to justify. 

The government system of studies, memos for record, coordi- 
natìon among interested agencies, budget approvai and personnel 
assignments would be most difficuit to justify without hard-real 
facts as a basis for the request- Approving authorities would 
not sign the final paper without a listing of background data and 



supportìng evidence for a project or continuing study. 

The continuation of U. S- government interest year after year, 
in itself is evidence enough that a basis does exist for this 
a cross the board activity . A list f ollows : 

The U. S- Space Command's Space Surveiiiance Center is iocated 
deep inside Cheyenne Mountain, near Colorado Springs, Colorado. 
The Center operates a Space Detection and Trackìng System, a world- 
wide network of radars r telescopes, cameras and radio receiving 
equipment . 

The U. S- Naval Space Surveiiiance System, headquartered in 
Dahlgren, Virginia, operates an "electronic fence" stretching three 
thousand miles across the southern U. S. and extending a thousand 
miles off each coast. The "fence" is a man-mafie energy field reach- 
ing out nearly fifteen thousand miles into space. 

The Defense Intelligence Agency's Directorate for Management 
and Operations established "Project Aquarius" in the mid-1980s to 
evaluate many of the "bogeys" detected by radar screens at 
Cheyenne Mountain. 

In February 1987, Colonel Harold E. Phillips of the DIA 
chaired the first Pentagon meeting of a new organization called 
the UFO Working Group. 

The UFO Working Group, which is stili in existence today, origi- 
nally consisted of seventeen meri: one Army and three Air Force 
generaìs, DIA scientists, an Army colonel, three NSA officiala, a 
supervisor from the CIA's Domestic Collection Division, as well 
as a technical team from the CIA's Science and Technology Directorate- 

In 1986, Phillips held the title of Associate Coordinator of 
Space Reconnaissance Activities and served as assistant to the 
DIA's representative to the National Foreign Intelligence Board ' s 



Commìttee on Imagery Requirements and Exploitation ( COMIREX) , which 
determined missions for U. S. spy satellites. 

In March 19 3 7 , to get a handle on nuggets of hard information 
that might be buried in the government's mountains of abandoned UFO 

files, the UFO Working Group recruited the participation of Major 
General James C. Pf aut2 , U. S. Air Force (Ret.)* former chief of 
Air Force Intelligence. 

The UFO Working Group sought funding for its research, A logicai 
candidate was BSA , but General Pfautz was at odds with NSA Director 
General William Odum, Years earlier, Pfaut2 had criti2ed security 
procedures of an operation under Odum's command in West Germany. 

INSCOM, the Army ' s Intelligence and Security Command, headed 
by Major General Albert Stubblebine, provided some funding to the 
UFO Working Group. 

In 1961, the CIA had issued a secret monograph titled The 
Investiga-tion of UFOs . 

On December 30, 1947, the Air Force Chief of Staff directed 
that a project be established to track and evaluate UFO sightings 
that could be of concern to national security. Project, code-named 
,r Sign," was given to the Air Technical Intelligence Center- 
Project Sign looked at 243 sightings and submìtted its findings in 
February 1949. 

In 1948, the Air Technical Intelligence Center issued a classi- 
fied "Estimate of the Situation" which concluded that the UFOs 
were of extraterrestrial origins. But Air Force Chief of Staff 
General Hoyt Vandenberg ordered the Estimate to be burned before 
it could be dìstributed. 


Later, another government task force, "Project Grudge," 
evaìuated 244 sightings, 

A 1949 memo by a Dr, Stone of the CIA's Office of Scientìfic 
Investigation (OSI) was full of apprehension about unexplained 
UFO sightings. So, too, was a 195 2 internai memo from Edward 
Tauss, then scting chief of OSI's Weapons and Equipment Division- 
In March 1952, the Air Force began ìts "Project Blue Book* 1 ' 
Toward the end of 1952, the National Security Council had 
ordered the CIA to determine if the existence of UFOs would create 
a danger to the security of the U*S. 

On January 14, 1953, a panel of scientìsts, CIA officials and 
Air Force officers convened at the CIA r s request for a series of 
classified meetings (precursors of UFO Working Group) at the 
Pentagon, Chairman of the group's Scientific Advisory Panel was 
CIA employee and director of the Weapons Systems Evaluation Group 
in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Dr. H, P. Robertson. 
Other panel members: Dr, Luis Alvarez ; Dr. Lloyd Berkner, physicist 
and one of the directors of the Brookhaven National Laboratories; 
Dr . Thornton Page, former professor of astronomy at University of 
Chicago; and Dr* Samuel Goudsmit, speciaiist in atomic structure 
and statistical problems at Brookhaven. 

Robertson Panel spent twelve hours over three days reviewing 
about 20 UFO case histories prepared by Air Force Intelligence and 
tvra f ìlms of alleged f lying saucers . Panel concluded that reason- 
able explanations could be suggested for most sightings and that 
there was no evidence of direct threat to nationai security. 
Furthermore, the Panel recommended a policy of "debunking" UFO 
reports should be instigated. (In 1988, 35 years later, the CIA 



was stili citing the Robertson Panel Report to the UFO Working 
Group as the agency's only and final analysis of UFOs ! ! ! ) 

On August 12, 1954, Air Force Chief of Staff General Nathan 
Twining signed Air Force Regulation 200-2, part of which dealt with 
release of inf ormation to the public. It was permìssible to inform 
locai news media when an object was positively identified as a 
familiar object (such as a weather balloon). But for unexplainable 
objects, only the Air Technical Intelligence Center could determine, 
after analysis, which data are worthyof release to the public* 

By the end of the Eisenhower Administration , UFO sightings 
had become "serìous USAF business," 

Officiai secretiveness became even tighter in the 1960s. 
Withholdìng news from the public concerning UFOs, Defense Depart- 
ment Assistant Secretary Arthur Sylvester announced to the press 
on October 29, 1962, was justified if the ends necessitated it. 
He cìted Air Force Regulation 11-7: In certain situations Infor- 
mation requested by Con gres s may not be furnished "even in con- 
f ìdence. " 

In November 1961, Air Force Intelligence initìated two secret 
projects: (1) "Moon Dust," to locate, recover and deliver descended 
foreign space vehicles; and "Blue Fly , " to facilitate expeditious 
delivery to Air Force 1 s Foreign Technology Division at Wrìght- 
Patterson Field in Dayton, Ohio, of Moon Dust or other ìtems of 
great technical intelligence interest- 

USAF 7795 was code number for one of Air Force r s earliest 
anti-satellite weapons systems. USAF 7795 led to plans for "Project 
Saint" and "Project Blue Gemini." Saint was an orbitai UFO 
inspector consisting of a TV camera and radar system to be affixed 



to standard Agenda B satellite alreaòy in use by CIA. Blue 
Gemini was the "killer," a military version of NASA's manned 
Gemini capsule to approach, capture and disable an uncooperative 
satellite or UFO. 

la 19 68, NSA officiai Lambros D. Caìlimahos, founder of the 
Dundee Society, an elite group of NSA career officers, circulated 
a classifìed monograph entitled "UFO Eypothesis and Survival 
Questìons . N 

On December 17, 1969, the Secrerary of the Air Force announced 
termìnation of Project Blue Book . Zarlier that year , the Project r s 
study of more than 13,000 cases had ccncluded there was no threat 
to nationai security, that no sightincs categorized as "unidentif ied" 
represented any technological developrr.ents beyond range of present- 
day scientific knowledge, and that ne evidence existed that indi- 
cated unidentified objects were extraterrestriai vehicìes. 

The National Security Agency, ccntrary to ali its public 
statements, has since 1972 been secretly monitoring and often 
assessing worldwide allegations of UTC activity. 

In late 1975 and early 1976, U7Cs encroached upon Air Force 
nuclear weapons supply depots at Lcrir.c AFE, Maine; SAC facility 
in Minot, Morth Dakota; Malmstrom pj%., Montana; Grand Rapids AFB, 
Michigan; and Canadian Force s Ststicr. , Fa Iconbridge , Ontario, 
Canada . 

NASA scientists, convinced that intelligent extraterrestrial 
life exists, established a program fcr cetecting advanced inter- 
galactic civilizations : Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence 
(SETI). A $100,000,000 project. 

The "SETI Protocol" is an international agreement that would 
go into effect the moment contact was r-ade with an alien civiliza- 

tioru It had been drafted by Michael A, G. Michaud, director 
of State Department ' s Office of Advanced Technology. 

At the NASA Ames Research Center at Moffett Field Naval 
Base in Mountain View, California, is an exobiology laboratory where 
scientists spend their days trying to imagine how a creature 
on a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy might appear. 

J. Edgar Hoover had originally wanted the FBI to play a 
large role in UFO investigat ìons , but was thwarted by an equally 
arnbitious Air Force. In 1947, Hoover ìssued Bureau Bulletin 59, 
which said that ali future reports of UFOs should not be investi- 
gated by Bureau agents, but, instead, be referred to the Air Force. 

In the fall of 1988, two agents of the FBI's Foreign Counter- 
intelligence division appeared at Boom 3E258 in the Pentagon. 
They had come to ask the director of the Defense Intelligence 
Agency whether an incredible UFO document had been stolen from 
the U.S. government and whether the document was genuine. The 
document was entitled "Briefing Document: Operation Majestic 12 
Prepared for President-Elect Dwight D. Eisenhower (Eyes Only) 
18 November 1952." The document told of U.S. government recovery 
of a crashed flying saucer and bodies of four extraterrestrìal 
creatures in New Mexico in 1947. 



I had to be always careful that my story would be rnarked by 
intellectual rather than passionate qualities. Just as in my 
military intelligence reports, I had to eliminate my own thinking 
and only report basic facts. Xn ensuing years, periodically, I 
had excellent forums to test my approach. I was invited to a 
farewell dinner by my ex-operations chief of the mìssile 
battalion which I commanded, Murray Richman. His eldest son had 
just been appointed to the U.S. Air Force Academy. During a In 11 
after dinner, Murray toid his son, "You know the Colonel has been 
on President Eisenhower's staff, why don't you and your two 
frìends go in the other room and ask the colonel questions on 
policy, foreign affairs, congress, atomic weapons, etc . I assure 
you he know plenty," 

The three potential officers gathered around and the 
discussion began. I warned them, "recuember, I am not one of your 
college, professore, I will hit you with reality, not theory, or 
fu2zy intellectual thinking, 51 I trìed nicely to explode what 
they had learned. I think I won their respect because they ali 
three asked if they could cali on me whenever they needed to know 
reality, I told them anytime, I notìced that as our discussìons 
were going on, the room began to fili up with adulte, First the 
men, then the women . It ended up that I had to explain and field 
questions from the grown-ups as well as the three young men. 



Years later, I attended a bìrthday party for my youngest 
grandson, Andrew. He was a little imp type, redheaded with 
freckles. Since, it was his party, naturally he was the king. 
He called ali his little friends together and said to them "my 
grandfather will teli you about when he met ET's grandfather . f1 
Naturally, they ali gathered around. I told them a tale about 
meeting an extraterrestrial in a gold mine, near the army's only 
fìrìng missile range which I commanded in 1957. (Red Canyon, 
White Sands, New Mexico, not far from Roswelì, New Mexico) . They 
were thrilled, to them it was an up-to-date fairy tale, 

At this stage, the older boys, Nicky and Philip joined uà. 
Nicky said, "Grandpa, teli us about the UFO's." Upon hearing 
these magical words, the grown-ups joined our group . I had a 
cute blond little girl sittìng on my lap. She said, "What did 
ET's grandfather look like? ,r I answered her "Your mommy is an 
artist, if she gets a pencil and paper, I will describe him and 
she can draw a sketch.' 1 The mother, Amy O'Brien, did just that . 
The little ones, as well as the adults, were fascinated. The 


sketch* open " up a pandora' s box. 

To this audience I descrìbed only the positive side. I 
reserve for a more mature audience the negative aspect of the 
EBEs unfriendiy nature and activities which we could type as 
hostile acts. 


,.„ „ j^.^.^^ ^x. ayc, jl iietu co expaain many 

things in theìr simplest detaìl . 

I had to explain as a cornmander, I was like their teacher 

who told them what to do. In the same manner I taught my 

soldiers and told them what to do. A missile was like a Fourth 

of July rocket that theìr daddy propped up in a bottle and it 

n whooshed M up into the air then exploded in a brìght light. My 

radars were electricity that lights your house, we throw ìt up in 

the air like a flashlight beam. It hìts an airpìane then bounces 

back like a rubber ball. ET' s grandfather and I never talked. 

It was like when you do something bad, Your mother puts her band 
on her hips, looks at you with a hard look. You know she is 

angry, but you both don't say a word. You know what she wants, 

like pick up your toys or clothes . 

My electrical radars could hurt theìr flyìng saucers, so I 

turned them off and allowed him to go home and be with hìs 

f rìends , I don't know if he became my friend, Perhaps someday 

you will meet him and ET and find out if you are friends. Maybe 

he meant you to take this world and make it a better place to 

live and be able to hold more birthday parties like chis one. 




In a subject such as the one under discussione it is 
most important to exchange vìews with the younger generation 
who are taking up the gauntlet- For the momenti I will not 
reveal their names, since the debunkers and detractors are 
always present. I don r t want to and nor should I subject them 
to such attacks. They are not as firmly established to counter 
such antics, Because of the positions I have held and my 
knowledge I can always counter and deflect such attacks and 
would be most pleased to do so* In time their names will be 
revealed. Their thinking and appr oa eh is most interesting 
and heartening , 


Your work is certaìnly faseinating, especially to me. 
People have often asked me if I would like to time travel into 
the past- No, I want the future because I always seek answers 
to questions and I f ve always been impatient with the non- 
scientific and mundane methods used by our government to try 
to explain extraordinary phenomenon . Perhaps the re are some 
elements of society that can't handle the truth, but I don't 
see us running around tearìng our clothes off and shooting each 
other at some UFO revelation. 


3 1 

I realìy enjoyed your writing and cannot wait for the hook 
or movie. It creates a lot of ! what ifs 1 . Often the answers 
to e erta in questions gives rise to multitudes of others . "In 

the beginning God created the heavens and the earth 

and on the seventh day He rested." NOTE - it does not say He 
retired. We ' ve got to quit being so self ^oriented . 


One theory on the origin of UFO's is that they are time 
travellers from our own planet's future, but if the elements 
contained in the parts of their craft do not appear on our 
periodic chart, assuming we have identified ali earth elements 
which may be a fairìy large assumption, that rather discredits 
the theory of time travel unless some tini e in the future we 
throw out the laws of physics and learn to alter substances so 
that new elements are created; lead into gold as the old 
alchemists tri ed un success fu lly for years . 

We have a tendency to always consider the t unknown ' or 
'little known 1 based on our knowledge and habits. We are an 
egocentric society, We are obviously not alone in the universe 
and we are certainly not the center of ali that happens or has 
happened; we are relatively insìgnif icant and should be in 
the position of observers of what goes on around us so that 
we can better cope- We can't even get along in our own envìron- 
ment, why would advanced intelligences want to have anything 
to do with us? 

Reluctance to accept the overwhelming evidence you have 

presented would lead one to believe he is afraid of something. 
There are certain people who cannot accept the presence of the 
snake until it bites them. I have dealt with this level of 
mentality for rnany years..,.it has been dubbed "the anti- 
scientific attitude." Large cornpanies like the one I work for 
have a lot of these people, usually and unfortunately in high, 
key positions. They make inane statements for us to live by, 
like, "the customer always comes first." Bullshit, if the 
customer is an idiot, I am not going to give him what he wants. 
I am going to develop what he needs, what the world needs, then 
show him why. If you give the customer what he wants, and it 
flops, he does not admire you for having supplied it. He 
transfer his stupidity onto you, 

I further disagree with the general 1 s statement that the 
earth is unique and that we are the only ones. That ìs the 
"egocentric theory." Copernicus dealt with that when the people 
of his day assumed we were the center of the universe and the 
sun and stars and ali the planets revolved around us- He proved 
them wrong and was called a heretic. ( ant iscientif ic attitude ) 

The organÌ2ed church, faced with the building evidence 
that we are not alone, ha^/e made statements that the extraterres- 
trials are demons; workings of Satan. But, if the devil has 
the power that they daini, the demon helpers of Satan don't 
need flying saucers. Again the egocentric theory comes in. 
The church thinks that we are ali there is. The bible does 
not state anywhere that creation stopped with us, nor that we 
were first; only in our solar system* The evidence that we 

are faced with has shaken their paradigms, their mindsets 
and has caused them to think which they do not lìke to do; 
they would rather contemplate- That's why the hardcore Jews 
never accepted Christ . 

This type of thinking amazes me* You move these people's 
dinner piate over 12 inches and they would starve to death, 
It is human nature to reduce ambiguity, to seek the truth. 
Our observatìon ability is modified by the sum of our exper- 
iences since conception; our genetic background, culture, 
language, education, professione and an infinity of other 
f actors . One expects that an engineer will always think like 
an engineer, ìikewise, a chemist, designer, etc. Many break- 
throughs however, are made by someone far from his own domain 
(example: the superplastic discovered by a baker in England 
recently). Scientific objectivity is a delusion. We must 
think 1T out of the box" if we are going to advance. Unfortunately 
the world seems to be controlied by people with tunnel vision 
tempered by ìgnorance and fear, Fear of the criminal element; 
organized crime? No, fear of the scientific community, the 
thinkers that can obsolete their toys in the blink of an eye, 


In the books and other artìcles about the Roswell incident, 
there seems to be quite a bit known of the craft and its ele- 
ments. Pieces of the superstrong thin metallic material stili 
exist outside the U.S. Government but nothing is known of the 
beings that were aboard. The cover-up was thorough but there 



has evidently been contact in other areas and people are 
bèginning to demand release of government informatìon on 
ET contacts and confirmed UFO sightings. Even WWII pilots 
are resurfacing the " Foo- f ighters * incidents and want to know 
what the Military Intelligence determined in Europe and the 
South Pacific during the early 4 ' s . 

The Government approach should be a carefully thought- 
out poiicy for contact, If they can get here, obviously 
defense security is a mute point* They could probably destroy 
us at will , thus any contact should be scientific and not 
belligerent, People contacted should not fear coming forward 
with information. Of course, it would take quite a staff to 
separate the kooks from the genuine- 


Your letter about the radiated food was very interesting. 
True , if you kill ali the bacterìa by irradiation and do not 
store food in an oxygen environment , (nitrogen would be 
better), then it could, in a sterile environment , last 

My personal theory, however, is t'hat if superintelligent 
beings from, who knows where, are capatole of interstellar 
travel, food, as we know it, probably does not exist but 
rather concentrated nutrìents in a smali wafer or pili form 
taken periodically could well sustain life. Let's face it , 
our society is extremely food oriented; biilboards, magazines 
and newspapers, TV and radio. It is very big business and we 


are inundated by its images, Àlso, we enjoy it to the point 
that ìt becomes almost a vice - Xt would be considered by an 
advanced culture to be primitive and a vaste of time* We do 
spend a lot of tinte purchasing, storing, preparing, eating 
and eliminating. An advanced culture may even employ time- 
release nutrient injections or implanted nutrìent pumps- Or 
they may even derive nourishment from breathìng and not from 
eating as we do, 


We have a tendency, at least in our semi-scientific 
society , to try to reduce everything to the simplest possible 
terms; lowest common denominator. We talk of everything as 
beìng animai, vegetatale, or minerai, Also, we have a tendency 
to be very egotistic, For centuries man thought the earth was 
the center of the universe. For centuries man thought he was 
the ultimate creation; ali powerful in intelligence. l've 
studied sea creatures whose intelligence we can't even compre- 
hend, Dolphins can communicate with autistic chìldren when we 
cannot. Baby whJles are born with a knowledge of the ocean 
bottoni; genetìc intelligence? Anyone who has tried to train 
killer whales ends up being trained by them. 

I studied geology at the U. of Delaware under Johann Groot, 
an Austrian cataclysmic geologist. This type of geology holds 
that geologie events occur rather rapidiy and not necessarily 
over thousands of years. This theory states that the Rocky 
Mountains were formed by a tectonic push-up over a few hours 



or days at the most. There i£ a iot of evidence that civiliza- 
tions existed on this periodically over a much longer 
timespan than our recorced his~cry. Example: a rock collector 
found what he thought te- be = c=cce in southern California a 
few years ago. He coulcr* 1 " spliz iti discovered it was not a 
geode i but something guite ruricus. He sent it to the 
Smithsonian* They X-raysc ^~i iismantled and discovered an 
object inside that upon aralysis, proved to be a spark plug. 
Radioactive carbon datine fixef irs age at 26,000 years - There 

are lots of other examples rnpper wire in the Egyptian 

pyramids graded by its elec~ric£l resistance, , . 

The cataelysmic geolcc^s's claim that we are about to be 
radically changed agaie. We iave extremely unusual and unlikely 
weather patterns. Consider ^ie continuai rains and flooding 
in lova, Illinois, Missouri, Mir.r.esota, and Nebraska. Millions 
of tons of water puttinc pressure on the midcontinental tectonic 
plates; increased earthcpisks = "ivity as in northern Japan 
which created tsunami' s -h=- viped out coastal villages in 
Korea * Look for some r,ev v;lcar,ces this year or next. What 
is causing this. Do scr.e crr-rollers of our environment create 
giobal disas ters when we rei :: : involved in wars or when our 
scientific industrial-r.ili-ary rapabilities become too danger- 
ous? I look for the U.S. -~r :: change drastically by the 
year 2000. 


Why do we separate by the rerms animai, vegetatale , or 



minerai? Animals are composed of energetic little particles 
called atoms, constantly in movement- But, name something 
that isn't. Electromagnetic energy - we ali have it. It comes 
in different f orms . We don't understand that much about it 
although it has been used since before 1200. We can pass an elec- 
tric current through a piece of metal and render it magnetic; 
polar. And not just metal. I work with rubber compounds and 
plastics that are palar in nature. 

When we try to adhere substrates; plastic to rubber, rubber 
or plastic to metals or to fabrics such as Kevlar or Nomex; the 
first thing we always do is look for an adhesìve. Why don r t we 
try to adhere electromagnetically on an atomic level? With the 
clean air act and new emission standards our solvent based 
adhesives won't be around much longer. Perhaps by sheer necessity 
we will be forced to look at a more advanced adhering method. 

Perhaps the metals on the extraterrestrial craft are electro- 
magnetically adhered. Perhaps the reason they crashed is that 
our dense atraosphere caused their craft to heat above the Curie 
temperature that destroys magnetism (ca- 77tfd.C). They have 
probably perfected thìs fault. Sightings seem to be on the 
increase with no apparent recent crashes, Perhaps they can 
molecularly align for a frictionless surface. 

I recently saw the report on the Philadelphia Experiment 
that I mentioned on the phone, This reportedly occurred 
aboard the U.S.S, Eldridge in 1943. Four powerful electro- 
magnetic generators were placed aboard the vessel. Their 
purpose was/ when activated and properly directed, to 


camouflage the shìp by electromagnetìc molecular alterations* 
They were stydying Einstein' s unified field theory of magnetic 
concentrations • The main thrust of the experiment evidently 
worked quite well but the side effects were disastrous. The 
ship actually hazed out for a few minutes then reappeared. 
Much of the crew ended up with mental problems due to trans- 
dimensional phenomena. They would, in fact, continue to dis- 
appear for short periods of time. 

When we strengthen our rubber or piastics by drawing, we 
hot pulì from a large dìameter to a very small diarneter. This 
provides some degree of molecular alignment which improves 
strength but when we make a belt using Kevlar for reinf orcement , 
you cannot break the belt by puiling on it but in use those 
fibers that cross break one another, We need to do something 
besides drawing down for strength, something that will arrange 
electrons on an atomic levai, not only to produce rnultidirec- 
tional strength but to adhere fibers to thernselves and to a var- 
iety of other materials. Can this he done with an intense electro- 
magnetìc field; ultrasound? Perhaps in the past we have thought 
of fibers, whether they be metallic, or synthetic, only in terms 
of industriai or consumer and not enough ernphasis on aerospace. 
Cost has been a factor in a lot of the things we pass up. 

We also make "barrìer" hoses. We have made hoses for years 
to convey lìquids and gasses but not necessarily to contain 
them- Vapors and gasses permeate the hose wall and escape 
into the atmosphere. With the ozone layer depletion the 
environmentalists now turn their attentìon to "fugitìve 


emissione" seemingly innocuous tiny leaks that collectively 
dump tons of lighter than air trash each year. At any rate, 
we now extrude layers of denser materials in our hose walls 
so that these materials are contained. A European method for 
encapsulating these often thin gases, is plasma deposition. 
One cani extrude a tube of ultra high molecular weight 
polyethylene (UHMW-PE) then depose the same material on 
the surf ace f but it becomes much more dense; an almost perfect 
barrier * This method produce s a se amie ss coating and has 
probabiy been used for eoating shuttle nose cones - 

The make-up of the Russian fragment is composed of earth 
elements. You reported Cesium, Lanthanurn, and Neodymium; ali 
rare earths- Cesium, #55 on the periodic chart is one of the 
main elements in radioactive fallout, Interestingly , it is 
the most electropositive of the metaìs. It is a silver-white 
ductile metal and fractures hexagonally. Lanthanum, #57 on the 
periodic chart is also a silver-white hexagonal ductile metal» 
Neodymium, #60 on the periodic chart is simìlar, silver-white 
and hexagonal. Its oxide is a blue powder and its chlorìde 
NdC13 forms large purple prisms. These rare earth metals are 
ali related chemically . 

I apologìze for not responding sooner but 1 have been check- 
ing our suppliers such as DuPont, Caienese, and Heathcoat for 
work on super hrgh tenacity f ibers . Either they are doing noth- 
ing or they are being very quiet about their work. 

Spider webs are very interesting. They evidently achieve 
their properties by their molecular configuratici bar, hairpin 


turn, bar as descrìbed in the article you sent explains when 
stretched some cf these hairpins would engagé others explaining 
therr strength; other hairpins would miss, straightening out, 
explaining elasticity. Brilliant in design but very difficult 
to synthesize - 

I have been reading quite a bit. There ' s a woman in 
Missouri who comes to a psychiatrist in Springfield for 
hypnotic regression. She and a friend claim to have been 
abducted on their way to Colorado by "bug-eyed" featureless 
creatures who implanted a small microchip up her friend' s nose. 
These beings communicated telepathìcalìy and informed the 
ladies that they have been guardians or the planet earth for 
millions of years. Guardians from what? Probably ourselves . 
If there is any truth at ali to this claim (there are many 
others, similar) perhaps that was the origin of the ion 
bombardment that dusted the Soviet missile installation after 
our military satellite was destroyed. 

Certain people have relationships with inanimate things.., 
always; why do men have a feel for a car, they become a part 
of it, they use their senses to detect problems. I can teli 
when my cars need an oil change by sound and feel. I can 
locate a mechanical problem without getting out and under. 

Your statement on page 14.. -the biggest percentage of large 


contractors are no longer investing in long term research and 
development > , . . . absolutely correct. They want absolute maxi- 
mum 12 month return on investment. I cannot develop any 
sound technoìogy in 12 months, thus, my hands are tiecL I can 
only improve products for prof itability or invent little geegaws 
to bring a guick return* If we don't meet bottom line at the 
end of each fiscal year, they demand more and more cuts in. 
personnel and services. . - • in short they are bleeding us and 
will likely destroy many Industries in the next 5 to 10 years , 
because these cuts ultimately cost us custorners. We don f t 
just sell products, we sell service and that is what we are 



What is a UFO? What forces power UFO's? How is it abìe 
to defy the known laws of physics? Why is it sometimes a 
religious experience? 

The answer to these questions aren't readily available so 
let r s look at these answers by deducìng what we don't know or 
the opposite side of the equation. First of ali, let * s review 
some known physical laws such as: 

In elementary flight review for airplanes. An aìrplane 
flies because its lift exceeds weight, thrust exceeds drag. 
Does an UFO have weìght? The answer must be no. How can 
this be? Ali mass has weight, but a UFO is capable of turning 
right angles at extremeìy high speeds . It also must have 
thrust. The answer again logically deduced is no. It must 




have lift* For we see it in the atmosphere. Again the answer 
is no- Let me explain why I say no to these common laws. 
First of ali an aircraft is flying within our system we cali 
earth. It is subject to ali the physical laws of our earth, 

Now let's substitute the word earth for the word field 
as relativity theory of Albert Einstein tells us that mass is 
where the field is particularly strong and that either or 
absence of mass is where the field is partially weak* So to 
isolate a craft from the field you must have a field density 
device , To stop ali outward influences such as gravity, 
centrifical force, light, radiatìon, and time, etc. 

Imagine a strong explosion during this nano second ali 
mass and energy is moving outward from the center of the 
explosion and expanding- Also during the temporary explosion 
no outward forces can penetrate this temporary field density 
device , 

UFOs are able to extend the time of this temporary explos- 
ion, Sìnce there are no determìning factors such as gravity 
within this field density device a UFO is capable of creating 
its own determining factors such as gravity light centrificiaì 
force in a manner to eliminate these forces or combine these 
forces or control the intensity of these forces- The end 
result is a field. A, UFO operating within a field* R, 
Earth with no outside influences from field B - Earth, 

According to the big bang theory which is the origin of 
the universe. There was a large explosion at the beginning of 
time, sprewing out ali mass and energy. The big bang theory 


is acceptable by science because of the red shift. Red 

Shift means that most of the energy of the stars energy is 

carried withìn the infra red spectrum which translates that 

ali stars are moving away from us and from each other, This 

confìrms the big bang theory. Irnagine a field so strong and 

so well i so la t ed that it can stand stili in space and tinte 

while the objects such as planets and stars go rushing by* 

This would give the relative speed between a UFO, and a planetary 

destination at the speed of light, 186 thousand mph per 

second, and also slowing relative time. A UFO appearing in 

our atmosphere and moving itself a few seconde ahead or 

behind our earth time. The UFO would have the appearance of 

being translucent or blurred according to our eyes.-A few more 

seconds ahead. would seem to disappear which is confused by humans 

as acceleration. 

Our classical views of gravity or the word electro 
magnet forces are as crude as fìnding a dinosaur bone and 
trying to visualize what the dinosaur ìooked like. Our 
classical views of an atomic structure which are made of 
electrons, protrons, and nutrons and newly discovered Gluits 
and Quirks is so incomplete that it becomes hard for us to 
understand the construction and explanation of a field density 
device. Let me give one more explanation which will clarìfy 
the terms of a field density device. 

Flash Gordon in the 1930' s called his beam coming from 
his gun a heat ray* We now cali such a device a laser - light 
amplif ication by simulated emissione of energy. Can you see 


the difference of 50 years of development . This is the same 
compari son as you would use the word Electromagnism to the 
term Field Densi ty Devi e e . 

According to relativity theory the 4th dimension is 
defined as tinte in a particular place a UFO is time traveler 
because of its ability to shield itself freni field influences, 
So it literally has ali the time in the worìd. Now we wili 
go into an actual physical field density devìce. 



Ip^ys D&ne. 6y AmyO'Brfen 



The mairi theme of this dissertation ìs U.S. Army Research 
and Development during the golden years of R&D 1959-1963, and 
the projects that were born and conceìved during the perìodi 
The refinement and development of these marvelous concepts con- 
tìnue to this day and will continue into ani &£ fect our future. 
The main purpose which rnade the effort possìble was national 
security, to give our army the competitive edge, and to move 
these great discoveries by "applied engineering" into industry 
to benefit the U.S. civilian arena and the world. The true 
story, therefore, is the people and individuals who had the 
foresight, knowledge and courage to move forward against any 
and ali opposition and obstacles. 

First of ali, we were well versed in the tactics of our 
opposition and especially the policy makers. I was most fortu- 
nate that 1953-1957, as a member of the National Security Council 
Staff, I met these individuala face to face, day in and day out, 
and recognized them for what they were- This recognition 
included the Department of State and CIA, as well as elements 
in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Their policy was 
complete civilian control of ali space and R&D efforts and share 
ali R&D with the "evil empire", the USSE, dedicated to our 
destruction , 

We learned how to camoufiage our efforts, especially those 
attributed to an alien power. Unless we covered this assist 1001 


we would have been labeled as "kooks" and lost our budget and 
our organi2ation would have been stripped completely and made 
inef f ective * 

In arriving at this conclusion we of fer our thanks to the 
"debunkers " . No one searched for or even suspected our 
approach. The "debunkers" through their shrill outcries and 
energy created the atmosphere that UFOs didn't exist. Our govern^ 
ment and the liberals, adopted this policy and we quietìy went 
along. If the UFOs, by virute of national policy didn't exist, 
Roswell neyer happened and as a policy reality there were no 
aliens or hardware, or any other by^product, Therefore, why 
suspect anythìng or even think of any type of investigation, 

We also wish to thank the "skeptics". The more they blared 
out , "show me something tangible," and it never appeared, the 
safer was our appraoch. Also, I wish to thank the "skeptics," 
because they made it possible not to share our discoveries 
from outer space with the scientific community since they would 
never have kept it quiet. We knew that many were Soviet agents. 
This has been confirmed by a high KGB officiai. However, we had 
to be alert, because Stalin had an interest and they were con- 
stantly probing U.S. Army Intelligence and U.S. Army R&D. 

The "debunkers" and "skeptics" were most useful. They did 
their job, so well, that we never had to set up or use "disinfor- 
mation" tactics- Most were honestand sincere in their beliefs 
and activities. This would have been most difficult to match 
by a pian, or a "black" propaganda operation. For this we were 
most grateful and even of this late date, I wish to thank them 

for the assistance* Without them it surely would have been most 
difficult to accomplish what we did, 

I do not wish to imply that ali "skeptics" and "debunkers" 
fit the previous description of agents of the USSR. Most were 
loyal Americans, sincere and intelìigent. However, they must 
realize that most of us had been combat comma nders and during 
the Korean War had evidence that our battle plans had been 
passed to the communists ori almost a daily basis, We were in a 
most delicate, volitile and dangerous situation, not only as 
far as the communists were concerned, but with our own policy 
makers * Our work, we feìt, was of utmost importance for national 
security, and the U.5, Army l s competitive edge, We aiso tried 
to look ahead- The R&D of 1959-1963 was the beginning of the 
future and its miraculous ramìf ications would continue long after 
our lifetime. We had no other choice but strict secrecy and held 
our knowledge only among a select few. 

Even my own son has made the statement, "Why did you keep 
this to yourself for 30 years, you didn't even talk to your own 
family?" This was true, why should I have discussed the program 
with anyone? The General and 1 discussed it many times, but 
only among the two of us. The debunkers and skeptics will say, "Why 
didn ' t you show us?" The answer is, Why? Curiosity, raise 
your ego, etc. I ask, who are you?" I aiti sure an extra terres- 
trial would say the same, why? Who are you? And why should I 
even talk to you, let along show you our secrets? Realistically , 
they should say the same to me. Who am I? And why should they 
approach me? What we had was garnered by accident and used only 


for purposes of national security, enhance the Army ' s competi- 
tiveness and further the R&D program for a leap into the 
future* Ali else was of no importance- 

I have been asked many times ìf I have seen an UFO. My 
answer is no. Then the guest lori , aren ' t you in ter est ed to see 
one flying? The answer again is no- There are thousands of 
sightings, my only interest ìs, "What is inside of the UFO?" 
This is of interest to me, "What and how does it fly? There is a 
theory that there were two crashes in the Roswell area. One in 
1947 , the second in 1957. The theory ìs that they collided as . 
they were entering our tinie zone. One crashed immediately. 
Debrìs fell just about 100 miles from the first crash. The 
second accelerated, skipping like a fiat stone over water, 
moved into a future time zone and crashed 10 years later in 1957, 
in the same area (I offer no explanation of the event), However, 
in 1957, I was in command of the Army's Missile Firing JRange at 
Red Canyon, part of White Sands f and south of Los Alamos. The 
crash was only a few miles from my command post, I was the 
Senior Commander and made ali miiitary decisions. Red Canyon was 
in the desert 140 miles. from Ft. Bliss and 100 miles from 

Roswell , 

My radars picked up the event - I took my small miiitary 
piane with pilot and headed for the area where my radars last 
located the object, We flew over the site and 1 saw a brìght, 
shiny saucer shaped object on the ground. The pilot, a young 
lieutenant asked, "What ìs it sir?" 1 answered, ,4 I don r t know, 
perhaps one of our mìssile boosters" We often fired over the area 

— /"" 


and it was not unusual for debris from our mìssiles arici R-Cats 
{Radio controlied target pìanes ) to be in this area, My 
computer tapes recorded the incident . 

Upon return to my base, I had a message to fly to Ft. Bliss 
for a brigade meeting. The session lasted through the next day. 
I flew back the following morning and upon my arrivai I went 
down range since we were preparing for a missile firìng sequence. 
Whiìe down range, I received a phone cali that two range rìders 
from White Sands were waiting to talk to me. 

As I arrived in my office I invited thern into my office. 
They said, "That under the Maverick Laws of the State of New 
Mexico, we couldn ' t keep our burro, that my men had picked up down 
range and kept as a mascot." I said, "Gentlemen, I r 11 take care 
of this matter and write to the Governor." 

Then I added, "I am sure you didn't make this trip for such 
a trivial matter." They looked at each other and said, "Two 
days ago you were flying around the area northwest of here, what 
did you see?" 

I said, "A booster from one of my missiles." 

One of them with a threatening voice, "There could be dire 
consequences for not telling us what you saw. ' r 

I leaned back, opened my desk drawer, which contained my 
>45 pistola and said, "I am the Commander of this U.S. Army 
installation, and don ' t like threats in my command post. If 
I press this button a dozen armed men will surround this office. 
Consider yourself in protective custody^ you will leave when I 
say so- In my day, we undressed intruders, tied them up, and laid 


them on the floor naked. This isn't a threat. It is a fact. 
Now, give me your identif ication and the name of your Command- 
ing Officer." Please, for your own good, move earefuìly." 

They followed my instructions . I called their Commander. 
I told hirn I took adversely to tbreats and have been threatened 
by the best, Nazi's, S..S- Gestapo, KGB, North Koreans and 
Chinese, and resented the approach of his young agents. He 
apologized and I told him I had White House f, Eyes Only" clear- 
ance and ali the other clearances necessary and knew how to 
keep a secret and when to keep quiet . He said, He under stood 
and I released his men. They left in a hurry and the Governor 
gave us custody of our burro as long as we were in the area* 

I flew over the area again and could see fronn the air 
that it had been swept clean 



While I was in cornmand of the U.S. Army F s Missile fi ring 
range at the Red Canyon Range, I had one very annoying problem. 
The range was part of the White Sands complex. I could not 
fire a missile unless they gave me what was called "green" time. 
This coordinatìon was necessary so there would be no radar 
interf erence . At times they held me up for hours, keeping 
hundreds of rnen on hold. 

One hot day, durìng one of these lulls, I was down range 
in my command car, with two of my sergeants (my cornmand post was 
a white shack on a high hill overlooking the range). Red 
Canyon was oniy a few miles from Roswelì and Los Alamos. 

First Sergeant Willìs asked me if I wanted to visit the 
gold mine, only a few miles from the range area. I told him, 
"Let's go , M A mile or so from the "D" Battery firing site, we 
turned off the dusty desert road into what seemed like a moon 
"rille-" Dark rocks on both sides, then into a sloping area 
with a dark outcropping like a cliff. We stopped and walked 
about 100 feet to a simmering pool of water. In the eliff 
area was an opening, we entered the mine shaf t . Trickling 
water ran down the f loor of the shaf t . My men said antelopes , 
burros, coyotes, jack rabbits, birds and even iarge rattle 
snakes carne here to partake of the cool water. It was like an 
oasis in the desert. There was little vegetation since the 
area was almost ali dark, lava type rock. 

A week or so ìater, I was in my command shack during one 
of these White Sand generated lulls- I decided to take a jeep 
and go visit the gold mine alone- When I arrived, some anìmals 
were around the pond, I drove up to the openìng, went in and 
sat down and cooled off in the naturai air conditìoning. The 
soft drìpping water sound was aljnost hypnotic, I dozed off. 

As the Italìans had told me in Rome , my 6th dimensionai 
ìayer(?) instinct took over* My rìght hand slowly went to my 
holster. I drew my .45 and snapped off the safety. (Every 
other cartridge had a buckshot type used to shoot rattlers.) 
In this cave like structure, I eouldn r t miss, I drew the gun 
and rolled on my side . 

Suddenly, a word registered in my head — "Don't." In 
mental telepathy I responded , " Friend or Foe. " The reply carne 
back, "Neither." I was impressed. 

In the shimmering half light, bouncing off the moving water, 
I saw a figure which appeared transparent. It had on a helmet, 
Silver in color, iarge slanted eyes and a bright red spot on a 
band across the forehead. 

The message continued as our eyes met in the serni-ìight, 
"Will you give me 10 minutes, radar free, after green time?" 

I thought back, M 10 minutes could be an eternity, what óo 
you of fer?" 

"A new worìd if you can take it." 

I got up, put my pistol back in the holster, walked to the 
jeep and by radio called range headquarters . 

"Capt, Williams, do you have green time?" 


"No, sir, but White Sands said in the next 15 minutes." 

"I ani on my way - When they give you "green time," make 
sure their radars are down, then hold our radars for IO minuteS: 
I repeat , hold our radars for 10 minutes . " 

I start ed the jeep f look ed back and saw a figure in the 
simmering light of the mine opening. I saluted and took off. 

When I arrived at the range headquarters , Capt. Williams 
reported, T 'Sir, "D fl Battery, locked on, for 60 seconds, on an 
object 50 miles out, traveling 3000 mph." 

"Teli "D" Battery to send me the tape." 

The downed radars must have cleared an opening to let in a 
reported UFO- Did it pick up my new found friend? or enemy? 



By instinct, I did reach for my ,45 pistoi. Every other 
bullet was a .45 shell with a tip of pellets, like a shot- 
gun shell. We shot rattle snakes with it, The rattlers were 
huge - They would curi up alongside the road, head sticking 
out in the center, rattler at bottom. They couldn't strike 
in this position . 

As I flattened out and drew my .45, I pointed toward the 
back side at a lé&cg' I saw something like the coil or the 
draped helmet over EBES shoulder. I didn J t fire because in 
an area closed in and rock, pellets could ricochet. So the 
meritai thought "Don r t" fi 

The light simmered in waves off the water. I thought I 

'ire , 

saw eyes above the coil and a possible ovai helmet. 

Since we surmised th^t possibly radar caused the Roswell 
crash, I reholstered my ,45 and thought, "After green tirne, 
ten minutes free radar time". I had the means and authority 
to give such an order. As I walked out of the cave and toward 
my jeep, I thought, so, I will give the order. What do X have 
to lose. I went to my radio and gave the order. On the way 
back I kept thinking, what, if anything, did I gain from such 
a hallucination? Subconsiously , was there a deal? "A New World 
If You Can Take It". In ensuing years this phrase was repeated 
over and over again in my mind, 

Às for the co il ed snake ( caduceus ) sìgn of healìng , 
We compiled quite a list of medicai by-products and other 
advances of our R&D. The mental conversation, I dismissed 
this, at the tinte, as figments of my imagination. In 1960 I 


4 2- 

disceveraci that without vocal cords they probably communicated 

by meritai telepathy. The "Don't" - a naturai inclinatici"! on 
my part, a coiled snake couldn't strike and ricochets could 
be dangerous. The "Friend or Foe" exchange. We had discussed 
this often. My inclination always was "Foe," But, why hadn't 
they attacked, or had they on another level, not militarily, 
as we knew war. On the Other hand, I thought, if a "super 
intellect" is involved, why should they think, in our terms. 
"Neither" is most logicai on their part- I refiected back - 
a good answer. Was it part of my own thinking or planted on 
me. Perhaps, both. 

Then, "Upon green time give 10 minutes free radar" Normal 
terms for an exchange of thoughts for the time and place. In 
my mind had been imbedded that radar caused loss of control 
and the crash. A logicai build up in my mind or exchange, 
"Give 10 minutes*" Again, logicai I should ask for something 
in return. Time is relative, I added, "10 minutes could be 
art eternity, what do you offer." My way of thinking, and 
analyzing if there was a mental exchange, it had to be (the 
answer). "A new World If You Can Take It n . There was no other 
reply possible* The debris, R&D, new concepts, etc. , were 
nothing else except the beginning of the challenge. "If You 
Can Take It". Many men have taken up the challenge. New 
developments are coming so fast, after a slow start (1947-1960) 
that we can hardly keep up with them. If the alternate is 
destruction we are progressing well toward "Taking It". 

; b ~ 

Like Herman Oberth said, "We nave been helped by those 
from outer space." Most of what I did during my R&D tour 
were just concepts, but many are working out. Could it be 
that we could take our world back and they will leave us and 
go away? 




Upon my return from the flight over the area where the 
UFO had landed, I decided to take my command car and visit the 
site on the ground, My sedan was no good in the deserta It 
could not go off of the dirt roads and the dust even carne up 
through the floor boards- I asked Ft- Biiss to send me an 
old World War II command car. It was built high off the ground, 
had large tires, and four-wheel drive, It was ideal for cross 
country over the desert and required no trails. So I set off 
for the area about 10 to 15 miles from the down range launching 
sites and well within my area of jurisdictìon. I decided to 
go alone. I took my belt with pistol and canteen, a map and 
compass and a geiger counter vrtiich we used to test stray voltage 
in the connection between the booster aud missile. 

Now I will move ahead to 19 60 and recount what I saw and 
my thoughts . I was in my office, the Foreign Technology Divi- 
sion of the Office of the Chief of Research and Development. 
Seated before me were two German scientista, members of my 
inspection team, 

I reminded Hans of the night after looking into the align- 
ment of molecules/atoms in metal, and he said, "If I believed 
everything I heard today I might have to unlearn everything I 
have ever learned" . Hans, you remember my answer, T 'You might 
have to" and you answered "I'il remember what you said-" 

Now, I want you to listen to a tale and then teli me what 
you think. I might have to embark on a new learning curve." 

In 1957, I drove out into the New Mexico desert alone. 
I had flown over my destination the same morning. When I 


arrived at the spot I had rnarked on my map r there was nothing 
there but deserta I sat in my command car and surveyed the 
area with binoculars. Finally, I saw somethìng simmering like 
a beat wave , I coald see through the simmering wqves . Suddenly 
it materialized, It looked like a metal object on the order of 
a saucer, like your scientist Victor Schauberger had built for 
Germany- Seconds ticked away and abruptly it disappeared. 

I approached cioser. I stopped and waited. Then again 
after about 10 minutes it materialized in the sanie simmering 
manner , then quickly it disappeared . I timed its app earance 
(48 seconds). Again after about 12 minutes it appeared agaia. 
I picked up a desert rock and threw it at the solid metal 
appearing obj ect. The stone bounced off but made no sound . 
It disappeared again, I placed a large rock in the spot and 
some sagebrush. When it reappeared, it crushed both stone and 
sagebrush. By the time interval I f igured , I had a total of 
about five minutes to observe the object in its solid state. 
On this appearance I gathered my nerve and went and placed my 
hand on it - In the hot desert sun it was cool, the surface 
was smooth, and felt like a highly varnished table top. It 
had no rough edges , no seams and no rivets or screws . When 
it disappeared, I went back to my command car and sat to observe 
the see, no see sequence. Each time it appeared to shake but 
more like a shiver or tremble. Suddenly on the next appear- 
ance my arrny compass started to spin and my geiger counter 
began to fluctuate. I thought, discretion is the better part 
of valor. I started the engine, put the command car in reverse, 


and gunned it* After about three or four hundred yards the 
engine stopped. The object slowly rose, turned on edge and 
with a streak disappeared. It seemed as if a giant bubble 
closed around a tunnel, Then, there was nothing but sky and 
desert. The bright colored streak as it disappeared remained 
embedded in my memory. 

I started the engine and made four or five widening circles 
around the site, 1 stopped and. got down and thought I saw 
footsteps on the ground. They looked like they were made with 
a soft moccasin. I placed my foot alongside- I wear an 8C, 
They were half the sìze. I put the geiger counter leads on 
one. There was no reaction- I placed my compass. They were 
poìnting east toward my missile firing sites, about ten miles 
away . 

I looked at both of my friends, very serious, intelligent 
and disciplined individuals , and said, ,4 I am very happy to see 
by the looks on your faces, you both don't think I am erazy, " 

Hans spoke up, "On the contrary, I am most pleased to hear 
such a marveious story and want to thank you for your confìdence 
in us." I laughed and said, "Welcome aboard Brother Kooks. 
Vìe must be a breed in ourselves" • Now gentlemen, in a serious 
vein, what did I see and stumble into, I trust your judgement . " 

Hans spoke up first. "I believe you carne upon a time 
travel machine, For some reason its time travel mechanism 
had malfunctioned and it was adjusting itself. And that accounts 
for the appearance and disappearances , It was moving in and 
cut of our time frame. You witnessed a most remarkable 


phenonema. I feel exhilarated just to think that such a 
thìng is possibìe," 

Then Max spoke up. "The object was experiencing and 
flying by artificial fields of gravity which accounts for 
the luminosity, as it was leaving. That also explains the 
strong electricai and magnetic fields picked up by your 
compass and geiger counter. These fields cari produce speeds 
approaching the speed of light and beyond, which makes time 
travel possible * " 

I then arose and said, "Thank you gentlemen, We will 
continue these conversations • We can do a lot of good even 
if we don ' t understand ali that we see and hear. And as your 
associate, Dr. Herman Oberth has stated, 'We have been helped* . " 

Lt. General Arthur G, Trudeau once told me, "If its 
possible, we can do it" • Perhaps , in the future, some enter- 
prising young army officer will find an anonymous report in 
the archives from which he can develop a new concept of time 



Nostradamus in one of his interpretations said - 

The 1990s effectively form a kind of 
positive echo of the 1960s, 

In many ways this is true, but ve have a long way to go 
to make this prophecy fuliy valid. A partìal fulfillment is 
apparente Developments such as fiber optics, supercomputers, 
lasers, many advances in medicai science, image intensìfiers 
and super tenacity fibers have become realities. However, in 
many areas we have not progres sed. Some advancements have 
been hampered by our own lack of knowledge to proceed beyond 
"the state of the art-" Most notable are the alignment of 
atoms in metals and other substances, new methods of propul- 
sion and man^s abìlity to travel in space. In other areas 
such as irradiated foods and nuclear energy we have been 
sabotaged by politicai environmentalist and radicai environ- 
mental stands, such as ; to take action in advance of under- 
standing. Precon ceived concepts have caused a snail's pace 
advance in the area of medicai se iene e, especially in the under- 
standing of brain waves and their control over bodily function3 
and in the fight against virai infections. 

I will have to leave a discussion on the alignment of 
molecules/atoms, new methods of propulsion and man's ability 
to travel in space to others. Irradiated foods, nuclear 
energy and the approach to virai infections I will elaborate 
consistent with my knowledge and experience» Last, but not 
leas t f are my ideas on continued space exploration, both for 
the common good and from a military point of view. 

/ W 


We reached the moon, then turned back home. Why? 
Were we scared off? Was it politics or just plain ineptness 
or stupìdity? Will we be judged by later generatìons as a 
wavering society without a goal or foresight? Dìd we make 
many discoveries then because of lack of "Applied Engineer- 
ing" , do like the ancient Greeks, discover steam, then use 
it to only open or dose doors? 

During the early 1960s upon a visit to NASA I got exss- 
pirated trying to f ind a technical office . I went into an 
office where a young lady was sitting and asked directions, 
She didn't know. Disgusted, I asked "What do you do, may I 
ask?" She said, "Yes, sir, I just pass papers from one office 
to another" . I found out this was true of most of NASA's giant 
bureaucracy* I never went back- This was also true in many 
respects of the Department of Defense- Once, walking through 
the halls wìth General Trudeau, I asked, "General, we have both 
been combat cornmanders , these offices are supposed to support 
us, but what the hell do they do?" The General dismissed the 
question by saying, "I don ' t have the foggiest idea, Phil." 

I think this is one of the reasons for the sorry state of 
space exploration. A reorganization is needed, much on the 
same order as U.S. Army R&D in 1959- Everything under one 
Chief, one budget, with clear-cut objeetìves. The technical 
services of the government, the best laboratorìes , ìndustry 
and universities should be brought together in an R&D effort 
much as we dìd in Army R&D in 1959, The drift should be 


halted and the White House and Congress should be forced to 
rekindle the spark, and a reasonable budget be established 
without f rills . 

Project Horizon, putting a milìtary colony on the moon 
should be revived and brought up-to-date, by adding the best 
of NASÀ's findings in past successful projects. Ali work and 
developments should be expìaìned to the public even ìf it 
includes taboo, UFO information . Let the chips fall where 
they may , and let r s make a fresh start, not a forced secrecy 
which we were compelled to exercise because of the elimate of 
opinion and a politicai, ideological aberration, This would 
open up the arena and the door to the future, 


For man to travel in space he will need two basic ingred- 
ients. One will be food and the other energy or a power source- 
The Arrny perf ected and rnoved ahead with nuclear energy and 
also pioneered irradiated f oods . Appendix F covers the Arrny ' s 
nuclear program begun in the 1950s to supply energy for the 
Arrny in isolated locations, 

A six foot high, six foot wide apparatus weighing six 
tons was built at Los Alamos. It could produce 15 to 40 kilo- 
watts. It was encased in a concrete vault-like body contain- 
ing the nuclear reactor core. It is placed in the ground and 
the only thing emerging is an electrical outlet. It will pro- 
duce electricity for 20 years , needs no attention and is proven 
safe. It was called the compact nuclear power source. There 
was also a thermohydraulically controlied reactor for purposes 


of heating water. It had a power range 10 to 50 megawatts 
and a core life of 15 years, It operates in an almost complete 
absence of attenda ne e . Active environmentalist and politicai 
environmentalist have virtually put a halt to this activity 
in the United States. 

Space nuciear fields even reflect a greater uncertainity 
in which direction ve are heading. The U.S. space nuciear 
power program is tottering toward oblivion. Even today, 
Russian achievements surpass the United States. The rest of 
the world is moving ahead while through twisting thinking our 
effort is shutting down. This is a giant step toward a 
second rate power status. 

This do-gooder exercise in stupidity is nowhere more 
apparent than in the process of irradiated food. This process 
for preserving food has demonstrable advantages over refrigera- 
tici freezing, canning, drying, salting or smoking. The U.S. 
Army Quartermaster Corp. began the process almost a half a 
century ago. I ate an irradiated steak over 30 years ago, 
that had been on the shelf for two years. The process, gamma 
radiation kills the trichina worm in pork, and bacterium 
salmonella in chicken, eggs, other poultry and fish. It 
does not destroy quality or the taste and is safe. Àgain, 
we are losing this advantage which we founded. Shades of 
another step towards a second rate power. 

This sarne radiation is helpful at the other end of the 
food chain - sewage. Àgain the professional and politicai 
environmentalist by their destructive and stupid thinking are 



passing their stupidity on to ali of us. This is another 
naìl in the coff in of a dying space a gè. 


NASA or the space program need a new objective and 
mìssion, understandabìe and beneficiai to ali. Besides 
space exploration and national securìty objectives, future 
space platforms should contain full fledged medicai facilities, 
laboratories and a mìlitary presence and participatìon , just 
in case we have to fìght in space- This combination will 
cover ali eventualities just in case the aliens decìde to 
carry on warfare on another level- 

Abductees have stated that the EBE r s (IGIGI/s) are busy 
studying tissues and biological functions of the human body. 
They are masters of genetics; therefore, we must consider they 
can manipulate mutations and DNA arrangements. This is a 
logicai assumption and conclusion. Other discoveries point 
to an advanced use of brain waves. Some evidence exists of 
uses of brain functions and brain waves. 

A new program should be the by~product of high quality 
science* We should consider they are working in a micro- 
gravity environment and should overcome the constraints and 
match their effort- Life science research in space is already 
contributing to our knowledge of disease, We know crystals 
fronti space are pf higher quality than those on earth* The 
AIDS gene can crystallize better in space than on land. 

Space research could lead to breakthroughs. We have spent 
billions on AIDS research and carne up with nothing. What can 


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jS/AAAj/ó U/A/'jfA/r/cif co s4* A 0AS±-*sr£ c&/tfAs4£rés3 /ù r ma^s /v^^/^/«, 
Sl/jL a r ^ o. 

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Ó? £f//j~$ T///S ì/jJ/t/JA/ky £>6&A f~OA fflT sxs r/fd* ì?AAÀ-y* A c AVOss AfóótTAs/ 
S Ci & A/C-L? /* jAc-ii/ S\/?/>/ v'f MC /t A r/*JA C&fSCt-isjs&AA T/^A A 7~/j& A/ * fA* A AJ 
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A*A/Ì /+ Ltl-A C/ACtsJ rfif tsSt-fi J/A ^ <?/JAJ> A'sr'AS. ~ ~~ A//J--/? sf /S 
A SS /SfA^àstrsrssr At/XAéSd? S^/sjssO rs/^-^xA r s<^^A^jASs\A^^ 
Ajs AA/A- A/AA #&'jPl.J£,A\f(r AiSfS£r/&M <?** 7/JJFSé Ct/tCés/T*^ 

CGj?s/jt-£ sì/aa ì'ì/ó^c-cy *,* saì/sc&sx- sc/s.-Mrs^/c A*Affmc*M iró#*#y\ 

FH*? 2?ì/£/ATS 0& /fV7 A Ai A/ A A//1- A*1ASH *& GAsJÀ'p s**/ T/AAr £*/*** T J?$&s A/A S 

afisw-ù i/A A/A iAMAA/4/TjFÒ /*AÀJX&//é J \P '5T To ass\ aìjA /* /?+- uà - <A s/j^t*/ 

A PAfiO ACH ro C&M* r/CS t VAf#£$SrA/sóS/Y£ CAùSf&S AiAAó XiF/itf/st/C <T& C Vs?£> e 

J*ÓA CA/SCdsA, A/J8 AJl)S / A/A& O r&J*A AÙAa/SCI^ C/S^^cf/A^ //Aa SVAAA 

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